Antifa… BLM… demonic, selfish rage in the streets. The future and our choices. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Friends, what is at stake in our nation?

For decades the education system, combined with many fatherless homes and also broad material ease has produced a herd of deeply indoctrinated, deeply self-centered young people with no sense of “other”, much less the transcendent. Without true moral or rational moorings, they’ve attached to a cause promoted by the even more deeply indoctrinated who are organized and well-backed by deep pockets.

Most of these young dupes have no idea what they are into.  They are useful idiots, parroting slogans whose true meaning they haven’t give even two minutes of thought for.

I am convinced that the ChiComs decided to make good use of the virus when it escaped. After all, making use of a crisis is hard-wired into the Left. I think they purposely allowed – even sent – the virus into the wider world, knowing that it would create massive disruption. Also, because of pressure they could exert on media and other forces around the world, they knew that social and economic upheaval would result. Furthermore, I believe that they have long established cells in place pretty much everywhere, which could be activated for various purposes. Moreover, I can well imagine ChiCom leaders “gaming out” various scenarios that might happen in the “virus panicked” West, including the social violence that could be stoked if only there were some trigger incident, such as a white cop killing a black man caught on video.  That would give a Marxist ally organization, BLM, probably also backed by the ChiComs, an excuse to bring violence to the streets. “Gamed out”, it doesn’t take much imagination to anticipate that, over time, violence and anarchy would spread rapidly, because there are a lot of really stupid, selfish, brain-washed young people.

A great way to disrupt these USA in an election year, in which a strong President has been going after… CHINA.

That’s not all.

I am convinced that human agents of Hell, Satanists and the like, have cursed the virus, thus bringing a demonic component into the mix.

Hence, we see also the demonic running through the streets, the veins of our cities, even as the virus runs through the veins of the populace.

That’s why I recite, often, Chapter 3 of Title XI with the authority of the bishop.

Pretty soon, and this is something that Left wants so that they can solidify their cause, a counter group on the Right will rise, willing and able to use violence.

And this when Law Enforcement is under attack in city councils filled with the ideologically brain-dead -washed parents of these stupid street thug kids.

What then?  Suspension of posse comitatus?

We could be facing the greatest challenge to our nation since the Civil War.

And the Dems have… Biden.

We are fighting on multiple fronts now, my friends. This is going to get much much worse. I implore you to take steps to protect you and yours and to be ready to defend our way of life from the escalating attack that could rapidly bring a lot of bloodshed to our neighborhoods.

On that note, here is a video that I picked up from a tweet by @ProtecttheFaith, Nick Donnelly.

Look at what this mob is doing to this woman. Look at the intimidation exerted on her. Peaceful protest, right? This is a BLM/Antifa mob, trying to force a woman to make the Marxist fist salute. She won’t do it, God bless her. I hope she got out of this uninjured.

Start thinking ahead, folks. What are you going to do when they come after you?

It’s always someone else, until it’s YOUR TURN.

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  1. JesusFreak84 says:

    I personally don’t believe that WuFlu was a bioweapon or released on purpose. However, it would be straight out of the playbook of Mao himself to weaponize the virus once they realized what they had on their hands. And the rest? Yeah. I wouldn’t even put it past Russia to be involved in the unrest. There’s still a nostalgia for Communism there–how do you think Putin gets away with acting like the USSR never fell? Almost like Communism was every bit of the threat it was viewed as by prior generations and was never as dead as everyone convinced themselves it was…

  2. monstrance says:

    And Fr Z, as you well know, this goes well beyond the ChiComs.
    Michael Matt has hit on this with the so called “Reset” that world leaders ( except Trump ) are calling for. – with Bill Gates, Jeff Sachs, Soros and unfortunately, the Holy Father.

  3. WVC says:

    If you don’t believe in the globalists coordinating things with each other, just look around for the phrase “Build Back Better.” It’s Joe Biden’s platform, yes, but it’s also being used by Canada, the EU, the United Kingdom – and not just that exact phrase (which was touted by Boris Johnson, by Justin Trudeau, by Antonio Guterres and others), but it’s also usually accompanied by 4 points which all mirror each other, including investment in “green” infrastructure . . . etc. Coincidence? [Insert Incredibles.gif here.]

