Be proactive! Learning opportunities: Augustine’s Confessions and Latin

One thing that COVID-1984 Theatre has done is accelerated the refinement of distance viewing and learning, for example of Masses/Hours (e.g., Saint-N-du-Chard., et al. including a rather cleric) and courses (e.g. Robert Royal’s Augustine’s Confessions – JUST STARTING – HURRY!).

In addition to the good course by Dr. Royal, I note with interest that Dr. Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society is going to have some Latin language instruction online.  HERE

He is offering discounts for clergy.

FATHERS!  Have at!

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  2. Julia_Augusta says:

    I am taking Robert Royal’s course on St. Augustine’s Confessions. The first session on Zoom took place on Jan 5. It’s an excellent course and I recommend it. I read Confessions in 2017, and rereading it for this course, and listening to Robert Royal has given me more insight into Confessions and into the times in which Augustine lived.

    I took Matthew Spencer’s Latin course (affiliated with the Latin Mass Society of the UK) in the autumn of 2020. Also excellent. It’s on Zoom, too.

  3. JamesF-J says:

    I can thoroughly recommend Matthew Spencer’s LMS sponsored course. It has been v enjoyable, and stretching (my only previous Latin qualification being a 43 year-old Latin O level….) and given plenty of opportunity for discussion and interaction with other clergy. The viva exam is at the end of this month – will let you know how it goes!

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