VIDEO: Bishop of Salt Lake City – @BpOSolis – denies a man Communion on the tongue @Diocese_of_SLC

UPDATE 23 July 2020:

Over at the toxic Fishwrap, Madame Defarge has dropped the knitting needles so as all the better to clutch the pearls.

Several right-wing websites are inviting people to complain to Bishop Oscar Solis of Salt Lake City because he denied Communion to a man and his daughter who insisted on receiving on the tongue. Good for the bishop. The man and his daughter are the only persons in the church who are not wearing a mask, risking the health of everyone else. Be sure to send Solis a note complimenting him for standing up for life and against foolishness.


Originally Published on: Jul 21, 2020

On Sunday 5 July 2020, Bishop Oscar Solis denied a man – and his daughter – Holy Communion on the tongue at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City.

And, when I checked that bishop’s Twitter feed, ’cause I’m so interested in his thoughts, I found this:

Thus, I determined to share him with the world.

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  1. Richard_amdg says:

    It is tragic that most bishops will not speak of, much less enforce, the laws of Christ & His Holy Church (e.g. canon 915), but they seem hell bent on masks & other scamdemic initiatives. Please God, give light to their darkened intellects that they may be recover the Faith and know that sin is a far more deadly contagion than any disease of the flesh; that they may come to know the eternal consequences of their actions & words for themselves and their flocks.

  2. codycarver says:

    Ironic this is posted today, considering today’s Epistle, Gospel and this bishop from Salt Lake.

  3. pacelli says:

    I emailed the following to Bishop Solis’; he will prolly never see it but we must take a stand:

    You are similar to other Ordinaries in the Church; a pharisee hiding in liturgical vestments. To see the video of your denying Communion on the tongue to a man and his daughter is a disgrace to Christ and His Church. To have nourished His people, Jesus would have taken a risk. Bishops like you are a major reason people are leaving the Church.

    [It probably felt good for a moment to send that. However, I wonder if it at all moved his heart in the direction you might hope.]

  4. Public Savant says:

    We don’t know the state of the souls of public sinners so we can’t deny them Holy Communion. On the other hand we don’t know the state of Covid-19 exposure of faithful Catholics so we can deny them Holy Communion in the prefered fashion.

  5. Charles E Flynn says:

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider Launches International Crusade of Eucharistic Reparation (includes original prayer)

    Pull quote:

    “Many dioceses around the world mandated Communion in the hand, and in those places the clergy, in an often-humiliating manner, deny the faithful the possibility to receive the Lord kneeling and on the tongue, thus demonstrating a deplorable clericalism and exhibiting the behavior of rigid neo-Pelagians.”

  6. JustaSinner says:

    But according to the good Bishop, we must let criminals out…so there’s that dose of AWESOMENESS!!! And wasn’t he at the Archdiocese of LA when the pedopriests were running wild? Asking for a friend…

  7. Emilio says:

    What a tough guy to deny a little girl Holy Communion.. what a “man”. Bless the father for every second of humiliation endured for our Eucharistic Lord on his knees.

    Up to now, I had considered receiving at the Novus Ordo while standing and simply bowing as I approached as an act of obedience to the official directive of the USCCB from over a decade ago.

    No longer. I will follow my gut and conscience and kneel from now on. And I will remember this little girl, her father, and this episcopal coward if I should also endure whatever comes. Bring it.

  8. tho says:

    That video says so much. It truly pains me to be critical of our clergy, and you can see that the bishop was flustered, but his self righteousness was evident also. In the name of all that is good, and for the well being of this man and his innocent little daughter, couldn’t the bishop say, all heck I am being silly, here is the precious Body and Blood of our Savior, and then say sotto voce, why am I so self righteous.

  9. iamlucky13 says:

    In case it was a question, Bishop Solis currently has no Twitter post on his decision to withhold Communion from this family. His last post was in June. The Diocese does have Mass guidelines related to the pandemic, signed by the Vicar General. The document states:
    “For a time, Communion is to be received ONLY on the HAND. “

    Seperately, in response to Richard_amdg,

    I would not say bishops trying mandate Communion in the hand are “hell-bent” on masks. I’d say they’re concerned and confused by conflicting information and the wide variation in levels of concern people hold. They also do not seem well educated (although obviously they should be) on why receiving on the tongue is the normally prescribed practice, and why even though neither pandemics nor the knowledge that disease spreads through close contact anything new, the Church has maintained this norm for centuries.

