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The gnostic ways of Francisism on full display

Fishwrap (aka the National Sodomitic Reporter) has been too creepily disgusting lately even to peruse lately, what with the list of for the upcoming consistory. However, a friend did some toxic-waste diving and came up with an observation about one … Read More

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Unpleasant but useful reading ALERT!

Today at Rorate I see two very useful pieces. First, Joseph Shaw, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society (join even if you are not in the UK) in which he eviscerates one of the most embarrassing of the papalatrous left, … Read More

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More love from @AustenI

Ladies and gentlemen, Austen Ivereigh! If there is a conflict between the rubrics for the extraordinary form and the bishops’ directives during the pandemic, the obvious solution is to suspend the extraordinary form until it is safe to resume. https://t.co/LU7F11SxFg … Read More

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Wherein buttinski @austeni publicly insults @latinmassuk over his suggestion of Spiritual Communion in time of contagion. @fatherz subsequently rants.

An unavoidable periergos of the extreme papalotry gang, Austen Iveriegh today sticks his nose in where it has no business in Tweet intended to denigrate Joseph Shaw of the UK’s long-established Latin Mass Society.  I am a dues paying member of … Read More

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Wherein Austen Ivereigh channels his inner Hillary

Speaking of the Fishwrap, they embraced the ever-more papalotrous Austen Ivereigh as he channels his inner Hillary Clinton. Austen Ivereigh said the pope remains popular with Catholics in the pew, but a well-funded opposition comprised largely of ecclesial elites are … Read More

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What is he really saying?

Ideologues are totalitarians. There is a group of hard-core ideologues grouped around Francis. As always, these ideologues demand that you deny the evidence of your senses, including common sense, and ignore the principle of non-contradiction.  It’s the alternate universe of … Read More

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Response to Ivereigh, Winters, etc. – Model of behavior for converts rooted in the Apostolic Tradition?

Austen Ivereigh wrote a seriously imprudent piece about converts.  Ed Peters schooled Ivereigh about what converts means.  HERE However, one of the comments under my post about that deserves special attention. Saul of Tarsus was an (initially unwilling) convert.  So there. So … Read More

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Ed Peters schools Austen Ivereigh about “converts”

The liberal attack on converts who are concerned about the Church continue.  Lately liberal paplatrous gnostic Austen Ivereigh, once editor of The Bitter Pill in the UK, jumped aboard the band-wagon launched by Michael Sean Winters of the Fishwrap.  (HERE) Liberal historian … Read More

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Austen Ivereigh, like a papalatrous gnostic, calls converts who disagree with him “neurotic”

UPDATE: At CRUX, Ivereigh issued an apology… sort of.  HERE ___ Originally Published on: Aug 10, 2017 A couple weeks ago (HERE) the Wile E. Coyote of the catholic Left, Michael Sean Winters of the Fishwrap sniggered with fellow lib Massimo “Beans” Faggioli about converts. … Read More

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Austen Ivereigh, liberal ex-editor of The Bitter Pill, attacks Fr. Z on Twitter

Spotted on Twitter: Soooo… Fr. Z is an RC integralist who prays like an evangelical fundamentalist. Ivereigh used to be the editor of a magazine.  He has clearly allowed his reading skills to get rusty. Oh, right.  He was editor of The Bitter … Read More

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Reactions to the change of Prefect at CDF – UPDATED

Originally Published on: Jul 1, 2017 There will be quite a few reaction to the change of Prefects at CDF.  Hereunder I hope to catalog some of them for easy reference. Here is something predictably tasteless from the start: CDF … Read More

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Fascinating exchanges over the meaning of ‘Amoris laetitia’ – Is some clarity emerging?

If you haven’t been following this, you might tune in. Pope Francis’ document Amoris laetitia has sparked sharp divisions and debates.  The sides have drawn up pretty much into two camps… well… three if you count the uninformed, which is pretty large. … Read More

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I think the first time I ever heard of “Catholic Taliban”, it was years ago in an editorial by Al Matt, editor of The Wanderer.  He was referring to a brand of traditionalist who is, as I sometimes identify them, … Read More

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