Mobile phones in church to record illegal disturbances of Sunday Masses by invading pro-abortion terrorists?

The other day I posted HERE about possible invasions/protests at churches on Sunday.  I now think it probable that some churches are going to be targeted for disturbances.

I read that Catholic venues are being defaced with spray painted hate speech. I saw some mobile phone video of foul-mouthed “liberated” people screaming obscenities and others literally singing “Thank God for abortion.”

I believe that in most places it is (still, for now) illegal to disturb a religious service. More of the present regime and it will be obligatory to disturb a religious service.

That’s the trajectory pro-abortion Catholics are on, too, with their fellow travelers.

I saw this Tweet:

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  1. Fulco One Eye says:

    Overnight someone spray painted the words “my body, my choice” on the door and cracked the door glass at a Catholic Church in Fort Collins Colorado.

    After Masses in past weeks there was a person flashing a sign at departing parishioners with the words “f**** god” on it. This Church is around the corner from a PP unborn child murdering facility.

    At least we Catholics are being targeted for standing for what is right, not explaining it away!

  2. Charivari Rob says:

    I don’t understand the mindset of “not bringing a smartphone into Mass” (implied as “under normal circumstances”) as mentioned by a few people in the linked tweets.
    In any unforeseen emergency, what good is it doing leaving it in the glovebox of your car or at home?
    Have it in pocket. Have it in bag. Power off or Volume turned off or Do Not Disturb. Don’t use it in church for mundane stuff like calls, email, & social media. Use it (or don’t) for Mass readings & Liturgy of the Hours.

  3. NancyA says:

    The FACE Act gives abortion facilities protection from intrusion but, ironically, churches also. It’s a Federal crime to disrupt church worship. If it happens in your church, record and document it. More info here:

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    And Magazine “Here Comes the Foot Soldiers of the Revolution” which shows these groups are Communist run. Their goal is destruction of the US, nothing less.
    We should all bring phones to record. Better still if they didn’t get in. We used to have porters, we need them now. It’s easy to pick these people out, not hard, but once they open their mouth you know. Anybody making a disturbance, two gentlemen on each arm should do it, gently, gently, out you go, just like guiding a bee out of your house. Get along little doggie. Police outside to handle it. Them. Whatever.

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  6. Benedictus says:

    Pope Francis will likely call this the Good Samaritans as he did the George Floyd protests that burned down churches and painted statues.

  7. Maria says:

    Thank you Nancy A…

  8. JonPatrick says:

    No reports of disturbances at any parishes here or my son’s parish St. Mary’s Providence RI (FSSP).

    I imagine no one dared to protest at pro abort President (?) Biden’s church where he regularly goes to receive communion in spite of Canon 915.

  9. Imrahil says:

    Besides, the notion of “I normally hate the idea of bringing a smartphone into Mass” is somehow beyond me.

    As for me, I normally hate the idea of bringing a smartphone into Mass and not putting it into flight mode (that is if done on purpose; negligence is of course not the best of things but no worse; I sometimes forget the flight mode but really not often), but why all the bother about going home first, (say, on a weekday), putting the smartphone there, going home again and picking it up just to attend Mass? And then you have to have a pencil and paper on you, in case you’d like to note down the number of someone you are chatting after Mass, and putting that into your phone when home … so, why. It’s not like the smartphone would be ritually impure or any sort of that.

    But that is off topic.

  10. Charivari:

    For various reasons, there is always a few people who do not set their phones to silent mode. When I am in full curmudgeon mode (so far, always, only, in my head or in comments like this), I imagine ushers who inspect *every* phone brought into the church.

  11. Shonkin says:

    A smart phone isn’t the only kind that works. I have a flip phone. I didn’t get it for its camera function; I got it to make phone calls. Still, it takes still photos and videos.

  12. TWF says:

    Benedictus: That’s a pretty bold, and frankly, uncharitable, remark about the Holy Father. He’s said and done some pretty confusing things…but he’s also clearly condemned abortion on more than one occasion. I very much doubt he has any patience for pro-abortion minions of the Enemy desecrating churches.

  13. On Sunday our TLM priest said to have our phones out on the pews next to us from now on, to record what happens if there is a disruption. There wasn’t, this week, thank goodness. The gravest threat this week was the latest news on our future as a TLM community, which is under threat from our own bishop.

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