Idolatry as the cause of present woes? Think biblically.

Demonic ritual bowl on the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica at the end of “Walking Together With Pachamama”, Oct 2019

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently in the Old Testament, seeing how again and again and again the People whom God chose broke covenant after covenant after covenant.  God punished them with afflictions to bring them back and then loaded more and more laws on them to teach them how dependent they were on Him. It got so bad that God eventually saddled them with nearly impossible responsibilities in a second book of Law to be left outside the Ark (unlike the Decalogue) so that it would be a witness against them and some of the laws were, as Ezekiel says, “bad”, precisely to strip them of their pride.

A poignant lesson is to be drawn from the fall of Solomon and the chastisement of the Davidic Kingdom. God permits the Northern Kingdom to be separated with those tribes, with a King not of the Davidic line, Jeroboam, while keeping Juda in the South, retaining the “scepter” but greatly reduced, with an heir of David by Solomon but from an Ammonite woman, a wicked King Rehoboam. In the North, Jeroboam makes not one but two calves of gold, which leads to their destruction and scattering by the Assyrians. Rehoboam, in the South, also set up idols and even male cult prostitution. Tell that to certain Jesuits and highly placed prelates!   Eventually, Babylon.

Idolatry and filthiness.

What happened in the separation of the North and South is a kind of foreshadowing of the sad fact of schism in the Church. Schism results from bad, even wicked leadership in the Church.

At the core of so much division and suffering is idolatry and its corrosive moral consequences.

Thus to my topic.

At Crisis, Eric Sammons writes what a lot of people think but are afraid to say for fear of the scorn of modernists.

Modernists reduce the supernatural to the natural. That the essence of their deviation from God.

Sammons writes:

Pachamama Did This

When the story of Covid is one day told, historians will speculate as to the cause of both the virus itself and the worldwide reaction to it. The hubris of playing with nature in our labs will surely be mentioned. Many historians will likely emphasize the sociological implications of fear on a massive scale. And of course one cannot ignore the growing authoritarianism that found a spark to light its fuse.

However, what I believe is the root cause will most likely remain hidden: Pachamama.

You read that correctly: I believe that the Covid pandemic and the horrific response to it were directly caused by the veneration of this pagan idol in the Vatican by prelates, priests, and lay people. In October 2019 a false idol was set up in the heart of the Catholic Church, and soon after all hell broke loose on earth.

Bishops worldwide locked the doors of our churches. The dying were denied Last Rites. Catholics could not find priests to hear Confessions. Governments forced citizens into lockdowns. Children were forcibly masked for hours each day. The unvaccinated were treated like lepers. Small business owners lost their life’s work with the stroke of a governor’s pen.

Would this have happened if Pachamama had been kept out of Rome? I do not think so.


He gives his ideas about how to get out of the mess we are in. I have my own, and they all involve… you guessed it… proper sacred liturgical worship, the exact OPPOSITE of idolatry. The greater the problem, the greater the need the serious worship, not half measures.

Coincidently, when the Novus Ordo was being imposed, the Leonine Prayers were abandoned. Things got worse.

Coincidently, when Pachamama’s demon cult bowl was placed at the direction of Francis on the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, there were already machinations afoot to attack the Traditional Latin Mass and the people who desire it. Things have gotten worse.

I suspect that now that people who desire something good are being marginalized and attacked by their pastors, their sufferings will bring great graces of renewal to the Church. For this reason, people should willingly join their own mortifications to those sufferings and help to raise the tide.

I, for one, would really like to know where that bowl went.  Who has it?  Where is it preserved?  Somewhere within the borders of the Vatican City State?  Somewhere in the precincts of St. Peter’s or nearby?  Where is that damned bowl?   It could very well be a cursed object, like a fortuna, along with being an object of a demon cult.


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  1. Jim Dorchak says:

    This is so spot on that it is scary.
    Scary for so many reasons, mostly because it is real and true. Scary for the Church and for the world and for our souls and for those of our families. We all need to come together as Catholics. Prayer. What is Christ’s plan Fr Z? How can, how do we follow it?

  2. monstrance says:

    Hopefully it ended up in somebody’s salad.
    What a bellyache that would cause !

