16 August: St. Joachim (1962MR)

Today in the traditional Roman calendar is the Feast of St. Joachim, father of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

St. Joachim’s name in Hebrew means “he whom YHWH has set up”.

His feast was not in the 1570 Missale Romanum. It was added in 1584 for 20 March (the day after the Feast of St. Joseph).  In 1738 it was moved to the Sunday after the Octave of the Assumption of Mary.  All of those Octaves were eliminated sometime before 1962.  Pope St. Pius X  moved it 16 August in order to associate it more closely with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In the post-Conciliar calendar St. Joachim’s feast was joined to that of St. Anne, his wife and mother of the Blessed Virgin for 26 July.  In the 1962 calender, St. Anne has her own feast day, 26 July.  Remember to ask in prayer her to intercede with our Lord to soften the hearts of those who would implement Traditionis custodesHERE

I once had relics of Sts. Ann  and Joachim, et al.  I could kick myself.  Anyway…

Think about it: the grandfather of the Lord would share something of His DNA.  Relics of Joachim and Ann are about as close as we can get to relics of Mary and the Lord.


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  1. Gil Garza says:

    It should be understood that in Islam, the Quran teaches that Mary, the mother of (Isa) Jesus, is the daughter of Imran and is the sister of Aaron. The Hadith identifies her mother as Hannah. There’s a clear misunderstanding in Islam of Mary’s lineage.

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