    I also think we should be careful about language that suggests such mandates are gravely wrong in the current circumstances. I don’t think you intended to imply that, but I first read your words that way, and others might. That would have fairly serious implications, and I also do not believe either jumping to that conclusion or being misperceived as making the presumption will help make the case for ensuring Redemptionis Sacramentum is obeyed.

    Lastly, I hope our host will allow me a short response to what I read as your dismissal of mask usage. First, mask mandates are primarily dictated by civil authorities, not the bishops. More to the point, several studies now have shown results consistent with the hypothesis that masks help prevent coronavirus transmission, having verified both that the broadcast of viral particles is reduced, and that regions with a high rate of mask usage have seen significantly lower transmission rates than low use regions, which in turn correlates to significantly fewer deaths. At this point, my own conclusion is that despite how much I dislike them and how little respect I have for some of the individual politicians issuing them, civil mask mandates should be followed both as a shared responsibility to reduce a known significant hazard, and out of the respect for authority.

  10. The Egyptian says:

    in regards to the email sent by pacelli
    By itself it may not have any effect, but imagine if he was flooded by such emails and letters, maybe that is the problem, the Bishops are NOT flooded by such writings, just more fawning accolades for their wokeness and obedience to civil authority. A few need their pedestal rocked a bit by the faithful, forcible but out of love

  11. kurtmasur says:

    Wow….whatever happened to being pastoral? :-o I seriously doubt this bishop’s behavior falls in line with Pope Francis’ instruction to bishops that they must “smell like their flock”.

    Unless the “pastoral mandate” is only being applied in a selective manner.

  12. pacelli says:

    thank u. i hope many Catholics will send their own dissatisfaction with actions and lack of actions by our Bishops. May we be united in prayer and one voice.

  13. Joy1985 says:

    Praying for him, the father and the little girl.

    Throughout this WHOLE thing I have received our Lord on the tongue and in the hand, so have others in our Parish and NOT ONE of our Parishioners has gotten the Covid 19 virus and this is in south Louisiana. Father knows exactly how to distribute Holy communion carefully, he disinfects his hands prior to receiving and he wears his mask throughout distribution of Holy communion. He comes to us in the pews because every other pew is empty(skipped). Again I pray for all of these mentioned in the post. God have mercy on us and on the whole world and PLEASE Lord end this Corona virus as soon as possible.

  14. Semper Gumby says:

    Emilio, tho, et al: Good points. Patience is wearing thin with the blend of anarchy and tyranny displayed by some, perhaps many, prelates. Deo gratias for the FSSP and SSPX.

  15. William Tighe says:

    In all of this contention over how to distribute communion I have not so much as once seen a justification – canonical or otherwise; and neither a good one or a bad – of bishops having the authority to prohibit communion on the tongue, which is more remarkable still, since various Vatican documents , from the late 1960s to 2009 (if not later) have clearly stated that such authority does not exist; cf.:

    Are they just making it up as they go along, or do they imagine that Canon Law contains provisions for declaring something analogous to a “state of siege” or “martial law” in the Church in tough times?

  16. R. Guadalupe says:

    I couldn’t even watch the video. This has been going on for years there. I was baptized at the Cathedral of the Madeleine almost 20 years ago by then Bishop Niderauer. I almost didn’t get through RCIA because it was so bad. The priest there at that time told us that he would deny us communion if we tried to receive on the tongue because “it is icky”. The things that were taught I will not relate here. Please pray for the repose of the soul of that priest, I found out he passed a few years ago.

    I don’t know why, but the hostility towards traditional Catholics is so bad there. I remember when I first got up the courage to start veiling, a woman scratched me trying to rip the mantilla off of me after Mass. Thanks be to God, there was an SSPX mission in Salt Lake twice a month available. I started going there and never looked back.