  3. MB says:

    Mmmm. I don’t buy it. I don’t think this pandemic was caused by God at all; I think it was meticulously planned by men. Bill Gates preliminary business plan for epidemic preparedness ( is dated 2016. The pachamama fiasco didn’t occur until 2020, so the timeline doesn’t really ad up. (ie The pandemic was being planned years before the pachamama fiasco, so how could it be the cause of it?) I think it would be unfair to blame God for this “plague” when He wasn’t really involved except maybe in that He let it happen. Plus, I don’t appreciate it when people try to make connections like this. It makes religious people look … well … silly.

  4. DJAR says:

    “Where is that damned bowl?”

    Vatican officials are hiding it from Alexander Tschugguel.

  5. The Astronomer says:

    I think Eric Sammons is on the right track, but he doesn’t go back in time far enough in connecting the dots.

    My friend the late Reverend Dr. Malachi Martin, exorcist and author, wrote in his novel Windswept House an account of how a malign group of Satanic clergy did, in reality, perform a enthronement ceremony to the Fallen Angel in the Vatican’s Pauline Chapel on the eve of Pope Paul VI’s elevation to the papacy. The Second Vatican Council, then underway and concluded a couple of years later, was subsequently used by malign, heterodox clergy to water-down our liturgy and ultimately, de-sacralize our Roman Catholic faith of supernatural belief. post hoc ergo propter hoc is usually used to designate a logic fallacy, but sometimes it’s true.

    Then along came the Pacha episode, with photos showing Pope Francis present at a worship ceremony for the daemon in the Vatican Gardens and then the episode with this vile bowl in St. Peter’s basilica. We really need to pull our heads out of the ‘ol Pacha Bowl.

  6. When I decided to read the Bible cover to cover probably about 30 years ago for Lent, I picked up lots that is easily missed reading it piecemeal. One thing that becomes absolutely unmistakable in reading the Old Testament is that the cardinal sin was idolatry. Every king was rated on whether he allowed idol worship or not, and if it was already prevalent, he was graded on how much he did to suppress it. The other thing that hits the reader with a 2×4 is that when the Jewish people were faithful to God, they won at least the next battle, and when they were unfaithful, they had better start digging graves for those who would be lost in the next battle.

    Sammons picks up on this concept that we like to sweep under the rug after we declare that God had a change of heart in the New Testament. While I never thought of Pachamama as being a possible cause of Covid and the insanity that followed, I wouldn’t discount the possibility either. It makes at least as much sense as anything else. The main point is that infidelity to God will eventually have consequences, even if they are individual consequences– but when a whole people turns to idol worship (which can take many, many forms) there will almost certainly be collective consequences.

    And don’t forget that Sodom and Gomorrah were utterly destroyed, because presumably God couldn’t find even as few as ten just men in either city.

  7. Ultrarunner says:

    The problem isn’t so much the status of the pope’s personal pagan idol worship vessel, (my guess: his apartment,) as it is the status of a pope who arranges and openly participates in public pagan idol worship.

    That’s a problem of biblical proportions for the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, who by all appearances, are now the spiritual subjects of a supreme pagan idol worshipper.

  8. Fr. Reader says:

    Let us pray and do penance.

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  10. GregB says:

    The Amazon Synod does resemble King Solomon and his foreign wives. To me the Protestant Reformation/Revolt looks very much like the division of Israel. The twin scandals of clerical abuse and the Vatican’s finances look very much like the fall of the House of Eli. Eli’s worthless sons were guilty of adultery and treating the offerings to God with contempt. Abusive clergy were found with their hands in the till, and Church money was used to pay the abuse related lawsuit settlements. Church funds were treated like a clerical abuse slush fund, treating the offerings to God with contempt.

  11. summorumpontificum777 says:

    I believe that there’s something to Sammons’ thesis. To my eye, the proximity in time of the Pachamama indicident and the pandemic and the closure of St. Peter’s does indeed appear to be more than coincidental. Yes, the concept of divine chastisement is totally at odds with the “therapeutic deism” that has eclipsed the actual Catholic faith in our time. However, I very much believe that most Catholics of the last two millennia would indeed have interpreted the events of 2020-21 as punishment for the enthronement of a pagan idol in St. Peter’s that happened in late 2019. But am I holding my breath that the powers that be in Rome see it that way and think reparation and repentance are in order? Absolutely not. I’m not sure what would need to happen to turn their heads, but we’re not there it… or even close to being there.

