A bishop’s prayer petition for this Week of Christian Unity: for Catholics who want the Traditional Latin Mass

From Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, RI.

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  1. summorumpontificum777 says:

    Nice comment from the “good Tobin.”
    FWIW, the hits likely will keep on coming. La Croix is reporting today: “It is understood that the Vatican is also preparing a new decree for release in March on the so-called Ecclesia Dei institutes. Those are the religious communities that were allowed to be set up to celebrate the liturgy exclusively in the Tridentine Rite.”

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  3. Paul says:

    Uh Oh, will Bishop Tobin be called to the Holy Sea or is that the responsibility of Cardinal Dolan or will he be sent to camp?

    I pray for Bishop Tobin.

  4. mysticalrose says:

    The uncertainty around all of this is killing me. It’s like Francis has designed this for the maximum psychological torture possible — July . . . December . . . March.

  5. Rich Leonardi says:

    It’s like Francis has designed this for the maximum psychological torture possible — July . . . December . . . March.

    It’s a theory that fits the facts.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    mysticalrose, don’t let them do that to you. Don’t let them steal your peace.
    No matter what they do, God is in control and will restore all things in good time.
    Bishop Tobin is being a good bishop here.

  7. moon1234 says:

    Again the ONLY “Safe” community will be the SSPX. None of the other ED communities have their own Bishop. This was by design in the Vatican. The original protocol for the FSSP formation promised them a Bishop. It never happened. The SSPX warned those who left for ED structure that they would never be given their own Bishop. If they had, that would guarantee continued priests for the FSSP. Rome had planned to collect the traditionalists and do what Francis has done LONG before it actually happened.

    If JPII or Benedict XVI wanted the FSSP to have a Bishop they would have appointed one. There ARE Bishops would would have accepted that appointment. They could have also elevated a member of the FSSP to the episcopate as well. Either option would only have prolonged the FSSP for the life of that Bishop. Rome could choose to NOT authorize any replacement Bishops.

    That would allow the FSSP to be self sustaining for 50 maybe 60 years depending on the age of the Priest elevated. The fact that NO Bishop was provided clearly signals that the Vatican never intended to allow the FSSP to continue to exist.

    What is a Catholic to do now? If your local Bishop is supportive of the TLM, PRAY FOR HIM. Support him: financially, spiritually and through your example. Be the light that shines for other people. If your Bishop is NOT supportive then your only option for the TLM is the SSPX or to travel/move. Without any any guarantees of who your Bishop will be tomorrow, what should a Catholic do? I know what this Catholic will be doing for himself and his family.

  8. monstrance says:

    I think many bishops have been wise enough not to drop the hammer on these communities – FSSP, etc – knowing that the Vatican would do the dirty work for them eventually.
    The modernist Archbishop of Seattle is a case in point.
    He has two FSSP apostolates practically in his backyard.
    Thus far, he has left them untouched – except for affirmation of the Council Documents.
    He has stopped cold any diocesan use of the Traditional Mass.
    Ad Orientem also verboten.

  9. JesusFreak84 says:

    Going to the SSPX is just going to give Rome what they want and will be used to justify further clampdowns, (ESPECIALLY IN CHICAGO!) “See??? When given the choice between communion with me and my See or the TLM, they chose the TLM! Trads ARE schismatic!!!!one111”

    If you have an Eastern Catholic parish you can get to, that is a FAR better option and far harder to use against trads in the future. If anything, we can, better than any other Latins, appreciate how hard a lot of the Eastern Catholics have struggled and sacrificed to keep the traditions of their ancestors alive, to worship as their forefathers worshipped. (But NB, if your children are baptized/chrisimated in an Eastern Catholic rite, they are bound by that rite’s law for fasting for the Eucharist, Holy Days of Obligation, etc.)

    [WhoopsieDaisy! No. If a Latin Church couple start going to an Eastern Catholic church for sacraments – let’s say a Maronite parish – and if they have their children baptized, etc. at that Maronite church in their Rite, – NO! – those children are NOT Maronites. The children are of the Church of their father. Since the fathers is of the Latin Church, the children are of the Latin Church regardless of having been baptized by the Maronites.]

  10. My fear is that when all is considered, the loons, for all their seeming spur of the moment actions, are playing the long game while we cheer the occasional push back from more sympathetic quarters and think that it will last past the time when our supporter(s) retire or pass from this mortal coil. It did not take much for Bergolio (with absolutely no remorse or respect of his predecessor) to pretty much eviscerate SP even while its author was still drawing breath. THAT in itself should inform us of their intention(s).

    In other words, we’re celebrating MINOR tactical victories while the opposing force is content to continue their slow walk strategy. While I celebrate the good +Tobin (my ordinary, in fact) for his solicitude and true pastoral care…he will have to retire some day, and if the current cabal is still in charge…I would doubt that the next occupant of the Providence cathedra will be as welcoming. I pray I’m wrong, but, in this case to paraphrase an old admonition: “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

    Of course, voting with your checkbook works too. Father’s ‘demographic sinkhole’ accelerated by the Wuhan plague has emptied out a lot of churches (not only us). Maybe it’s time that we redirect our time, talent, and treasure to supporting the clerics and their confreres who are on the side of tradition and truth and just walk away from the ‘Sing a New Church into Being’ crowd.

  11. WVC says:


    The rumor I heard is that Benedict did offer to give the FSSP a bishop, and they turned it down. If true, that would be one of the biggest mistakes imaginable. If one gives the option to promote a pawn to a Queen, one does not decline the opportunity. Not if one wants to actually win the game.

    But it could just be a rumor, and I do not who was involved in such a decision if such a decision was even made. It might help color one’s view of Benedict, though, in that he might have legitimately tried to give them top cover.

  12. Semper Gumby says:

    God bless Bp. Thomas Tobin.


    “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid.” John 14:27

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