Ed Pentin interviewed the Prefect of the CDW about “Traditionis custodes” and the Dubious Dubia.

At the National Catholic Register, Ed Pentin has an interview with Archbp. Roche, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

Roche’s responses are typical, in that they are replete with buzz words and jargon and the usual specious premises.  These premises will be repeated ad nauseum by the powers that be and subsequently parroted by their camp followers until people surrender under the sheer weight of B as in B, S as in S. Roche’s bottom line in the responses to Pentin’s questions is basically: We have power. You don’t. We are imposing our will on you. Merry Christmas and shut up.

Without the Merry Christmas part.

Some highlights.

When Pentin brought up the fact that canonists have disputed the legitimacy and coherence of both TC and the DD, as well as the obviously central can. 18 (about interpretation of laws) and can. 87 (about the ability of diocesan bishops to dispense from universal disciplinary laws), Roche simply played the canned message: “We have the power now.  We are the law now.” That’s the normal language version.  What he said was, “The responses to the various dubia are evidently legitimate and fully compliant with Canon Law in their elaboration by this Congregation whose authority in this matter is undisputed.”

“Evidently!”  In other words, “Shut up,” he explained.

When Pentin brought up the issue of people being marginalized, Roche emitted a smoke screen.  “…using the Missale Romanum of 1962 is by way of concession and is therefore not the normal provision of the Church’s liturgy as foreseen by the Second Vatican Council.”

Sorry, but the NOVUS ORDO was not foreseen by the Second Vatican Council!  The Novus Ordo is out of step with what the Council Fathers approved in Sacrosanctum Concilium.   Read the document and then think about the Novus Ordo.

Then he added some gas with the smoke: “The Roman Missal of the saintly Popes, Paul VI and John Paul II, is witness to an unaltered faith and uninterrupted and living tradition.”  Never mind that saintly Paul VI and John Paul II, along with the still living Pope Benedict XVI, all issued documents allowing the use of the 1962 Missale.   Three Popes.  And they knew/know more about the the Council meant than these present potentates will ever know.

When Pentin pointed out that a lot of people feel discriminated against and they have not been treated in a way consistent will all the blabbing about synodality (“walking together”), Roche replied, basically, “THERE’S NO DISCRIMINATION!”, and then mischaracterizes what John Paul II and Benedict XVI intended for the Vetus Ordo, including literally the word “generous” from the former.  According to Roche it was not the intention of Benedict that use of the 1962 Missale should expand, and he cherry picks a comment made to journalists in 2008, ignoring other things he said, as well as the FACT of the provisions in Summorum Pontificum which were preciously granted so that the use of that Missale could expand.

Then comes a real whopper.  Hillary Clinton couldn’t have done a better job of expressing her true feeling about those whom her actions affected:

As for your point on consultation, the Holy Father has listened very attentively to bishops and, more recently, the Congregation has responded to matters raised by them and various others.

What is important to realize now is that the Holy Father has spoken; the liturgical possibilities are in place; the challenge is to get on with it without licking one’s wounds when no one has been injured. As for your point on synodality, the word means “walking together,” which is the precise purpose of the Motu Proprio expressing the direction in which the Church is to walk in its prayer.

One gets a sense of why he was not liked in England.  “Get on with it without licking your wounds!   We’re WALKING TOGETHER now, DAMN IT!”

When Pentin asks about why the Roman Rite is being singled out, Roche dodges the issue by pedantically correcting Pentin’s terminology.

“No one has been injured.”  Uh huh.

The whole thing makes you feel like you need to wash your hands, use an eye wash, anything to get the residue off.

TC and the DD were massive blunders.   This house of cards they are trying to set up will inevitably fall.  They know this, I’m sure, which is why they are pushing it.

The callous responses of the Prefect reveal the true ideological, not pastoral, motive behind all of it as well as showing us their characters.

