Just Too Cool at Le Barroux

Le Barroux is the short name for the Benedictine Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux in S. France. They are a traditional Benedictine community of monks. On the next hill is an Abbey of nuns. This place is fantastic.

Just as the Italian Norcia Benedictines have been working to build their beautiful community through making great beer, the monks at Le Barroux are reviving the ancient vineyards of the Avignon Popes. I have an affiliate program with both of them.

Le Barroux sent out a news letter today with a very cool piece of news. One of the nearby residents found in his field of olive trees a 4 cm lead seal with the figure of Pope Clement V. It reads: Sigillum Domini Pape in comitatu venaysini (Seal of the Lord Pope in the Comtat Venaissin).   It was found between the Abbey church and a nearby chapel, right where the first papal vineyards were.

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