Daily Rome Shot 51

Photo by Bree Dail.

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    FrZ another photo from historic and beautiful Rome. This photo is taken on the street behind Piazza Navona. Behind the photographer is a busy street that travels to the Tiber in one direction and into the heart of Rome in the other. But in this photo you can see the expensive Raphael hotel which is next to an old and sadly rarely opened church. The the left of the photographer is the entrance to recently excavated areas beneath Piazza Navona,..to the original Navona level. Great little ruins to see here as you walk on the actual level of Rome as it was 2000 years ago. The street if you move forward past the church has a number of trattoria and ristorante along it. But, one block from here along this street on the left is a roof restaurant above a small hotel that gives a great vista of Rome and the Navona down below. The roof garden is next to the church of St Agnes but the entrance is only on this street not on the piazza itself.

  2. Mariana2 says:

    Thanks, PapalCount, for all your explanations.

  3. Gab says:

    @ThePapalCount. I really look forward to your explanations and information on these Daily Rome Shots. It’s akin to having a personal tour guide of Rome! Hoping you may have some insight for Daily Shot 50, please, here: https://wdtprs.com/2021/01/daily-rome-shot-50/

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