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  2. James C says:

    “Sorry, but the NOVUS ORDO was not foreseen by the Second Vatican Council! The Novus Ordo is out of step with what the Council Fathers approved in Sacrosanctum Concilium. Read the document and then think about the Novus Ordo.”

    Yet they continue to repeat the Big Lie like a Soviet mantra. Never justifying it, simply repeating it and using raw power to impose it. Unspeakable malice.

  3. James C says:

    Father, I have a 1962 Latin/French missal published by Le Barroux. Cardinal Ratzinger wrote an introduction for this edition. In light of the Roach’s tiresome comments yesterday about the new crime of “promoting” the usus antiquior and undermining Vatican II, here is what Cardinal Ratzinger had to say:

    “This liturgy, which Pope John Paul II has kindly granted to all those who are attached to it, is an integral part of ‘the richness that the diversity of charisms and traditions of spirituality and apostolate represents for the Church.’”

    “I therefore hope that this new edition will meet the expectations of these faithful and help them to participate actively in the celebration of Holy Mass. In this way it will contribute in its own way to the liturgical renewal called for by the Second Vatican Council and will highlight ‘the beauty of unity in variety.’”

    [Well done! I had forgotten that preface. As a matter of fact, I just unboxed some liturgical books that had been in storage with my move and that French/Latin Missal is one of them! I shall consult it. BTW.. my copy was given to me by the monks at Barroux when I visited the monastery during my days working for the Pontifical Commission. It’s a lovely book. WELL DONE.]

  4. Not says:

    Quo primum ,quote “This ordinance applies henceforth, and now and forever… Should anyone dare to contravene it, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.
    We are clearly in the right. Pope Francis and his Minions are facing the wrath of Almighty God. They need prayers.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    “It is clear in Traditionis Custodes that the celebration of the Mass using the Missale Romanum of 1962 is by way of concession and is therefore not the normal provision of the Church’s liturgy as foreseen by the Second Vatican Council.”

    Vatican II did not eliminate ad orientem, nor does any document once mention versus populum. Yet the abusive Pachamama hierarchy shows no concern, even encouraging irreverence, while specifically assaulting the Mass of Ages- and during Advent.

    “[“]Holy Father[“] has listened very attentively to bishops…”

    Falsifying survey results is not “listening,” it is fabrication- similar to the fabrication of this abusive “pontificate” via deceptions such as the St. Gallen Mafia and a malicious agenda. Furthermore, there was an unusually rapid turnaround on this “Dubia” while the Amoris Laetitia Dubia remain unanswered years later.

    “…Congregation whose authority in this matter is undisputed.”

    It most certainly is disputed. The FrancisPrinzip is also disputed. The authority of the Politburo and the Reich Chancellery were also disputed by faithful Christians.

    “The liturgy is never simply a matter of personal tastes or preferences.”

    Stating it does not make it so. It most certainly is personal preference by the Pachamama Vatican when daily abominations are allowed free rein, yet Bergoglioists blatantly assault the Mass of Ages. There is a difference between flawed human beings and the persistent cravenness towards Bergoglio and abusive behavior towards Christians by Bergoglioists in the Vatican and elsewhere.

    “The Roman Missal of the saintly Popes, Paul VI and John Paul II, is witness to an unaltered faith and uninterrupted and living tradition.”

    Sell that snake oil somewhere else. Also, see ad orientem and versus populum above.

    “Unfortunately, many used the opportunity [Summorum Pontificum] to take a reverse direction.”

    Try that hissing lie with St. Peter at the Gate, buddy- that might not go well. The current Pachamama Vatican selective mix of thuggery and anarchy is a return to the paganism and bizarre pagan temple practices of old.

    “…the challenge is to get on with it without licking one’s wounds when no one has been injured.”

