Archbp. Viganò asks all priests and bishops to recite the Exorcism on Holy Saturday, 1500h Rome time #exorcismus2020

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has asked that all the bishops and priests in the world to recite from the Ritule Romanum Title XI, chapter 3, the “Exorcism against Satan and the Apostate Angels” (the long for of the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel) in order to “fight the common enemy of the whole human race”.

This should be done on 11 April – Holy Saturday at 1500h Rome time, which is 0800h Central Daylight Time.

This is important.  I will do it.

I may live-stream it.

Remember: This should be done in LATIN.  And wear a stole.

I made a recording Title XI, Ch. 3 in Latin as a resource for priests.  Priests who want this recording to help them with their Latin can contact me.  I will send it to priests ONLY.  Not a priest or bishop? Don’t ask.  Please let me know, Fathers, where you are and what your current role is.   Please put “SEND LATIN RECORDING of XI.3” in the subject line.   For email form click HERE.

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  1. Gab says:

    Oh how wonderfully sublime this would be if all priests and Bishops did this!

  2. ddhue says:

    Thank you for doing this. I only wish more priests would also do it!

  3. Fr. Kelly says:

    One caution, though. This should only be done by those priests who have been given the authority to do so. [No. Priests can say this prayer privately without permission. Public use requires permission.] To do so without such authority could be dangerous.
    Last fall, the priests of my diocese were given permission by our bishop to pray this privately over our people. [Priests do not need permission for private use. HOWEVER, an exorcist friend tells me that it is even more effective with the bishop’s backing.]

  4. Gaetano says:

    While respecting those prayers reserved to the clergy, would there be an appropriate way for laypersons to participate?

    Perhaps with the short prayer of St. Michael the Archangel, certain Psalms and/or the Rosary?

  5. Hb says:

    I intend to pray this tomorrow at 9am EST.
    Hopefully many priests of my success do the same.

  6. Hb says:

    …of my diocese do ….

  7. Fr. Kelly says:

    I thank you for the correction, Fr. Z.
    In matters like this, exactness is important.

  8. Fr. Timothy Ferguson says:

    I plan on doing this – but just a quick liturgical query: I’ll wear a stole over my surplice. I presume it should be violet – but would black or red be more appropriate? Cope or no cope? biretta or no biretta?
    I want to do whatever will cause Satan’s socks to shake the most.

    [That’s the spirit! The Ritual doesn’t specify, as does Ch. 2. However, Ch. 2 says surplice and violet stole. That seems right to me.]

  9. Thank you to all the priests who have done this.

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