Unpleasant but useful reading ALERT!

Today at Rorate I see two very useful pieces.

First, Joseph Shaw, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society (join even if you are not in the UK) in which he eviscerates one of the most embarrassing of the papalatrous left, Austen Ivereigh, for his latest insult strewn attack on people who prefer, or even just respect, the Traditional Latin Mass.  HERE   Ivereigh had written an absurdly long B as in B – S as in S laden sneer at just sort of publication for that sort of thing, Commonweal.  Shaw drills into what Ivereigh was really trying to say.  Ivereigh thinks you are “corruption”.

Next, Peter Kwasniewski has a close look at Archbp. Roche, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, the origin of the Dubious Dubia and their Responsa. HERE  In a recent interview Roche displayed a rather casual relationship with Truth.  As Peter says, Roche

“does not merely tell lies, but says the exact opposite of the truth. However, he will not leave his opponents speechless. One can hardly read a paragraph of this article without cringing at his befuddlement.”

Neither of these pieces are pleasant to read.  Then again, reading police reports about crime scenes isn’t pleasant either, but the reports are instructive: they tell you about the evidence of crimes, and a crime has been perpetrated against the people of God and Tradition.

We have to know what has been perpetrated, who the perps are, and who is covering for the perps.


ACTION ITEM! Be a “Custos Traditionis”! Join an association of prayer for the reversal of “Traditionis custodes”.

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  2. Centra Valley says:

    Both articles are excellent reads. Stay informed people. We cannot go back to the 70′ and 80’s or the catacombs!

  3. kurtmasur says:

    And just today I was feeling baffled that the “inviolable conscience” (to use Bergoglio-speak) of those Catholics attached to the TLM is not being respected by the Vatican, while the “inviolable conscience” of members of certain other groups is.


  4. summorumpontificum777 says:

    I was at the Walk for Life West Coast today in San Francisco. As usual, it was a blessed pro-life “show of force” in one of America’s least pro-life cities. A large contingent of college students from the Oregon State University Newman Club was in attendance, and I smiled when I noticed one young man carrying a homemade sign that read, “Free the TLM.” If that young man (or someone who knows him) reads this blog, let me just say, “Thank you for your pro-life, pro-TLM witness.” The octogenarians and septuagenarians in Rome who hate us TLMers and all our works and pomps may have power now, but that Oregon State kid has something that Peter’s Pence can’t buy: youth.

  5. Hugh says:

    A question for Ivereigh: assuming Emeritus Pope Benedict still holds to his views on the legitimacy of Catholics adhering to the Old Mass, is he just a sinner, or corrupt?

  6. James C says:

    Pope Francis at mass this morning, during which he ‘ordained’ various women and men to new “lay ministries” of lector, catechist and acolyte, said this:

    “In the Church there is always a temptation to rigidity and that to find God we must be very rigid, very rigid, rigid, with clear norms. God is not like this. When we see rigid proposals, we have to think this is not God, this is an idol.”

    So is following the motu proprio equivalent to idolatry, and if so, can we freely ignore it and celebrate the mass of our millennial heritage without restriction?

  7. kurtmasur says:

    Bergoglio (quoted through James C above): “In the Church there is always a temptation to rigidity and that to find God we must be very rigid, very rigid, rigid, with clear norms. God is not like this. When we see rigid proposals, we have to think this is not God, this is an idol.”

    I wonder what Bergoglio thinks of all of the extremely clear norms established in the book of Leviticus. God set forth many micro-instructions on how to specifically worship Him along with the space for worship. Hmmmm…..

  8. Felipe says:


    I was thinking the same thing

    God send us more young holy and traditional priests… who will become our Pope.

  9. ex seaxe says:


    I dare say that about Leviticus Papa Bergoglio would agree with the views of St Peter and the Council of Jerusalem, as described in Acts 15.
    ” why do you try to test God by putting on the necks of Gentiles a yoke that neither we nor our ancestors have been able to bear?

  10. kurtmasur says:

    @ex seaxe: ” why do you try to test God by putting on the necks of Gentiles a yoke that neither we nor our ancestors have been able to bear? “

    I’m not sure if I follow well what you’re trying to say with the above quote. But if it’s meant as an attack on the TLM and tradition, your quote wouldn’t apply here because the TLM has been sacred for 2 millennia already, and cannot all of a sudden stop being sacred. If anything, adhering to tradition and the TLM is anything but a yoke…it is God Himself who is calling us to the TLM, allowing us a small taste of heaven. How could THAT be a yoke? Apostasy in the Vatican is behind the attempted destruction of the TLM and it is no wonder that the Virgin Mary herself has tried to warn us of this to various people scattered in various places at various different times in the past.

  11. ex seaxe says:

    @kurtmasur I have no wish to attack “the TLM”, and tradition is one of the pillars of the Church. But growing up in the 1950s I was not impressed either by priests gabbling their way through Low Mass, or by concert pieces performed by the choir and orchestra during High Mass while the clergy sat and waited for them to finish.
    There have been about 8 editions of the Roman Missal in my 83 years. I think the 1965 would be about the best, though I would prefer some, not all, of the 1967 revisions. That would mean substantial changes to the rubrics since 1570, but apart from new feasts not much change in the prayers or other texts. (except of course some permitted vernacular).
    I certainly think the 1965 qualifies as “TLM”. It is the first edition which accepted the instructions of the Council of Trent at Session XXII chapter viii .

  12. TonyO says:

    Kwasniewski missed one point on which to catch out Roche, who said:

    “When we go to Mass, even when the music perhaps isn’t something that we would personally choose—and again, this is individualism coming in—then we’ve got to realize that we are standing at the side of Christ on his cross,

    In point of fact, when I am at a Novus Ordo mass that “perhaps isn’t something I would personally choose” because it is stupid, disharmonious composed, badly sung, enshrines liberal nonsense (or heresy), and just plain painful, then, yes, THEN I am standing in the side of Christ, suffering, because Christ too is suffering that music. I am commiserating with Christ that he must endure a parish priest and music director choosing to inflict this on Him and His body, and (as one member of that body) suffering it in silence (I sure as heck ai’t gonna SING it.) Yep, standing with Christ, enduring the bad will of those WHO REJECT VATICAN II and its promotion of Gregorian chant.

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