    I still keep in contact with some of the people in Salt Lake. It is a really hard place to be a traditional Catholic. There are some really good pious people who are just hanging on, trying to love our Lord in the most reverent way possible, and have things like what happened above all the time. Please pray for them to continue fighting the good fight, please pray for the priests and the Bishop for a conversion of heart. St. Mary Magdalene, please pray for all of us!

  17. Antonin says:

    The Bishop could be wrong and acting outside of his authority (I say could be because notwithstanding the legal arguments around RS he may have a case. I have been around too many lawyers to assume the law is anything but plain)

    In the meantime, his directives need to be respected. The best option in such a matter is to either receive in the hand or not at all, and make known your concerns to him and the CDW or the Bishops Conference.

    I am all for dissent but keep it orderly and civil.

  18. Semper Gumby says:

    R. Guadalupe wrote: “I remember when I first got up the courage to start veiling, a woman scratched me trying to rip the mantilla off of me after Mass.”

    God bless you.

    A friend has a suggestion: turning the other cheek is an option, but so is calling the police, or pepper spray on a keychain. True, you probably would want a new parish after that, but deranged people should learn that there are consequences to their actions. It may also encourage others inclined to lash out irrationally, not to do so. We have the right of self-defense against deranged “c”atholics or other intruders in our Church.

  19. Richard_amdg says:

    Hi iamlucky13, I do appreciate you looking to give me the benefit of the doubt. But I did mean hell bent on masks & other such covid-related “precautions” & guidelines. Consider that public Mass is still suppressed or severely limited in many places. Meanwhile AP recently reported that US bishops & their affiliated entities have received over $3.5 BILLION in covid-related aid money. How does that square with them (being both the bishops & govt officials) effectively telling us that the Sacraments are non-essential? Sounds more like hush money to me. It used to be that Christians risked it all (life & limb, property & familial bonds) to receive the Sacraments. What happened? And if you take a serious look at the data & epidemiology, Covid no longer even qualifies as an actual pandemic under the CDC definition. What’s more, in their desperate scramble to identify cases, public health officials have been caught red-handed tallying antibody tests as positive cases. Did you get the polio vaccine as a kid? I did. Assuming you got the vaccine, we both have polio antibodies. Does that make us active polio cases? Nope. And neither does having coronavirus antibodies make one a Covid-19 case. And while the CDC readily admits this on their website (ref. the admission concerning past infections from among coronaviruses generally) the “cases” still get tallied along with the infamous deaths counted from among the immuno-compromised, accidental deaths, heart attacks, and other Covid+ corpses. But we’re told it’s all because SCIENCE. Well, here we are deprived by bishops, who are taking orders (and money) from public authorities who daily cooperate with abortion, sex-ed for children, and other grave sins. Doesn’t sin darken the intellect? And, over time, doesn’t a darkened intellect produce hardness of heart and ultimately make of such persons enemies of God? So the bishops take orders & money from the enemies of God…to cooperate in suppressing the sacraments, in opposition to the proper reverence due to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament…to me, that’s hell bent.

  20. RosaryRose says:

    R.Guadalupe, I did not watch the video when I first read this post this morning. I am glad I watched it this afternoon.

    God bless this little girl and strengthen her faith!
    Her genuflecting reminded me of a curtsy for a queen, but she genuflects reverently with a beautiful sign of the cross. It’s beautiful, a moment between her and God. Her “hello God” before she goes to the Communion line. She knows God is there and one is to pay respect to the King of Kings. God bless the little girl and her father.

    Dear God help all of our leaders, especially the ones who are supposed to be leading souls to know, love and serve You! May their eyes be opened to the mystery of our Catholic Faith – Jesus Christ – Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity present in all the tabernacles of the world!

    Sunday’s gospel about the farmer, the wheat and the chaff – let it all grow and he will harvest the wheat. May we all be wheat like that girl.

    LifeSite has some excellent videos from last week about receiving Communion on the tongue. People from all over the world speaking up for reverence.

    God bless you Fr Z!

