People flocked to a Bishop’s Traditional “Rorate Mass”

For years I have said that if bishops want to control the TLM in their dioceses, the best way to do it would be to get involved.

These are Catholics who would go to the wall, if necessary. When bishops get involved with them, irenically, pastorally, they will go to the wall for the bishop and for his projects.

From One Peter Five:

Hundreds Flock to Bishop’s Latin Mass

For the fifth year in a row, Catholic tradition made a quiet but profound appearance in an unsuspecting setting: before dawn, early on a Saturday morning on the campus of a public university.

However, for the first year, it was led by a successor of the apostles.

As was previously posted here on OnePeterFive, before dawn on December 11th, Bishop Conley, ordinary of Lincoln, Nebraska offered a Pontifical Solemn Rorate Mass at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Newman Center.

Many woke early that Saturday morning to worship in so sublime a way — totaling four hundred faithful, many of whom were students.

Starting at 6:30 AM the bishop, donned in his newly-gifted cappa magna, processed to the altar — only lit by the dozens of candles illuminating the sanctuary — to the sounds of seminarians from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary chanting a polyphonic setting of the Litany of Loreto.


Keep making the cappa magna, friends.  One day they will be used again.

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  1. The trend for the past sixty years has been minimalism; that one word seems to aptly sum up the entire practical effect of modernism. We must combat it with – let’s just call it, maximalism! This is an utterly wonderful episode of glorious liturgical maximalism to which the youth flock and from which the demons flee. I was blessed to be there myself – the Mass of the Ages crew was also there to film it. Brick by golden brick, the Church is being rebuilt. Saint Francis and Saint Maximillian, pray for us!

  2. gdweber says:

    Bravo Bishop Conley!

  3. Oh! And here is a recording of the polyphonic Litany of Loreto that the Seminarians sing:

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    Good on Bishop Conley. I have to admit, and it surprised me, that when our local bishop attended our TLM Mass in October, I was caught off guard by my warm feelings toward him. It’s a terrible thing, but Catholics faithful to the TLM have had to put on personal armor when it comes to bishops. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but, they’ve largely let us down. When our bishop visited, especially when he processed out and gave his blessing to the people, I was moved. Maybe it’s like when prisoners are mistreated, and you come across one guard who refuses to mistreat you, you feel so much appreciation, I don’t know, but yes, bishops would probably be welcomed with open arms in a whole new way, if they only did the job they promised to do when they were ordained or made bishops. The best part is, the mainstream Catholics won’t mind if they do (what’s it to them), and the TLM crowd will be appreciative and give them a lot more support. Their episcopal “friends” will tattle, yes, and the pope will make a face, and who knows, cast some spells, but it appears more bishops are standing with their people and refusing to work against God to his face.

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