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This is how they roll.

But remember, it is important to crush the people who want the Vetus Ordo.  Not just the Vetus Ordo… the people who want it.  Meanwhile… Nancy…

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  1. teomatteo says:

    I recently engaged a group that a couple of years ago couldn’t make a sentence without the word ‘transparency’. Until I needed some information that they had, and I was privileged to have. Nope. Transparency ends when their power is threatened. Which brought to my imagination a single frame comic. There’s a 12-year-old Indian girl on a stage before a mic and the person at the table says, “Transparency”. She repeats and says, “Transparency, O-P-A-C-ITY. Transparency”. [applause] “Very Good!”

  2. hilltop says:

    Wilton Gregory’s problem is this:
    IF he wants to independently also ban Pelosi from Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of Washington he must also do the same for soooo many others all at once. They come from all over the country to DC and promote abortion and they all need the Cordeleone treatment from the DC Archbishop. But Gregory will not do this. He looks for excuses: “weaponizing the Eucharist”; cannot know the mind of the individual sinner; not my parishioners; Yada yada yada.
    Here’s what to do, your Eminence: enforce the decisions of each representative’s, senator’s, justice’s, and president’s home diocese’s ordinary. Offer no commentary. Just enforce your brother bishops’ decisions. Easy peasy. You look principled and get to pass the buck at the same time. Very Washingtonian!

  3. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Ezekiel 33:6-9.

    “But if the watchman see the sword coming upon the land, and he does not sound the trumpet… and it cuts off a soul among them, I will require his blood at the watchman’s hand.

    “I have appointed you, o son of man, a watchman for the house of Israel. When you hear a word from My mouth, you must warn them for Me.”

    And so on. Pretty definite stuff.

  4. Cornelius says:

    Seems to me the de facto (material) schism in the Church has just taken a big step towards being de jure (formal).

    The refusal to support a fellow Bishop in the canonically legitimate exercise of his episcopal authority is shocking for its brazenness.

    But you knew this would happen . . . .

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Except for the, what, 14 or so bishops who publicly supported Abp. Cordileone, the remaining bishops, cardinals, archbishops, are willing to look the other way, as they have. It is hard to believe the remaining ones actually believe in the Real Presence themselves. I suppose it is possible there are some believers, and they would like to publicly support their “brother”, but cowardice prevents them. What use are these men? And this is the group that is going to go on a three year-navel gazing effort to restore belief in the Real Presence in the laity? Come ON. Gentlemen, where is YOUR belief? Spare us three years of yammering about something you don’t believe.

  6. GregB says:

    The modernist wing of the Church likes to talk about dialog, encounter, and accompaniment while practicing stonewalling.

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