UPDATE: Benedictiones Mensae – Table Prayers – Booklets available ON SALE

Some time ago I wrote a post and made a PODCAzT about how to sing your before and after meal prayers in Latin.  HERE

It is important to bless food and to pray to God in thanksgiving for having any at all.

There are great little booklets with the prayers before and after your repast and also with the special prayers for certain feasts.  They are made by a budding monastic community in S. France, the Monastère Saint-Benoît.    They are doing great things there, including rebuilding an old Abbey.

A little while ago, I held a Supper For The Promotion Of Clericalism (English Roast Beef, Roast Veg, Yorkshire Puddings and gravy) and we sang the prayers using these booklets.

It would be a wonderful custom for families to develop, especially while children are young and can really absorb Latin and chant like sponges.

Until 11 July the monks have these prayer booklets ON SALE.


When I originally received my copies they came very quickly.

The pages are beautifully type set.  You find also the variants for singing in the Roman (which is what I learned) style and in the monastic style.

BTW… they have one of the coolest St. Benedict medals I’ve seen.

And for lovers of chickens….  HERE.  Perhaps cousins of one of our frequent commentators here?

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    Can I just give a bit of support to young families for these beautiful practices?
    Your children will come to love these. Whatever is “tradition” for the family, ends up being treasured by later young adults, who will turn around and want to share them with friends as a matter of pride (the good kind). They may feel artificial or stilted at first, to you, but keep doing them. It will soon become natural to you, and your children will never remember you instituted them when they were young. Just act as if it has always been so and is just what you do. Do have traditions, religious and cultural. They are lovely in their own right and help keep kids grounded.
    I really was surprised when my dismissive adolescent turned around and cherished traditions. Had I known that would happen I would have done a better job of including them. Traditions are stability, which children today need so badly. Isn’t it wonderful to think of them carrying them on with their own babies some day.

  2. Andrew says:

    It is important to bless food and to pray to God in thanksgiving.

    Nec cibi sumantur, nisi oratione praemissa: nec recedatur a mensa, nisi referatur Creatori gratia. (Hieronymus ad Eustochium)

  3. WGS says:

    As I commented almost a year ago:
    “Not that it changes the concept at all, but I suggest that the word accent for “SPI-ri-tu-i” on Page 9 be changed to “Spi-RI-tu-i” to conform better with the Liber Usualis and other sources.

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