REVIEW – TLM ORDO for 2021 by Romanitas Press

I recently received a pile of books from the nice folks at Romanitas Press. I’ll present them in due time.

Speaking of time, however, here is their Ordo for 2021. An Ordo is indispensible. Every priest (at least!) and every sacristy should have one.

Don’t worry about the little ding in the cover.  Your’s will be fine.

You will notice that this is primed for these USA.  There are appendices for other places.

Some sample pages.

The paper is not super high quality, but it really doesn’t have to be.  This is an ephemeral volume meant to last the year with a daily consultation.

Note a helpful comment about prohibition of Requiem Masses.  Not every Ordo adds notes like that.   Note that note about Holy Water on Sundays.

Do you see that this beginnings with JANUARY 2021?  Makes sense for a 2021 Ordo, right?

I have to say that this would be FAR BETTER where there the calendar from the beginning of the LITURGICAL year, Advent 2020 onward through the whole of 2021.

On some days we have special prayers.  It is VERY handy to have them right in the Ordo itself.  In a pinch…

If you are across the pond, their supplement.

This is a very good Ordo.  I am glad to have it.

Time is flying.  Get your 2021 Ordo.

This, and the other versions of the Ordo, are concrete proof that TRADITION RETURNS.

It cannot now be stopped.

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  1. Dan says:

    Louis is going great work at Romanitas! I highly recommend his other materials as well. He is very detailed.

  2. xavier says:


    Just to clarify this booklet is for priests or the laymen can also use it?

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