ROME 22/06 – Day 22: “Even in another church St. Rita is sad… about… you know.”

On this hot hot hot Roman day, and humid, the sun rose at 5:33 and will set in a few minutes at 20:52.  The Ave Maria is in the 21:15 cycle.  Would you like to hear a recording of a real Ave Maria chime?

I was refused a taxi today by drivers who claimed a strike.  It is too laugh, as Bugs would say.   Anyway, rather than hoof it in the heat, I popped into a church I hadn’t seen for a while. San Pantaleone.

Saint Paula is holding away from the reach of the child the consistory list, because she knows it will hurt her.

Because you should be reminded to


How long, O Lord?

Look at this liturgical nightmare, and here is the body of their great saint!

No, child, you may not see the consistory list.  Look what it did to your brother.

When I see St. Anne I think of the late, great Extraordinary Ordinary, whose like we long to see again.

Even in another church St. Rita is sad… about… you know.

I walked over the Ghetto, because I wanted to scope out a possible street for an apartment.  Meanwhile, something to eat.

In the area I stopped in at another church, and there was this tomb, on which the inscription had some pointed remarks.

More later.   Meanwhile, as I make my supper and construct this post, I am aware that Nepo took the lead today.

I raise my glass to all you who helped me to come here.  You are in my daily prayers.


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  1. Irish Timothy says:

    Great updates again on your trip Father Z – once again! The pics could pass for post cards and you can easily see how beautiful Italy is. Safe travels the rest of the way!

  2. MarianneF says:

    This is hysterical- “look what it did to your brother!”

  3. Sandy says:

    When I first started seeing chairs on the high altar, I thought of the Scriptures about the “abomination of desolation”. It seemed to me that “man” was taking God’s place. (Referring to your 6th picture above)

    I marvel at, and love the photos, Father. Wish I could travel in one of your suitcases and see it all! :)

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