ACTION ITEM: Time Sensitive End of Year Giving Suggestions from Fr. Z

UPDATE 30 Dec:

I am told that Our Lady of Hope is about $2500 away from getting their matching $10K grant. Can you help them reach the goal?

Originally Published on: Dec 29, 2021 

Lot’s of people give donations to charities at this time of year.

These days it is hard to know where to put your hard earned dollars.

I have a few worthy causes that are iron-clad dependable.

First, there’s the 501(c)(3) Tridentine Mass Society of which I am still the president. We have started to branch out beyond our geographical borders. More on that another time.


Next, there is the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA.

How can you go wrong?  You are support Catholic Chaplains who are serving our war-fighters and their families.  Remember: their families are also subjects of the ArchMil, too.  That’s a lot of people and there are not many active chaplains.  This is a good cause.  Tell them Fr. Z sent you.


Next, there is Our Lady of Hope Clinic, in Madison, WI.   This is a a CATHOLIC clinic, that practices medicine in keeping with the teachings of the Church.  Of course they treat everyone.   They treat the uninsured.   They won’t do anything that goes against the solid, traditional moral bio-ethics teachings of the Catholic Church.  I’ve given to them for a long time and I’ve received terrific care from them.

Right now they have a MATCHING GRANT for $10,000 and there are just two more days to hit the goal.  Please help them.


And don’t forget old Fr. Z.


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