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Priest suspended, sent for psychological treatment for celebrating the Novus Ordo in Latin

Today I posted elsewhere something I wrote about before: Moral Injury. I originally wrote about Moral Injury because I had also, previously, written about how bishops use “psychological evaluation” – the Psych Strike Gambit – against priests to remove them … Read More

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Talk about optics

The other day I posted about the implementation of Traditionis custodes … TC… by the Bishop of San Diego.  In his pastoral care for the most marginalized group in the Church, he suppressed the TLM in the northern part of the diocese.  … Read More

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Revisiting “Moral Injury” in light of “Traditionis custodes”

It seems like just moment ago that I revisited the topic of Moral Injury. But now we have Traditionis custodes. Originally Published on: Jun 9, 2020  From a reader… I am a physician and have had the opportunity to work with several burnt … Read More

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Rome Shot 256

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Everyone wonders why Chess isn’t an Olympic sport

People all over the world wonder why Chess is not an Olympic sport. Why? Chess has it all. “But Father! But Father!”, some of you skeptics, probably papolatrous pipsqueaks – Peepees – are peeping, “In chess they, you know, they … Read More

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