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An important note about the Dubious Dubia™ for “Traditionis custodes”. The way to cut through the obvious cruel intent and BE TRULY PASTORAL.

Traditionis custodes, a cruel and incoherent document, exceeded in incoherent cruelty by the Responses to the Dubious Dubia™, must fail. Together, they do something unprecedented: they attack diocesan bishops. However, for all the bishops out there who are wondering what … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Not AGAIN! “Does attending an SSPX Mass fulfill one’s Sunday obligation?”

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Does attending an SSPX Mass fulfill one’s Sunday obligation? I’m asking because I ran across the linked article below written by John Salza in November of this year arguing that attending an SSPX Mass does NOT … Read More

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ASK FATHER: How does one get invited to the Synod (“walking together”) on Synodality

From a reader.. QUAERITUR: I wanted to thank you for your original and powerful exhortation, via the death of a rabbit, to go to confession. As a consequence I did indeed go to confession and made a clean breast of … Read More

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Hey!  Typos happen.

This is rather amusing…. This is a screenshot from the Bolletino on 18 December 2021, which had the infamous Responses. Let’s look at the last part more closely, with some emphasis. As of the time of this writing, that’s still … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 368

Photo by The Great Roman™ Today’s Fervorino… sort of. OPPORTUNITY 10% off with code: FATHERZ10

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FATHERS! ACTION ITEM! Great idea from a priest about the Dubious Dubia and the Traditional Latin Mass for New Year’s Day

I received this great suggestion from a priest friend: There is great deal of angst among TLMers after Saturday’s Responsa. Thank you for what you have written in the aftermath. In addition to encouraging prayer and Confession, perhaps we could … Read More

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