LONDON: 11-19 September – Eucharistic Octave with different Catholic Rites

One of you readers sent me notice about something that will take place at Corpus Christi in Maiden Lane, London.  The programme HERE.

It will be the “London Eucharistic Octave” organized by the parishes of central London.  At the end there will be a Eucharistic Procession (“Meno chiacchiare! Più processioni!”).  You readers helped to raise money for their beautiful canopy.  HERE and HERE

When you look at the schedule, you will find that, at the same Corpus Christi, recently exquisitely renovated, Votive Masses in various Rites, including, the Novus Ordo, the Traditional Roman Rite (apparently now an official separate Rite – but we shall see) the “Anglican” Ordinariate Use, the Ukrainian Divine Liturgy (I lived with Ukrainians in Rome for a while and got to know that; they liked my bass voice), and of course the procession.

What a splendid outpouring of faith.

Pray for good attendance and good weather.


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  2. OzReader says:

    This is what perplexed me about the motu proprio.

    We have many different acceptable liturgies in the Roman Church, indeed, the Holy Father’s most recent addition was the Anglican Ordinariate liturgy. What is their relationship to the Church; is it these liturgies are acceptable in the context of a sacrificial offering, and we cast aside any doctrinal differences to welcome them into the fold, or something else, perhaps?

    Whatever the reason is, why couldn’t the Latin Rite celebrated with the ’62 Missal, and other liturgical books of this era be treated in the same way?
    Or was this the Holy Father’s intention with some of the faculties granted to the SSPX; normalise their practice of Catholicism to the point I can be assured receiving the Sacraments at an SSPX Church won’t put me in the Fastrak queue for eternal damnation, but leave them be as an extraordinary practice of the Catholic faith.

  3. Nighthawk says:

    I’m surprised it’s not mentioned, but the Mass on Tuesday *should* be Pontifical, as Msgr. has the right to use Pontificalia due to his status as a former CoE Bishop.

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  5. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Father John Hunwicke had a post today with additional details, for example that the “Procession will be led by the Ukrainian Eparch, and by Mgr Keith Newton, Episcopus quondam Rutupiensis, Ordinary of the Ordinariate”.

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