  21. Clare610 says:

    My heart is broken at watching this video. To see that sweet little girl and her father show great courage to kneel and desire to receive Our Lord with such reverence is so inspiring. I fear I couldn’t do that. Fortunately we don’t have this issue in my Diocese. The saddest part is watching the father stand there waiting for everyone else to receive, hoping he would then call him up at the end. Hope this Bishop regrets what he did.

  22. Clinton R. says:

    I was confirmed by Bp. Solis when he was here in the LA Archdiocese. It is truly sad to see what happened to this father and daughter. The bishops are using the virus as the reason to do what they have always desired to do, get rid of Holy Communion on the tongue.

  23. OssaSola says:

    That looked so humiliating for this father and daughter, I can’t imagine how anyone (much less a priest) could do that. I am so sick over the divisions in the Church that I can’t trust myself to send this Bishop an email. Charity grows thin.

  24. Erik says:

    This reminds me of a situation a few years ago at a local Novus Ordo parish. My daughters kneeled down to receive Communion, when the priest made a face and rolled his eyes when they did so. He didn’t deny them, but I was understandably upset.

  25. The Masked Chicken says:

    First of all, unless the science has radically changed in the last month, according to the best information I know of, it is impossible for someone to be infected by the SARS-CoV2 virus by receiving Communion on the tongue. I went back and updated my calculations to include the possible virus numbers on the Host should the priest be infected and holding the host, so I have a very good idea of the number of virions transferred by each method of reception, tongue or hand. Yes, virus particles can be transferred to the recipient via the host or through contact with the finger on the tongue, through sloppy technique, but here’s the thing: this is a respiratory virus, it does not, as far as we know, transmit through the oral/fecal route very effectively, if at all, and since the Host is nothing more in its accidents than unleavened bread, i.e. a carbohydrate subject to an amylase/acid bath in the mouth, the virus will quickly disintegrate, unlike if you were eating protein or fat, where digestion takes place in the stomach, more or less, so the virus could pass intact into the stomach. I don’t mean to be flippant, but the odds of the recipient contracting COVID-19 from receiving on the tongue is about the same as contracting it from takeout food and epidemiologists are pretty universal that takeout food is safe. They order it, themselves.

    The priest could get the disease via Communion on the tongue, but not the recipient. Yes, the recipient can receive virus particles, about 4000 – 5000, from the Host or finger contact, but the virions will not survive the oral environment. I think my calculations are sound enough that I can prove this to any bishop or epidemiologist (or virologist). Restricting Communion on the tongue can only be done to protect the priest, not the recipient, but here’s another thing: the priest can sanitize his hands when he is done, so he, likewise is in no danger.

    The only danger of passing on this virus is when Communion in the hand is brought into the picture. Whether by giving Communion on the tongue with contact of the priest’s finger to an infected tongue (through sloppy technique) followed by then giving Communion in the hand to the next person (so a mixed-mode Communion setting), or by direct transfer from hand to hand if Communion were restricted only to receiving in the hand, the hand must be involved for this virus to transmit – this is why we use hand sanitizers and not tongue sanitizers. I don’t know who told the bishops that receiving in the hand was safer than on the tongue, but whoever did (and I don’t believe it was a virologist), got it backwards. Let me be clear: the only universally safe way to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV2 virus is to receive on the tongue.

    This is not a matter of Tradition being right. Indeed, if E. coli were the active agent, then Communion on the tongue would be the worst way to receive (it being a stomach bacterial agent). In this case, however, for this virus, Communion on the tongue is the only way to safely receive.

    I do want to gently correct a misconception, above. Richard_amdg wrote:

    “ What’s more, in their desperate scramble to identify cases, public health officials have been caught red-handed tallying antibody tests as positive cases. Did you get the polio vaccine as a kid? I did. Assuming you got the vaccine, we both have polio antibodies. Does that make us active polio cases? Nope. And neither does having coronavirus antibodies make one a Covid-19 case.”

    Yes, it does. There are two types of Polio vaccines: IPV and OPV. IPV is the inactivated Polio vaccine, which is incapable of causing the disease, but does produce an immune response; OPV is the oral Polio vaccine, which is an attenuated or weakened strain of the virus, which can, in certain cases, cause the illness and it does produce an immune response, as well, if you don’t go on to get the disease from it. Only the IPV is licensed for use in the U. S. since the 1980’s, if I recall. Yes, you could have gotten Polio from the original oral version of the vaccine developed by Salk, since it was an attenuated version.