    Roche has eyes and ears but does not see or listen. Clearly, the Pachamama Vatican has proven unable to abide the Mass of Ages and Summorum Pontificum, and, unable to see the unifying and family-friendly Latin Mass as anything other than an injury to its Pride, Vanity and Political Agenda, is attempting to sell the patrimony of Jesus Christ’s Church on Earth to the likes of the Fishwrap and Davos crowd for thirty pieces of silver. Repent, Pachamama Vatican, repent, as your defeat is certain. Jesus is Christ, the Son of the Living God and will not be mocked. Life is short, Eternity is long.

    “For, this day, is born to you a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord, in the city of David. And this shall be a sign unto you. You shall find the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly army, praising God, and saying: Glory to God in the highest; and on earth **peace to men of good will.**”

  6. Uniaux says:

    If we’re supposed to be walking together in prayer, it would seem that we should be exhorted by the Vatican to have mutitudes of processions, instead of them tripping their fellow walkers and kicking them when they’re down.
    Sort of reminds me of that bit from Apocalypto.

    Perhaps our sovereign pontiff will be granted a series of visions and have a conversion of heart as did Ebeneezer Scrooge.
    *”I help to support the Novus Ordo – those who are badly off must go there.”
    “Your Holiness, many would rather die than go to the Novus Ordo!”
    “Well if they would rather die, then let them do it, and decrease the surplus population.”*

    I’m not going to hold my breath in anticipation of Pope Francis celebrating a TLM Papal High Mass tomorrow, but… with God all things are possible.

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    They’ve shown themselves. There is no point dialoguing with Satan. What they were after in 1963, certainly before, they feel they have accomplished, nothing less than the attempted murder of the Roman Rite that God gave us, in order for His proper worship and for our good. In order to provide food for the flock that is still here, through the ages. These men bring nothing but destruction and deception, manipulation and cruelty, it is all they have. We have been tormented by them for decades. But this time is different.
    They have made their intent obvious for all to see. No one can say they didn’t know, or didn’t see, all see, now. To cooperate with these men is to help Satan, to go against God and His plan for us, to subvert the proper worship of God, and to deny the people access to God himself. It is to choose to be a goat, to cooperate with evil. God will act in his own time, but in the meantime, between now and that tremendous earthquake or the screaming meteor, we’ll not cooperate on any, even atomic level, with these b——s, nor would we ever give them what they want.

  8. ex seaxe says:

    But Father, I don’t think Paul VI did permit 1962, [Yes, he did.] though perhaps you can prove me wrong. Paul VI gave indults for the 1967 revised Missal, and most of the words are the same, but the rubrics are different. My own view is that the 1965 rubrics were a marked improvement, as Abp. Lefebvre said at the time. I’m not sure about 1967, I have not looked at them for a long time. Of course the major change which caused much grief was permitting the vernacular, but what caused people to become incandescent was bishops who incurred the anathema of Trent by forbidding Latin. Some bishops, like Cdl. Heenan, required every parish to continue a Sunday Mass in Latin so dissent was much less common.

    [Paul VI permitted priests of a certain age to continue saying it (thank you late, great Agostino Trapè) and he also gave the famous “Agatha Christie indult for the Traditional Mass, but with some modifications from 1965. However, I think that those modifications were more honored in the breach that in the observance.]

  9. Fr. Kelly says:

    As Fr. Z so ably pointed out, the Novus Ordo Missae is not what Sacrosanctum Concilium called for. In fact the Missale Romanum published in 1964 is the closest thing to what that Constitution called for.
    Article 1 in TC says:
    Art. 1. Libri liturgici a sanctis Pontificibus Paulo VI et Ioanne Paulo II promulgati, iuxta decreta Concilii Vaticani II, unica expressio “legis orandi” Ritus Romani sunt.
    There is no liturgical book promulgated by both Paul VI and JP II and the only Missale Romanum promulgated according to the decree of V2 is the 1964. — Not the 1969, 1984, 2001 or any other.
    So it seems according to the letter of the document, the 1964 Missale Romanum is the unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite

  10. Amateur Scholastic says:

    As the great Hilary White puts it, the post-Conciliar Church is the only institution in which men in their 70s and 80s sternly lecture people in their 20s and 30s about how they need to get with the times.