    This is all being coordinated.

  4. Tom says:

    The children (not necessarily of a small age) participating in rioting possibly don’t know what they are doing. But corporations who bow to BLM and even fund them are committing suicide. Delta Airlines is now promoting BLM by asking employees to wear BLM lapel pins. Very many employees disagree but fear for their jobs. Do the executives at Delta really think the Communists would not almost immediately nationalize the airlines should they gain power? A nation that cannot stop these people will eventually burn to the ground.

  5. tho says:

    From my reading of history this eerily reminds me of the Weimar Republic after WWI. The Wuhan Flu can be compared to starving Germans, with the British blockading their ports, and the strong cry for socialism, or socialism on steroids, communism. I pray to God that our crisis does not end like theirs did.

  6. The Astronomer says:

    A BLM thugg-ette walked up and punched a lector at Mass TWICE in the face as she left the sanctuary last Sunday in the Philadelphia Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. Of course, the perpetrator is alleged to be mentally ill (BLM supporters would NEVER resort to violence).

    Our Lady said at Fatima that “Russia will spread her errors…”

    She never said there was any kind of special exemption from these errors for the United States. When the mob comes after me, what I do will depend on the circumstances. I will die violently trying to protect my wife and family if our home were attacked. If surrounded by “The Mob” and they came after me in odium fidei because they knew I was a Roman Catholic standing my ground against Communism, I hope Christ would give me the grace to offer my unworthy life in atonement for my sins (wearing my Brown Scapular and brandishing my combat rosaries).

  7. adriennep says:

    Folks, we need Victory for Trump by a wide margin this election. Nothing else will shut them up. Get out there on the streets and campaign offices, or we will not have any safe streets left on November 4.

  8. Semper Gumby says:

    “A great way to disrupt these USA in an election year, in which a strong President has been going after…CHINA.”

    Good point.

    Though, let’s ignore John Zmirak’s advice on China. He whines incessantly about his bitterness towards “Iraq War” and the “neo-cons,” yet has tweeted about nuking China and droning their wet markets.

    This armchair general Zmirak has also tweeted numerous times in the last several months about the action to be taken against rioters: “shoot.” Zmirak also believes the U.S. fought on the wrong side in WW I, and should have allied with the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Imperial Germany because the Austro-Hungarian Empire was Catholic.

    Zmirak has written some insightful articles. However, his erroneous and at times irrational analysis mentioned above is unhelpful in our current predicament. He should keep in mind that Leftists want a high body count of rioters for propaganda purposes.

    There is a time for kinetics, and a time to refrain from kinetics. There is a time for intense kinetics, and a time for low-intensity kinetics. There is a time for sharp comments and a time for tact. Those sentences should ring a bell with Zmirak.

    He should also reflect on our host’s post above- the following problem is primarily of the Left, but not exclusively of the Left:

    “Without true moral or rational moorings, they’ve attached to a cause promoted by the even more deeply indoctrinated…”

  9. APX says:

    That lady is a person of colour. Bunch of hypocrites they are.

  10. These are times the Sacrament of Confirmation was made for. Maybe that woman was able to resist the rioters because she has received it.

    I wonder how many Catholic adults there are who have never been confirmed. Are most priests delegated the authority to administer Confirmation these days? If not, should they ask for this from their bishops?

  11. tgarcia2 says:

    I don’t know if that’s the case, she’s marched with them before. I’m not confirmed (long story) and can see this as evil

  12. Dan says:

    “ These are times the Sacrament of Confirmation was made for. ”
    Would that be the sacrament of confession that most Bishops have denied to our youth until they are well beyond the age of influence of groups like this?

  13. Jones says:

    As for the Satanic demonic part that can be wholly defeated, I believe here and now. I will stay in a state of grace and pray the 3 mysteries daily. I haven’t been able to attend daily mass yet but I’m working on it. Now if it comes time for me to die protecting my family or getting prosecuted and thrown in prison for self defense, the best way is to mentally prepare for that is now. Having your interior life in order right now is the most important.