  12. Padre Pio Devotee says:

    MB: God could have allowed the plans of evil men to bee permitted and work (such as a planned pandemic) as a punishment. God allowed His people to be overthrown/rules by their enemies all throughout the Old Testament.
    Our enemies can be used as an instrument of punishment.

  13. EC says:

    Don’t forget the alliance with modern-day Egypt… All the shadowy China-Vatican stuff was getting finalized around the same time as well, if I recall, a deal largely secured by a certain former cardinal…

  14. JonPatrick says:

    Concerning what @MB said above, there had been “gain of function” research ongoing for some time, that is research to modify existing viruses to make them more deadly as a possible biological warfare weapon. There had already been a release of a SARS-CoV-1 virus almost 20 years ago from a Chinese lab that fortunately was contained before it spread. This research funded in part by Dr. Fauci’s public health organizations had to be moved to China after the Obama administration banned it in the US. It is believed that a SARS-CoV-2 virus developed from this research escaped from the lab in Wuhan in October 2019 around the time the Pachamama abomination of desolation happened. This particular release was not successfully contained this time and spread worldwide as we know. There are those that say this pandemic was all planned as part of the “Great Reset” perhaps as a method of population control and that the document referenced by @MB indicates they knew about this all along. I guess I would give them the benefit of doubt and attribute the release more likely to sheer human incompetence. So the 2 events (Pachamama and virus release) could be connected. Certainly the pandemic has shown the dangers of human hubris, the belief that we can fix anything through sheer human effort, as demonstrated by the ineffectiveness of just about everything the public authorities have tried to do.

  15. L. says:

    While ascribing the Wuhan Flu and the resulting bad things to idol worship is plausible, the idea makes me wonder as to what bad act or practice other large-scale maladies can be ascribed. For example, was the Spanish Influenza in the last century the result of some peculiarly bad act by church members? It is probable that some sort of bad act could be found, but I think one could find bad acts to point to almost every week of Catholic history.

  16. aegsemje says:

    MB: The Pachamama incident actually happened in October of 2019, not 2020. This was only one month before the virus escaped from the lab.

  17. Not says:

    Yesterday was The Flight into Egypt. As the Holy Family fled to Fostat..” The little town where the Holy Family stayed in Egypt was not far from Heliopolis, a city in which–when Jesus, Mary and Joseph passed through it–statues of pagan gods crashed to the ground.”

  18. TonyO says:

    Above, MB says:

    Mmmm. I don’t buy it. I don’t think this pandemic was caused by God at all; I think it was meticulously planned by men.

    Saying (or even proving) that an event was planned meticulously by men does not preclude that God planned it as a chastisement. For instance, when the Jews (of the northern kingdom) were being unfaithful and the Assyrians came along to destroy them, certainly that was meticulously planned by the Assyrians. Yet the Bible makes it clear that God planned that to chastise them for their idolatry. The almost shocking thing about God is that He can arrange human events like an author can arrange the events in his book, but without interfering with human free will. So, history just is the story of God’s planning – the trick is to pull out the reasons God had for arranging this or that part. We often don’t know the reasons (even in retrospect), but the Bible tells us, for some of them.

    Another common feature of biblical explanations is that of God intending to employ the natural evil consequences of sin as punishments for sin – the reverse moral reality of “virtue is its own reward”. One of the consequences of having a people become moral and spiritual morons is that they get leaders who are moral and spiritual morons, which leads to all sorts of situations where they meticulously plan something that is a disaster.

  19. michele421 says:

    Idolatry is an abominoble sin. Yet I see nothing modernist in saying that God is not such a monster as to punish millions of people who are not guilty of this sin. Even more so as those who might be guilty suffer less than most, as they have no wives, no children to worry about possibly leaving destitute, without a primary breadwinner. They don’t have choose whether to vaccinate their children with a vaccine they don’t trust or possibly watch then die a horrible death. If this is true, then God is certainly not lovable. Indeed one must question if such a god should even be worshipped.