  11. monstrance says:

    Does Roche deliberately misrepresent the truth, or is he part of the brainwashed ?
    Either way, it is a “House of Cards”, built on a foundation of lies.
    Oh how they long for the halcyon days of the 70’s.

  12. samwise says:

    @Uniaux: yes, visited by 3 spirits…
    Christmas past–“remember Jorge, how ‘tough as nails’ you were w/Aparecida document under BXVI’S watch against abortion, gay marriage, & upholding marriage! Recall the dialogue w/Rabbi Skorka & the adherance to absolute Truth”
    Christmas present–“Francis, what happened to Familiaris Consortio & the Year of St Joseph compared with Amoris Laetitia? What happened to Summorum Pontificum? Where are Cardinals Sarah & Mueller?”
    Christmas future–“Behold the tomb of a pontiff, an innovator never before seen…but it’s not too late, OR IS IT?”

  13. Patrick-K says:

    “Unaltered” – if it is unaltered, then what harm could there possibly be in using the old rite? And also, what was the point of issuing a new one?

  14. Benedict Joseph says:

    “The promotion of the antecedent liturgy has been curtailed but does not characterize discrimination.” A clear exhibition of the sort of crafted thinking that is at the heart of the deconstruction of Roman Catholicism. The comportment exhibited in the interview is at once pathetic and repugnant. This is board room behavior and unworthy of a priest of any rank and perfectly transparent to even those who agree with Archbishop Roche’s ends.

  15. Dan says:

    They were “walking together” in Bataan too.

  16. idlecleric says:

    He used to be my Ordinary. He once said to a priest, “As your bishop, when I speak, the Holy Spirit speaks through me.”

  17. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    “As for your point on synodality, the word means ‘walking together,’ which is the precise purpose of the Motu Proprio expressing the direction in which the Church is to walk in its prayer.”

    And, much more, the manner. ‘Synodaliteit’ is a word in German – I wonder if anyone glosses it ” im Stechschritt marschieren” or “im Stechschritt paradieren”?, for ‘goosestepping together’ seems the clear intention.

  18. Semper Gumby says:

    idlecleric: Interesting.

    The words of that English prelate, as with other prelates these days in the Pachamama Vatican, bear a rough resemblance to the millenarian sects of the Middle Ages, Tanchelm of Antwerp (d. 1115) and the Amaurians (13th century, Amalric of Bena, pantheism, “progressive Trinity” and “Age of the Holy Spirit”). The resemblance can be overdrawn, but, God willing, Prelate Roche and other prelates will not continue down that path.

    From Norman Cohn’s “The Pursuit of the Millennium: Revolutionary Millenarians and Mystical Anarchists of the Middle Ages”:

    “Millenarian sects or movements always picture salvation as collective, in the sense that it is to be enjoyed by the faithful as a collectivity; terrestrial, in the sense that it is to be realized on this earth and not in some other-worldly heaven.”

    [Note the hints or references to collective salvation and heaven on earth in, for example, “International Meeting of Prayer for Peace: “No One is Saved Alone. Peace and Fraternity”, October 20, 2020; the “Document for Human Fraternity” and the “Abrahamic Family House: The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity” opening in 2022 in Abu Dhabi. Then there’s this: Homily, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, September 24, 2015: “And if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and produce no fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus- and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, in the failure of the cross.”]

    “Millenarian sects and movements have varied in attitude from the most violent aggressiveness to the mildest pacifism and from the
    most ethereal spirituality to the most earthbound materialism. And they have also varied greatly in social composition and social function.”

    [Tanchelm of Antwerp was probably a former monk who became a wandering preacher. First he denied the Real Presence, then the Sacraments, then attacked the Catholic Church’s salvific mission and the Great Commission of Matthew 28:16-20.]