    There are no inactivated versions of SARS-CoV2. The inactivated version of the Polio virus had to be man-made. Every instance of SARS-CoV2 antibodies means that the person had to be infected by the live virus, whether they showed symptoms or not. An asymptomatic case is still a case – they are capable of infecting other people as surely as if they had actual symptoms, at least between 30% to 50% of the time. In epidemiology, a “case” doesn’t, necessarily mean someone who has symptoms, otherwise, why didn’t they just ignore Typhoid Mary? Does she count as a case? She is, definitely, a carrier. She is a case of the active encounter with the disease, even though it did not lead to symptoms, in her case.

    Indeed, there is a term for this in epidemiology: a Case definition. Different criteria are used at different times. From the short course on epidemiology, it states, with respect to the original SARS:

    “ Case definitions can also change over time as more information is obtained. The first case definition for SARS, based on clinical symptoms and either contact with a case or travel to an area with SARS transmission, was published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) on March 21, 2003 (see box below).(27) Two weeks later it was modified slightly. On March 29, after a novel coronavirus was determined to be the causative agent, an interim surveillance case definition was published that included laboratory criteria for evidence of infection with the SARS-associated coronavirus.”

    A positive antibody test for SARS-CoV2 is evidence of infection. One who is infected with SARS-CoV2 is a case. The situation with Polio is slightly different. The OPV did actually lead to active cases, occasionally; the IPV does not. In any case, by the current COVID-19 case criteria, everyone who received the OPV was, in fact, a case – an asymptomatic, non-transmitting case. That was what we wanted to create herd immunity. The COVID-19 vaccine will create many cases. They just won’t be transmitting cases. It will not make sense to track them because they will be non-transmitting. The asymptomatic people infected by SARS-CoV2, at the present time, are possibly transmitting the virus, so like Typhoid Mary, they have to be counted as being infected.

    The Chicken

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  27. Grabski says:

    iamlucky. In face actual studies do not support wearing strips of cloth on our faces to suppress viral transmission. A May 5 CDC report reviewed ACTUAL research from 1946-2012 and found no efficacy – either way. Both the WHO and CDC say -at best- masks may help. Not do help

    A small experiment. Put on glasses and a mask. As they fog up, realize that is droplets escaping…

    The bishops? Two bits of data: I am unaware of any bishop calling for “field Masses” outside, where masks are not required. And secondly, the only priests who sued over discrimination of churches vs secular businesses were SPPX. Meaningful, no?

  28. ajf1984 says:

    Reading this makes me even more grateful for the priests at our local, N.O., parish. Our pastor wrote in his latest Bulletin column some reminders for receiving reverently in the hand, but prefaced each point with “if you receive in the hand…” The Holy Eucharist continues to be given on the tongue to all those who wish to receive that way. It’s not much, but it’s a brick-by-brick moment, I think!

  29. Johann says:

    Another little dictator Bishop who ignores Canon Law and the directives from the Vatican regarding to reception of the Eucharist.

  30. Archlaic says:

    “Your Excellency, I kneel in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and all of our oppressed African-American brethren and sistern! I kneel to protest the institutionalized racism in our city and in the Church! My daughter kneels to protest the racism and patriarchal hegemony of a male-dominated world and Church!”

    “Oh, very sorry sir, I didn’t realize you were a woke Catholic… Monsignor, give them Eucharist”

    (distantly the sound of a cuckoo clock is heard – perhaps the ringtone on someone’s unsilenced phone – as the recording fades out)


  31. pacelli says:

    Amen. Totally agree

  32. pacelli says:

    totally agree.

  33. Richard_amdg says:

    Good morning The Chicken, thank you for clarifying the issues around vaccines, antibodies, and cases. Follow me in this for a moment:

    – We know CDC and other public health officials are tracking cases as reportable as of the date a test result is received.
    – They have conflated the results of those who tested positive for active Covid-19 infections with others found to have coronavirus antibodies.
    – CDC admits that antibody testing will return positive for past coronavirus infections generally (not necessarily Covid-19 specifically).