  20. Kathleen10 says:

    People sometimes apply human constructs such as time and space, to God, Who is limited by neither. When we could see obvious connections between events, many would not feel comfortable doing so, so they attribute such things to coincidence, so we don’t look “silly”.
    God speaks at times, in signs. He always has, scripture is full of examples, as are current days. One only needs to look with a discerning eye and heart. Temporal relationships can often be seen between events, but are not always perfectly linear. God uses all things and works in His own, good time. He’s play 50,000-D chess, and we play checkers.

    The installed pope, Pope Francis, openly venerated a demon, Amazonian goddess fertility idol (pachamama) on, what was it, October 19, 2019. Within weeks in Wuhan, a virus emerged and was being mentioned in some western media.
    By December, it was very concerning and obviously something that would spread and cause real problems.
    The pope of the Catholic Church, openly broke the First Commandment of God, over the bones of St. Peter, on sacred Vatican ground. He did this, for all to see, on a Feast Day, was it, the Immaculate Conception? This adds to the profanation of the act. Of course, the Feast days are often used in this way now, by Rome. Cardinal Cupich released his personal torment to his flock, to take away the Roman Rite, on Christmas Day of this year. Cdl. Cupich gets bonus points for his timing and flowing “compassion”.
    Getting back to Francis and his blasphemous week of Pachamama, when he not only openly venerated and blessed the idol and the people lying on the ground before the idol in worship, which included a little fertility God with a definite phallic symbol for all to see, not a thing would be normal in our world, after this blasphemous week. He even allowed the black bowl representing the pacha, to be processed up and placed on the Holy Altar of God, during a Mass. Besides breaking liturgical rubrics, this was an open affront to God, an act of denial of His Godhead and betrayal. An act that one could say was an attempt to replace Christ with pachamama. An enthronement. Observers could be surprised the earth did not split into two and be sucked into black holes at that moment, but no, that didn’t happen, and the Cardinals and bishops, some of whom had helped with the outrages that week, went on as before, or said nothing afterward. Ho hum, nothing to see here.
    Life has not been the same, in every direction, in many nations, chaos. It is hard to imagine what will right it, to get us in God’s good graces again, but whatever it is, it is not in sight. We are still under judgment, evil leaders, who persecute the nations and the faithful and look to murder the Mass of the Ages, the Roman Rite, while they close churches and deny sacraments to sick people and put burdens on them for what has become largely, a head cold. They ignore abortion and ignore the people, and side with evil tyrants. Or outdo them!

    God told us to look for signs. When Francis, early in his rule, released white doves and black crows and seagulls suddenly appeared and attacked them, that’s a sign. When Benedict gave his statement that he was retiring, lightning struck St. Peter’s, that’s a sign. There are many more. When one half of an “X” marks the United States in 2017 with a total eclipse, and the other half of the “X” is to happen on 2024, it is only sensible to wonder what this might mean.
    Our Lady warned us what would happen if her words in Fatima were not heeded.

  21. bookworm says:

    I don’t know what to make of this. On the one hand it makes sense to me that there is some kind of spiritual component or chastisement to the pandemic that demands prayer, reparations, etc. On the other hand, it seems to make God in effect an abusive father who doesn’t hesitate to beat and starve his entire family for one child’s misbehavior. If the pandemic, et al, is indeed a punishment for the Pachamama incident, it seems to be working rather backward–the people most responsible (i.e. the pope and Curia) are the ones NOT suffering and the people LEAST responsible– observant, tradition loving Catholics– are suffering the worst.

  22. rdb says:

    Back when the virus began, I called it the Pachamama Virus for the reasons you speak of. I recall that the religious sister who had visions associated with Our Lady of Akita received another message on or about the same day as the pachamama evil took place. The message was, more or less, I am done with warnings, now God’s wrath will come upon the world. Within a few weeks, the virus began to spread.