    “According to the Chapter of Utrecht [a city and diocese in Holland] Tanchelm formed his followers into a blindly devoted community which regarded itself as the only true church; and he reigned over them like a messianic king. On his way to deliver a sermon he would walk surrounded by an escort and preceded, not by a crucifix, but by his own sword and banner, borne like royal insignia. Indeed, he openly proclaimed that he possessed the Holy Spirit in the same sense and in the same degree as Christ and that like Christ he was God.”

    “The year of 1260 was the apocalyptic year in which, according to the pseudo-Joachite [Joachim de Fiore d. 1202, progressive Trinity and “Age of the Holy Spirit”] prophecies, the Third Age was due to reach its fulfilment. Amidst famine, plague and war multitudes of Italians were impatiently awaiting the dawning of the Age of the Holy Spirit, the age in which all men would live in peace, observing voluntary poverty, rapt in contemplative bliss. As month after month passed by, these millenarian expectations became ever more tense until, towards the end of the year, they took on a desperate and hysterical quality and men began to clutch at straws.”

    “When the Amaurians claimed that “each one of them was Christ and Holy Spirit,” they meant all that Tanchelm had meant. Indeed they believed that the Incarnation as it had taken place in Christ was now being surpassed.”

    “The Amaurians did not expect to remain the only living gods on the face of the earth, but rather that they would lead all mankind into its perfection. Through them the Holy Spirit would speak to the world; but as a result of its utterances the Incarnation would become ever more general, until soon it would be universal.” [i.e. Universalism: “all will be saved” and “there is no Hell.”]

    In the millenarian cults of the Middle Ages can also be glimpsed the roots of “messianic Marxism.” From “The Origin of Russian Communism” by Nicholas Berdyaev (1874-1948):

    “Marxism is not only a doctrine of historical and economic materialism, concerned with the complete dependence of man on economics, it is also a doctrine of deliverance, of the messianic vocation of the proletariat, of the future perfect society in which man will not be dependent on economics, of the power and victory of man over the irrational forces of nature and society.”

    Two examples among many. First, the Superior General of the Jesuits Arturo Sosa who wrote an article headlined “Marxist mediation of the Christian faith.” “…understand the existence of Christians who simultaneously call themselves Marxists and commit themselves to the transformation of the capitalist society into a socialist society.” Second, Margaret Archer, President of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences until her retirement in 2019, a Marxist who authored “Transcendence: Critical Realism and God.” It’s also worth briefly mentioning Jeffrey Sachs, appointed in October to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, and the problematic prelate Marcelo Sorondo- both are on the Leadership Council of the UNSDSN.

    Returning to Karl Marx, a virulent racist and anti-Semite. Several years before “The Communist Manifesto” Marx wrote: “Man makes religion, religion does not make man.” Helpful here is Paul Kengor’s 2020 book, “The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception and Infiltration.”

    Well, it’s good to get along with other folks, while debating and evangelizing, on this planet of ours. Going down the path of wild-eyed millenarian utopian cultists? Not so much. There’s a helpful cure for this: spend an hour or two in conversation with an experienced Catholic exorcist. And demons hate Latin. Yes.

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  20. Semper Gumby says:

    In the early 13th century the Amaurians (see above) were centered in and around the University of Paris and Amalric of Bena (or Amaury of Bene).

    On the origins of the Amaurians from the Free Spirit movement, Norman Cohn’s “The Pursuit of the Millennium: Revolutionary Millenarians and Mystical Anarchists of the Middle Ages”:

    “Historically the heresy of the Free Spirit can be regarded as an aberrant form of the mysticism which flourished so vigorously in Western Christendom from the eleventh century onward.”