    If those 3 statements are true, doesn’t it follow that:

    – reported “surges” in cases are not necessarily contemporaneous active infections;
    – a surge reported, say today for instance, may include cases who may have been active infections of Covid-19 sometime in past 9 months and have since recovered;
    – a surge reported, say today for instance, may include cases who may have had a coronavirus infection at any point in their lifetime, but has never been infected with Covid-19 specifically;
    – and therefore the report of a surge bears no real relationship to the actual, current rate of Covid-19 transmission & infections?

    If those conclusions are valid, then isn’t it impossible to judge the efficacy of public policy in response to the “pandemic”, and to determine a proper course moving forward?

    It’s like an opening to a Twilight Zone episode: Imagine a virus so deadly…you must be tested to find out you even had it.

  34. Eoin OBolguidhir says:

    Here I kneel. I can do no other.

  35. Eoin OBolguidhir says:

    In describing the Enemy, whom he had seen, one of the desert fathers related that the Enemy has no knees.

  36. Grabski says:


  37. Semper Gumby says:

    iamlucky13 wrote:

    “In case it was a question, Bishop Solis currently has no Twitter post on his decision to withhold Communion from this family.”

    Thank you for looking into that.

    Bishop Solis retweeted a 22 August 2017 tweet from “Sister Helen Prejean”: “The death penalty is morally wrong in every situation. No exceptions.”

    That, also, is not the Catholic position.

  38. Semper Gumby says:

    R.Guadalupe wrote:

    “Thanks be to God, there was an SSPX mission in Salt Lake twice a month available. I started going there and never looked back.”

    God bless you again. Some Catholics, on vacation or business travel when a TLM or reverent NO is not readily available, attend Mass on Sunday by sitting in a back pew with a Rosary or a book of St. Augustine, St. Aquinas, St. Catherine of Siena or Venerable Fulton Sheen. To be certain where their funds are going, they tithe elsewhere.

  39. Semper Gumby says:

    pacelli: Thank you for the “Amen.”

    Thank you to our host, Fr. Z, for continuing to bring these matters to our attention.

  40. Semper Gumby says:

    Charles E Flynn: Thank you for the link. Christus Vincit.

  41. Kathleen10 says:

    We cannot move men like this to do the right thing. I’m not saying begging for Catholicism won’t work, but at this juncture, it seems a failed policy and we ought to rethink our methods.
    When you want to accomplish something, mere Catholicism, and politeness, asking, begging, sweet gestures, pleading, crying, moaning, aren’t accomplishing much of anything, perhaps it’s time to recalibrate. There is not a hair’s difference between this…person…and the actions of the American secular world right now. Rude. Dismissive. Brutal. What kind of being leaves a devout man and his CHILD standing there, waiting in good faith. I want to have a gorilla just watching this, let alone being there. And all the other “good Catholics” just do their thing and glide on by…delighted they found favor and are good to go.
    They are pushing us too far. Too far.

  42. The Masked Chicken says:

    Dear Richard_amdg,

    The folding together of viral and antibody test data by the CDC was made known at the end of May (a few states did the same thing). They are aware of the problem and were supposed to be working on separating the case reporting. I don’t know if they have done this, yet (I try not to keep track of COVID data unless I am doing research on a topic related to it).

    If they still are conflating the data, then this would tend to cause the positivity rate to be UNDERestimated, because few people test positive for antibodies, so it dilutes the sampling. It may, slightly increase the raw case rate (antibody testing is a much smaller percentage of measurements than viral testing).

    Either way, even folding in the antibody testing with viral testing, given the relative proportion of the two tests, the antibody signal is not strong enough to explain the dramatic rise of cases in the hot zones.

    Epidemiologists have universally panned conflating the two data for several reasons, but I don’t think there is a conspiracy to artificially inflate the numbers. The hospital ICU numbers are through the roof in several states and those numbers are hard to fake. My sister-in-law is a doctor who works in a two week rotation in a COVID-19 ward in Texas and those numbers are definitely going up.