  14. Dan says:

    I was stuck in particular by the woman in the video yelling at her, accusing her, “ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN?”
    I pray that when it is my turn and the mob comes for me I will have the courage of this woman and fortitude to say “yes I am a Christian, I am a Roman Catholic”

  15. happyCatholic says:

    I thought I read that the woman in question had actually marched with BLM more than once in recent weeks ; she said she just didn’t feel she should have to respond like that right at that time. I think I read she is an Urban Planner.

  16. Kathleen10 says:

    Of all the shocking things we’ve seen in these last 7 or so years since the church and the world went mad, perhaps the most shocking is the understanding that America would tolerate anarchy and violence, now Nazi-salute demanding, on our streets. That Democrats would allow violence to be used to try to unseat Donald Trump, they hate him that much. They have forever changed America. You can’t put that genie back in the bottle. Violence is now tolerated on American streets, once you constrain the police, who should be allowed to use force and deadly force if you resist, you disempower America. We have our Second Amendment rights, and now we’re going to need them perhaps, thanks to Democrats. They are blowing up every incident where a black man resists arrest and gets hurt. When people can resist an officer’s directions, who will want to be a cop since they have a millisecond to decide if you are reaching for a gun or are going to run down the street and shoot others? But the Democrats want to make it illegal to hold someone accountable for resisting arrest. This is insane. And the nation that tolerates it will be insane. And the people who want it will be insane.
    If Biden wins there will be a mass exodus to Republican states. Democrat states will not be worth living in, as New York is proving right now.

  17. teomatteo says:

    Yes. Confirmation. Was the pat on the cheek done to prepare us to be soldiers of Christ? Like when this WILL happen to us?

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  19. JonPatrick says:

    Check out the book “Red Thread” by Diana West which documents the connections between the Communists and the effort to oust Trump and nullify the results of the 2016 election.

  20. NOCatholic says:

    “What are you going to do when they come after you?”

    When — and if — that happens, I’ll lean on God’s grace and mercy to get me through. Until then, I am praying, for our country and for the election. I’m not as fearful about Biden as many here are. I’m not so much as worried about a Biden win, as I am about an uncertain outcome, driven by mail-in voting delays and reported irregularities that throw the election outcome in doubt, like the 2000 election, but much, much worse.

    But other than that uncertainty, I do not incline to “Flight 93 election” fears. Our democracy has robust institutions that survived 8 years of Obama and will survive 4 years of Biden. what concerns me much more is the polarization of our society.

  21. Sandy says:

    You are so right in all you say, Father. Many of the comments have good points also. All I have read in the last year or so convinces me of the truth of facts that I would previously have thought were pure fiction. As someone above stated, this is all coordinated; the second and third comments above are right on target. We must stay closer than ever to the Lord and Mother Mary!

  22. Antonin says:

    There are a confluence of several factors driving these events. I think poverty is a very important factor. The gap between the wealthy and poor is greater now than it was in the 1920s. This is the first generation where we cannot be certain that our children will be better off than us. I know Trump touts the economy pre Covid and I am not sure whether it recovered well or not – only local people in particular states and communities would know by their experience. But it is an important consideration.

    I also think the entire world was placed under a condition of incredible stress with COVID. The effects are apparent. In BC the number of deaths due to opioid overdose has surpassed COVID, homicide suicde, and car accidents combined!

    And, yes you have an election year with groups not at all interested in the common good – just partisan advantage. You have a dysfunctional (or non-functional) legislative and executive branch.

    In all of this it is important for Catholics to be voices of steadiness, clarity, leadership, and modelling how to dialogue across differences. The last thing we need to be doing is crawling into our sectarian ghettos (traditionalist, liberal, etc. etc.)

  23. By the way, let us not overlook the role of stimulants in all this street violence. Ever stop to wonder where basement-dwelling, soy-product-eating, video-game-playing couch potatoes get all that energy to loot and pillage and overturn cars, and scream non-stop in people’s faces and chase down teenagers? What would we find if we did tox screens on all these people harassing that woman in the video? Should we be surprised if those two dead rioters in Kenosha turn out to have methamphetamine and bath salts in their systems?