    “Towards the close of the twelfth century various Spanish cities, and notably Seville, witnessed
    the activities of mystical brotherhoods of Moslems. These people, who were known as Sufis, were
    “holy beggars” who wandered in groups through the streets and squares, dressed in patched and
    particoloured robes.”

    “It is likely that Sufiism, as it developed from the ninth century onwards, itself owed much
    to certain Christian mystical sects in the East. In turn it seems to have assisted the growth of
    the mysticism of the Free Spirit in Christian Europe. Certainly every one of the features that
    characterized Sufiism in twelfth-century Spain – even to such details as the particoloured robes
    – were to be noted as typical of the adepts of the Free Spirit a century or two later.
    In any case, around 1200 the cult of the Free Spirit began to emerge as an identifiable heresy
    in Western Christendom.”

    “Early in the thirteenth century the doctrine of the Free Spirit was elaborated into an all-embracing theological and philosophical system [by the Amaurians].”

    “The heresy of the Free Spirit therefore demands a place in any survey of revolutionary eschatology – and that is still true even though its adherents were not social revolutionaries and did not find their followers amongst the turbulent masses of the urban poor. They were in fact gnostics intent upon their own individual salvation; but the gnosis at which they arrived was a quasi-mystical anarchism – an affirmation of freedom so reckless and unqualified that it amounted to a total denial of every kind of restraint and limitation. These people could be regarded as remote precursors of Bakunin [19th century revolutionary anarchist and founder of collectivist anarchism] and of Nietzsche – or rather of that bohemian intelligentsia which during the last half-century has been living from ideas once expressed by Bakunin and Nietzsche in their wilder moments. But extreme individualists of that kind can easily turn into social revolutionaries – and effective ones at that – if a potentially revolutionary situation arises.”

    “The adepts of the Free Spirit on the other hand were
    intensely subjective, acknowledging no authority at all save their own experiences. In their eyes
    the Church was at best an obstacle to salvation, at worst a tyrannical enemy – in any case an
    outworn institution which must now be replaced by their own community, seen as a vessel for
    the Holy Spirit.
    The core of the heresy of the Free Spirit lay in the adept’s attitude towards himself: he believed
    that he had attained a perfection so absolute that he was incapable of sin. Although the practical
    consequences of this belief could vary, one possible consequence was certainly antinomianism or
    the repudiation of moral norms.”

    Certainly, the early 13th and early 21st centuries differ- but the Free Spirit and Amaurian temptation remains.

    Several items from many of the past few years:

    – The 2020 manifesto “Fratelli Tutti”; the self-referential nature of its citations; in the text itself the frequent use of “I” “me” and “my”; and the manifesto’s attitude towards, for example, personal property and borders. The Vatican’s abandonment of Chinese Christians.

    – The “Holy See Press Office Communique” of Dec. 15, 2021 detailing the mission of the new “Fratelli Tutti Foundation” does not reference God or Jesus Christ, rather: “design pathways of art and faith”; “holistic formation”; “fosters initiatives aimed at encouraging the development of fraternal humanism, through the promotion of the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity [see the French Enlightenment and the French Revolution], conditions for building a “universal love”…” There is a reference to the “Social Doctrine of the Church”- a malleable term.


    – Numerous statements from prelates regarding “climate change” and “overpopulation,” some urgently alarming or even apocalyptic in tone, and others expressing support for the Marxist BLM and Antifa.

    – Antonio Stagliano, Bishop of Noto, Sicily. 1) Earlier this month he said to children, “No, Santa Claus does not exist. In fact, I would add that the red of the suit he wears was chosen by Coca Cola exclusively for advertising purposes.” 2) He stated more than once that John Lennon’s “Imagine” (no heaven and no religion) is in the spirit of Fratelli Tutti. 3) Stagliano’s numerous meetings with high-ranking Freemasons are more for dialogue and liaison than admonishment, also see Stagliano’s Coat of Arms.