    The Chicken

  43. KateD says:

    She did better than I. Same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago in that diocese but the priest was much nicer about it. That poor priest! What an awful spot to be stuck in!

    Nonetheless the waterworks came on. Soooo embarrassing. I couldn’t get it to stop. I don’t know why. I knew the priest was agreived to deny me the Eucharist. I know we don’t have to receive every week, and the priest was really apologetic.

    I think what upset me most was the thought of all those people receiving illicitly*; and how our Church is being flung around by the enemy like a rag doll in a dog’s mouth; and how our priests are caught between their bishops and the pull to authentically fulfill their calling. I’m obviously not a priest, but it seems like there is great internal (soul) suffering for a priest when he is not able to do his priestly duties as he ought? Soul suffering is such deeper pain than physical pain…there’s no assuaging it.

    God bless that little saint! Fortify her! This next generation (current generation) of faithful Catholics are forces to be reckoned with. Kind, sweet, loving, smart, well educated, strong, unveering in their fidelity to Our Lord and His Church, perseverant, passionate and FIERCE. It’s a good thing these older, mischievous bishops are nearing the end of their earthly sojourns…they will be saved from a lot of earthly humiliation and from being plunged deeper into Hell for treating these valiant holy young people so abominably. They are betraying Our Lord, and it does not bode well for those kinds of bishops in eternity.

    *I say they were/are receiving illicitly, because the permission to receive in the hand while standing flows from the right to receive in the normative way, on the tongue , while kneeling. If a right is removed or suspended, then everything that flows from it is also removed or suspended. So if the right to receive on the tongue while kneeling is suspended, that’s the equivalent of saying the right to receive has been suspended. The words “on the tongue while kneeling” are like extra zeros behind a decimal point….superfluous and irrelevant. It’s like they are saying “We are suspending the right to receive the Eucharist. on the tongue while kneeling”. It’s like saying “4.000000”, it just means four, period. If that’s true consider the enormity of the sin across the Church where this is happening! The bishops have authority to suspend a right (perhaps? Since this was a right given by Jesus, perhaps they can’t revoke it? What is the point of a priest without the Eucharist? Those most fundamental words of the Comsecration, “Take. Eat.” lose their efficacy when the intention to give It to be eaten have lost that intention.), but they don’t have the ability to turn black into white or reorder the universe in a perverse and broken way. Laws established by God cannot be undone by men, even ordained ones. They can’t countermand natural order and natural law. So if I walk up to a bishop, even the Bishop of Rome, he can’t bonk me on the head with his crozier and declare, “you’re a boy!”. Like wise they can’t effect such changes in the nature of the consecration (and reason!). They can say it, but it’s perverse, has no effect except to damn themselves and those who go along with the insanity.

    It’s as if by gutting the intention of the words of consecration, they are trying to blow up the whole Mass/Church? At least it’s the consequence.

    Satan is very tricky. These bishops would do well to stick to the program as prescribed.

    I hope that child and her father will persevere….Don’t cease to bear witness to the True Presence in the Eucharist. “It is right and just”. The phrase “it is meet” comes to mind. It might just save the souls of these wayward bishops. Win them back to Christ through your witness. It’s just kneeling, but humility is powerful.

    Keep calm and kneel on.

  44. rbbadger says:

    Back when I had the misfortune of being a seminarian at the Place of Loathing and Scorn (St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California), I was once denied communion on the tongue by no less a figure than Roger Cardinal Mahony.

    I was at an ordination. While the seminary had abolished clerics and cassocks altogether, for formal events we had to wear a suit and were encouraged to wear the seminary pin. (Sort of like some congregations of aged women religious.) I approached to receive communion and I guess the cardinal saw the pin. He told me that I could only receive in the hand.

    The hosts may not have been valid matter, as they tasted sweet. (It was made from one of the approved recipes from the Office of Worship.)

    Bishop Solis was an auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles. I don’t think I need say anything more.

  45. Semper Gumby says:

    Regarding the Update: “Be sure to send Solis a note complimenting him for standing up for life and against foolishness.”

    So, the Bread of Life and reverence before God is “foolishness.” The staff of the National Cthulhu Reporter should read John 6.

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