  23. MB says:

    Thank you Padre Pio Devotee, JonPatrick, and aegsemje. You could be right. I guess I would just put the pandemic more in the category of ‘warfare’ and not ‘plague.’ As I understand it, precision in prayer is important. If this was a man-made plot, and there is a lot of evidence to suggest it is, then we need to be shrewd in our discernment of who that actors are, and what they are trying to accomplish. But, it is also undeniable that God uses bad leaders to punish His own people. We are guilty (I am guilty) of all kinds of evils, so I wouldn’t fault God for His part in it whatever it might be.

  24. jaykay says:

    L says: “For example, was the Spanish Influenza in the last century the result of some peculiarly bad act by church members?”

    Well, in 1918 the utterly devastating first World War, the death blow of European Christian culture, was drawing to its close, a war which, at its very inception, a (sainted) Pope had begged the “powers” not to continue, and his successor continued to do. It was already becoming fatal when Pius X died. It became far, far worse by its end in 1918, and only a year before had helped to unleash the horror of State communism on the world. So yes, while not an act of exclusively Catholic Church members, the war was nevertheless an act of those who were (in varying degrees of practice) still “church members”: the protestant Germans and British, the Catholic Austro-Hungarians and the Orthodox Russians. The French government was atheistic, of course, and they survived 1914-18, just about. 1940 – not so much.

  25. RosaryRose says:

    Remember that PF gave our Chinese Catholic brothers and sisters to the communists in 2019. Then he allowed this idolatry in the Vatican. He may not believe in the all powerful God of the Decalogue but I do.

    The Blessed Mother warned us at Fatima. Read up on Fatima so when you see a “Bishop in White crying over bodies of fallen religious in a city of ruins and being shot with arrows at the top of a hill “ you’ll be encouraged that God has been control all along.

    Wake up! Our job is to know, love and serve GOD. Pray your rosary every day, go to confession! Fight for the TLM. We need the Grace it provides to save souls.

  26. MB says:

    Yeah, OK I get it, but I think that there is a powerful group of people that genuinely believe that the earth’s population is too large, and that for the benefit of the earth, and all it’s inhabitants the population should be reduced. (I don’t believe this, I’m saying that they do.) They are the main actors here apart from God I think. But to use a metaphor, if a man breaks into your home, do you just pray to God that he will stop? Do you say to yourself, “Oh, I’ve committed a sin, so God is punishing me by sending me this man.” I don’t know, that just seems kind of silly to me. It’s not a perfect metaphor I understand, and I mean no disrespect to any of you. You could be right, I just don’t know.

  27. KateD says:

    Eric Sammons nailed it.

    I feel so vindicated. First with the confirmation that SARS CoV 2 was lab made. (Now if they’d just admit that it was indeed a bio weapon intentionally released by CCP vía infection of athletes at the 2019 World Military Games in Wuhan to cause the devastation the world has experienced as the WHO virologist from Hong Cong, LiMeng Yan so bravely risked all to blow the whistle on, God bless her!). And now this!

    Our family has acknowledged the world wide cessation of the Mass as the Desolating Sacrilege following the Amazon idol worship.

    I’m glad someone with a voice that people listen to is finally saying what is needed. Seems the Holy Spirit is in a goading mood.

    This isn’t blaming God for covid. These are simply the repercussions of the unfaithfulness of the Church to her Spouse.

    P.S., This is just a W.A.G. (wild a$$ guess): I believe the CCP may use the same modus operandi with the closing of the olympics, but that this next bug could be more virulent, that is to say perhaps a higher mortality rate? Making SARS CoV 2 a dress rehearsal? I don’t see any harm in keeping ones head on a swivel and being prepared for a spell. As they say, an ounce of prevention… Every Wal-Mart, Sam’s and major grocery outlet is giving away N95 masks as of a few weeks ago. Three per person per visit. If for nothing else you’ll be prepared next time you have a major painting project. We have not worn masks and attended Mass throughout the pandemic without fail, because covid didn’t warrant extreme measures.

    Just a thought…also it couldn’t hurt to double check for holes in your 3 months provisions.

  28. JMody says:

    Also recall that there was a certain diocese in Italy whose bishop composed and distributed a prayer to the vile little idol, and during the first shocking wave of the pandemic across Italy, had the largest fraction of their priests succumb of all the dioceses in Italy.

    Surely that’s merely a tragic coincidence.

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