    – Numerous instances of some clergy closing their churches against Holy Mass (when local mayors or governors declared churches “essential services”) yet permitting their use as vaccination sites or for other similar purposes.

  21. Semper Gumby says:

    In November the Vatican opened its first permanent modern art exhibit hall in the Apostolic Library. The first exhibit, through February 2022, is of Italian contemporary artist Pietro Ruffo and funded by Sanctuary of Culture Foundation (Atlanta GA) and heirs of Kirk Kerkorian. Ruffo’s art often involves pasting political messages or symbols or abstract shapes over maps, murals and globes. Ruffo also, said organizers, transformed the Sala Barberini room into “a lush tropical forest using botanical prints” because “we are causing the end of our species on this planet.”

    A centerpiece of this exhibit is a large (and unmarked by Ruffo) map by 17th century Muslim explorer Evliya Celebi. The exhibit mingles some of the rarest maps in the Vatican’s collection with new works by Ruffo. The exhibit is titled “Tutti: Umanita in Cammino” (Everyone: Humanity on Its Way). The exhibit emphasizes Diversity, Laudato Si (2015) and Fratelli Tutti (2020).

    About the exhibit Jorge Bergoglio/Pope Francis declared: “…we need a new beauty…[because of Covid-19] humanity needs new maps to discover the sense of fraternity, of friendship and the common good.”

    Despite the self-referential nature of Fratelli Tutti (see above) and the viciousness of Traditionis Custodes, Bergoglio also stated: “Cultures get sick when they become self-referential, when they lose curiosity and openness to the other.”

    Fr Giacomo Cardinali of the Vatican Library said the exhibit depicts “non-geographical cartography in which people can not only describe the Earth objectively, but map their interior life and convictions.”

  22. Semper Gumby says:

    Samples of Spanish Flu posters c. 1918.

    Get Fresh Air and Sunshine, Stay at Home If You Have a Cold:


    Symptomology Reported From Various Army Camps:


    During the Great Depression a close friend of Pres. Roosevelt and New Deal architect Harry Hopkins led the Works Progress Administration. Hopkins established the Federal Art Project, Federal Music Project, Federal Writers Project and Federal Theater Project- granting taxpayer dollars to often partisan individuals. Two items: Hopkins hired Hallie Flanagan, her background in experimental theater at Vassar, to direct the FTP with the understanding that her plays would promote, not FDR overtly, but New Deal policies. The FWP hired unemployed newspaperman (apparently over 100) to write pro-WPA articles. The FDR Administration was populated with Communist sympathizers (“Useful Idiots”) and agents for the Soviets (for example, the Silvermaster Network led by a U.S. Treasury official).

    After that bit of historical background, moving forward to the present-day and the Wuhan Virus.

    The CDC and “vaccine art” (a slide show, note among other things “vaccines are sexy”):


    More samples, in addition to murals on buildings, some art proposals call for vaccine status to be worn as a badge or for laser light shows. They collaborate with Team Halo (see below) on the utopian goal of “No one is safe until we are all safe.”


    National Endowment for the Arts:


    Does Art Hold the Key to Getting Us Vaccinated? Sep. 13, 2021.

    “Indeed, the CDC’s call for health departments to work with artists also makes reference to “culture bearers” – trusted people in a community such as faith leaders, librarians and teachers.”


    Beginning in March 2020 Germany provided artists a 5,000 Euro grant wired to their bank account within two business days upon completion of a simple web application- no proof of artistic talent required. The U.S. provided $5,000 grants almost as easily for select artists in April, via certain non-profits and Foundations.


    Many cities have art programs, here’s Chicago:


    “Team Halo”: A group of self-described “brilliant minds…scientists and healthcare professionals” associated with the United Nations, particularly targeting teenagers on TikTok to “combat vaccine disinformation.”

    In Padua, Italy: St. Anthony holding baby Jesus in one arm and in the other a giant Pfizer hypodermic needle:


    [Really interesting.]

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