Fr. Murray on bishops, ‘c’atholic pro-abortion politicians (=Democrats), and Eucharistic coherence


My friend Fr. Gerald Murray has a good piece at, surprisingly, the UK’s once great Catholic Herald. HERE He tackles the problem of catholic Democrat politicians who promote abortion while claiming to be faithful members of the Church.   Rightly, Fr. Murray says that the bishops, who theoretically might some day write a document about “Eucharistic coherence”, need to instruct these pro-abortion politicians for their own sake and for the sake of correcting the scandal they cause.

A couple of tastes….

They [73% of US who voted in favor of a document on Eucharistic coherence] have also given a clear sign that a sizeable majority of the bishops was not swayed by the claim that discussing the application of canonical norms (canons 915 and 916) in the case of pro-abortion elected officials is somehow a “politicisation” or “weaponisation” of the Holy Eucharist.

What can we say about the 27% other than that they may be perhaps to thick to get the problem or that they are quislings in bed – for whatever advantage there might be – with the politicians who promote the murder of the pre-born?


Slam-word alarmist slogans, wielded as verbal hammer blows, do not have any real meaning, which is precisely what slogans are for: to act as substitutes for thought, designed to end any further discussion. The reasons for denying Holy Communion to Catholic elected officials, including President Joe Biden, who promote abortion are: firstly, to rebuke them and to call them to recognise their error, repent and retract. Secondly, to remind other Catholics that supporting abortion is seriously wrong and must be rejected if one is to be faithful to Christ. Thirdly, to proclaim to everyone that abortion is not a healthcare choice, but rather a barbaric practice that is offensive to God and is incompatible with any standard of human rights and justice in a civilised society.


Then Fr. Murray calls out the 60 catholic House Dems who wrote the incoherent, shameless, scandalous, intelligence-insulting letter to the Bishops.

You can see that on your own.  However, here are a couple more snips…

Our bishops should note that there is no need for further investigation and dialogue as the witnesses have come forward and volunteered their testimony.

The endless cant about dialogue with these people must end.

For sure, they [bishops who act correctly about pro-abortion pols re: can. 915, etc.] will be criticised by people who see the Catholic bishops as just another group of political players trying to sway voters.

The problem is that in the last few decades the bishops have collectively squandered virtually every scrap of moral capital that was ever attributed to them, merited or not.

We shall what they actually DO.  Deeds, not words, are all that count now.

I’m not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, having dealt with our own consciences, we need to pray for those politicians.  Even more we need to pray for our bishops… that they be bishops, who are not weak-kneed and who cave in under the slightest left-wing pressure.


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  1. Simon_GNR says:

    It’s a good article by Fr. Murray and I e-mailed him to thank him for his plain words in supporting the proper application of canon law in relation to “Catholic” politicians who speak and act against clear Catholic moral teaching. Why aren’t more of America’s bishops like Fr. Murray – fearless and committed in upholding the teachings of the Church?

  2. Water1965 says:

    Excellent call out by Father Murray.
    Unfortunately, I expect the collective result to be yet another tut-tut, though I would like to be proven wrong.
    Any bravery exhibited here will come from individual bishops and priests who just can’t hold their gagging anymore.
    Support them any way you can wherever they are found, even if it’s across the country from your diocese.

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  4. Semper Gumby says:

    “Our bishops should note that there is no need for further investigation and dialogue as the witnesses have come forward and volunteered their testimony.”

    Good point by Fr. Murray. Many bishops have work to do.

  5. TonyO says:

    The endless cant about dialogue with these people must end.

    Too true, Fr. Z. In the hands of these people, “dialogue” is an expressly intended tool to push us into a never-ending preliminary step that NEVER STOPS at some determinate point. They know from the outset, this is their objective. They don’t intend “dialogue” to arrive anywhere, because they stopped believing in truth itself. This is part of the Modernism heresy, which Pope St. Pius X described.

    Why aren’t more of America’s bishops like Fr. Murray

    The bishops, unfortunately, have been educated in America’s universities (including the Catholic universities), which have imbibed the Modernist heresy (along with several others). Among the many problems, nobody touched by Modernism sees law (and carrying out law) as an act of charity on behalf of the community and for the sake of the common weal. So they cannot see imposing canonical punishments as anything other than “being a meeny”, and they never do it.

    Except to those who love the TLM, of course.

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