21 April – HOLY MASS (TLM) – St. Anselm – LIVE VIDEO: 1200h CDT (GMT/UTC -5) – With prayers “For the sick”

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I will LIVE stream a Traditional Latin Mass at NOON Central Daylight Time (= GMT/UTC -5 and ROME 1900h).

The Mass formulary: St. Anselm, Bp., Conf., Doctor

I will add prayers “Pro infirmis… for the sick”, especially for those who are near to death.

  • NB: You can find an English translation of the Mass formulary HERE.  Scroll down. Use the 1960 setting.
  • We can say the Regina Caeli together, since the Angelus bells are usually ringing when the live stream starts.
  • I will say a Spiritual Communion prayer at the very beginning for those of you who cannot make a Eucharistic Communion. 
  • I will also recite in Latin the traditional  “Statement of Intention” (…a hint to priests).
  • After Mass and the Leonine Prayers, I will recite a prayer in Latin “In time of pandemic” followed by a blessing with a fragment of the Cross.

I’ll add a “fervorino” (short sermon).

ORATIONS “Pro infirmis… for the sick who are near to death”

COLLECT: Almighty and merciful God, who hast conferred upon mankind both the remedies of salvation and the gifts of life everlasting: look mercifully on Thy servants who are afflicted with sickness of the body, and refresh the souls which Thou has created, so that at the hour of departure, they may be found worthy to be taken home to Thee, their Maker, free from all stain of sin, by the hands of holy Angels.

SECRET: Receive, O Lord, the sacrifice we offer up on behalf of Thy servants who are nigh unto death, and grant that by means of it all their sins may be washed away; so that they who at Thy will are stricken by Thy scourges in this life, may obtain eternal rest in the life to come.

POSTCOMMUNION: We beseech Thy clemency, O Almighty God, that by the virtue of the Sacrament Thou wouldst vouchsafe to strengthen Thy servants with Thy grace so that at the hour of their death the enemy may not prevail against them, but they may deserve to pass to life accompanied by Thine angels.

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