Do you follow the incomparable Eccles?

Do you folks follow the incomparable Eccles?  His latest is sheer brilliance.

He sends up a hyper-papalatrous site today, which he has restyled Where Pacha Is, and concludes….

No. You can read it yourself and laugh and laugh.  HERE

To Eccles, a message from The Great Roman™, to which I cordially and yet solemnly add my own invitation.

I want to buy dinner and lots of adult beverages for this guy.  Just sit there with my pint and listen to him going on and on.

And today on the Jesubots is excellent.  HERE

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  4. I have followed the incomparable Eccles for years, and I often wonder who he is……

  5. JamesM says:


    I can give you a long list of people who have been accused of being Eccles but are not Eccles…….

    One of the most amusing accusations was a Priest who was accused of posting as Eccles while he was actually celebrating Mass on a Sunday in front of a congregation of witnesses!

  6. Veronica scriptor velum says:

    I don’t know Eccles’ real name, but I know someone (an elderly lady) who does know him. These are the only facts she will disclose about the person behind the inimitable Eccles. He is a British university professor… and (naturally) a thoroughly traditional Catholic.

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