    I personally think there is a strong connection between drug abuse and the demonic.

  24. G-Veg says:

    My mother and I have been working on genealogy and have gotten past the Thomas Spalding who came to the Maryland Colony to his people in England. This has led me to explore the 15th and 16th Centuries in a way I hadn’t before and to a better appreciation of what it takes to maintain Truth in a world spiralling into chaos. Imperfect people, facing extraordinary times, can give remarkable witness.

  25. Simon_GNR says:

    I can’t quite understand why the Chinese Communists would want to create chaos and an economic depressi0n. Surely they’d want worldwide economic prosperity so that everyone keeps buying consumer goods and raw materials produced in China?

    On the matter of civil unrest, I’m glad I live in a small, quite unremarkable market town in the East Midlands of England rather than in a major American city. We’ve had our share of BLM bigotry in even in this town though. Some “anti-racist” thugs made on-line death threats against the proprietors of a pub in the town named the “Black Boy” and which had a sign depicting a young North African boy unless they took down the name and the sign. The pub has been here since the late nineteenth century and has never had any associations with racism, bigotry or civil unrest until out-of-town thugs got involved. I’m quite sure this sort of thing was not what Dr Martin Luther King dreamed of.

  26. TundraMN says:

    Also, it’s good to remember what Our Lord said:
    “Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.” (Mt 10:16)

    The Greek for “wise” is “phronimos”, which also translates to “discreet” or “prudent”.

    The Greek for “simple” is “akeraios” which means “innocent”, or literally, “unmixed”.

    This is good to keep in mind when we ponder upon what we should do going forward. Is this thing I plan to do in response to the current situation both prudent and discreet? Is it focused single-mindedly on the end to which we ought to try to attain by cooperation with grace?

  27. Semper Gumby says:

    Good point raised by Anita Moore, O.P. (lay) regarding drug abuse. A June 2 article on one target of rioters and looters:

    Ideological abuse at Sandia National Laboratories (mixing nuclear weapons and critical race theory is unwise):

    “We could be facing the greatest challenge to our nation since the Civil War.”

    That is possible Fr. Z.

    Last week the DNC featured numerous problematic individuals. This week, the RNC featured, among other solid citizens, Maximo “Maximus” Alvarez and Sr. Deirdre Byrne with a Rosary.

  28. Semper Gumby says:

    Two moments during the last several days: at the Neches River as a hurricane approached a blessing by Bp. Toups; in Minneapolis a criminal commits suicide, the police are blamed, rioting and looting ensues.

    Gertrude Himmelfarb said something about this two decades ago in “One Nation, Two Cultures.” The cultures being subversive vice and republican virtue.

  29. Docent says:

    There is a very important aspect of the “Black Lives Matter” movement that continues to elude many people, but it is exposed in the following article:

  30. robtbrown says:

    The state of the economy has little to do with the income gap. Those with jobs or professions that benefit from the digital revolution have done well. Those without, have not done well–and many of them were victims of the mass exodus of American manufacturing (which Trump is trying to reverse).

  31. robtbrown says:

    When ordering pizza, remember:

    Black O-Lives Matter!

  32. Kerry says:

    If, (as the mobs’ sign screams), ‘SILENCE IS VIOLENCE’, what is noise?

  33. Semper Gumby says:

    robtbrown: Good one. Around the country more than one of the grafitti supporting the Marxist, violent “Black Lives Matter” group has had an “O” added to it with spray paint. That’s a good sign.

    Speaking of chow, the Kenosha Police busted a “Riot Kitchen” several days ago (Riot Kitchen is, of course, vegan, and their vehicles also contained gear for rioters):

    WaPo, clutching their tissues on their fainting couch, titled their article yesterday thusly:

    “Video shows activists in Kenosha arrested by officers who jumped out of unmarked vehicle”

    No doubt the Washington People’s Observer (Völkischer Beobachter) wants their readers to tremble with fear and outrage that the police were doing their duty.

    During the Occupy Wall Street protests a few years ago, OWS set up Amazon accounts to procure gear and food. Lo and behold, yesterday rioters set up a guillotine outside Jeff Bezos’ mansion in DC. The mob will always go after their own.

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