JUST TOO COOL: Ecclesiastical Sleuths Website

One of the regular commentators here sent me this. Very cool.

This follow on a tweet I saw a few days ago, I don’t recall whose, which had a photo of a page of a “Miss Marple” book. Her regular bedtime reading was Imitation of Christ.

Just to round out your non-fiction reading list, I thought I would recommend a website that has compiled a list of 376 clerical detectives, including Catholic priests, monks, and nuns, Protestant ministers, and rabbis (and a few non-monotheists of paganism). The site even lists a plot involving Leo XIII and Sherlock Holmes collaborating (story by Ann Margaret Lewis). These can be tools for evangelization. Harry Kemelmen, for instance, created the Rabbi Small series just so that he could proselytize and explain Judaism. I wish we had someone like that writing a Catholic series. I suspect that you may favor more action/sci-fi stories, but outside of Brother Cadfael and Fr. Brown, few people can name Catholic characters in mystery/detective stories. Catholicism is steeped in mystery and the mystery story is a natural vehicle for explaining its theology.

The site – Clerical Detectives – is HERE.

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  1. VForr says:

    Father, the Miss Marple comment came from Eduard Habsburg. It made such an impression that I picked up from my local library the first Miss Marple book in the thirteen book series. Thanks for sharing book recommendations! As always, may God bless you for all you do.

  2. dahveed says:

    This site looks really neat, Father. My I suggest a series for you, featuring a Catholic priest as the detective? William Biersach has a fine series, with Father Baptist, starting with The Endless Knot.

  3. ex seaxe says:

    Thank you so much Father. Here I am huddling indoors while wind and rain lash down, you have lifted my spirits by finding a dozen Sr Fidlema books I have not read. Much better than contemplating the McCarrick cesspit, or the US election.

  4. GHP says:

    William of Baskerville (Guglielmo da Baskerville) in The Name of the Rose.

    Didn’t read the novel, but enjoyed Sean Connery’s portrayal immensely.

    “Bakersville ….. William of Bakersville.”

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