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Wacko New York City Jesuits – UPDATED – Glen Beck comments

UPDATE 23 September 2020 When Glen Beck starts warning us, how far things have gone bad? Originally Published on: Sep 2, 2020 New York Jesuits. I am reminded of the lines from Sonnet 94 by Shakespeare: For sweetest things turn … Read More

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Since “Black Lives Matter”, nota bene! New pro-life film released today: Divided Hearts of America

A new pro-life film was released today. Divided Hearts of America. The movie is about “Super Bowl champion Benjamin Watson’s journey to discover the truth about abortion in America”. Election Day is coming up FAST. This film addresses the topics … Read More

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MINAS TIRITH — Orcs marched on Minas Tirith this morning in a mostly peaceful protest.

We have in this a pretty accurate image. From the Babylon Bee (not affiliate with The Horan of Babylon… who never will be even half the woman that Sr. Dede is). Orcs March On Minas Tirith In Mostly Peaceful Protest MINAS … Read More

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Antifa… BLM… demonic, selfish rage in the streets. The future and our choices. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Friends, what is at stake in our nation? For decades the education system, combined with many fatherless homes and also broad material ease has produced a herd of deeply indoctrinated, deeply self-centered young people with no sense of “other”, much … Read More

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The Coming Storm: St. Louis

St. Louis. This is what the streets are going to be like, more and more often. There is clearly a demonic component to this. Language alert. https://www.facebook.com/alex.heeb.1/posts/3382385741785323 What a tough guy.  He goes into a crowd of people praying the Rosary … Read More

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