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What’s wrong with this picture?

Apart from the fact that Card. Turkson is in it… apart from the fact that the execrable Nancy Pelosi is in it… spot anything that’s conspiculously not there? We welcome @SpeakerPelosi from the US House of Representatives.We talked about caring … Read More

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Biden, Abortion and Can. 915

Can. 915. Bishops…. is it time yet? “Those who believe life begins at the moment of conception and all, I respect that – don’t agree, but I respect that.” President Biden, a Catholic, reacts to Texas’ heartbeat law. pic.twitter.com/O9f0Uwdupc — … Read More

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Catholics who support manifest evils … yes… they are “some kind of Catholic”.

I subscribe to very few print journals and magazines.  I just can’t get through them all as they rain down on me.  Hence, I am selective. One publication I do subscribe to is Touchstone. There was a powerful editorial in … Read More

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Mass with Francis and Biden nixed

UPDATE: It seems that CNA got out over its skis in reporting that something that was never scheduled in the first place was “nixed”. Agencies could do better. CNA reports that Biden’s attendance at early morning Mass on 15 June … Read More

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Abortion, Communion and Biden, et al.

At The Catholic Thing my good friend Fr. Murray has an exemplary piece about the FACT of public scandal created by Joe Biden and the FACT that the bishops of these USA haven’t given him the pastoral care that their … Read More

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For you who voted for Democrats in the last election, please give this statement some thought.

From LifeSite: Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she should be able to get communion even though she is a pro-abortion Catholic. The ardent abortion advocate insists she can use her own judgment on whether or not she is eligible to receive … Read More

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Fishwrap’s Wile E. Coyote

At Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) Michael Sean Winters (aka Madame Defarge aka the Wile E. Coyote of the catholic Left – coined by Robby George, I think), who in the past regularly wished physical and financial harm on those … Read More

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Pecknold on Biden on Augustine

I studiously avoided any coverage of the “inauguration” last week.  I have, after that, done my best to avert my eyes from news.   I did see that D.C. was turned into an armed bastion through the deployment of subsequently abused … Read More

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Two important pieces for your reading and watching.

I bring to the readership two offerings which merit your close attention. A First Things there is a piece by Archbp. Charles Chaput – that he is not a Cardinal is a scandal – about … Mr Biden and the Matter … Read More

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“Devout” Biden and the Palmist

“Devout Catholic” Joe Biden doesn’t know the “P” in “Psalmist” is silent, not the “s”.pic.twitter.com/P4VAaYbJWT — LifeNews.com (@LifeNewsHQ) November 26, 2020 I get “salmist”, with not attempt at lip-closure at the begin, to get something of a plosive.  I get … Read More

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What might a … different White House look like?

There are still traces of sanity at Fox.  This is a show I neglected to cancel from my DVR schedule. What would a Harris Biden White House look like?  One shudders. Watch this, before it is removed.

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ASK FATHER: Since the Church does nothing about Joe Biden, what commandments do I have to follow?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Since the “Church” hasn’t excommunicated Joe Biden for his and the Democratic Party stance on abortion, which commandments/teaching do I/we have to follow? GUEST PRIEST RESPONSE: Fr. Tim Ferguson A good and timely question. And a … Read More

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Hilarious screenshot from HARRIS.. no… BIDEN campaign Health Care ad

This is hilarious.  I did a screen grab from a Biden ad about his healthcare plan. In the ad it flashes by really fast, but I spotted LATIN! It’s nothing but … Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum makes more sense. Biden… … Read More

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Card. Müller: “[I]t is “better to vote for a good Protestant than for a bad Catholic.”

Holy Church is precisely for sinners, for bad Catholics. The Lord is going to sort us all out in good time, as in the parable of the wheat and the tares. Everlasting bliss for some, eternal agony and fire for … Read More

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