Blunt message from Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf.  Jewish, liberal, feminist, homosexualist.  Not a name that you would think to see on this blog.  However, a reader sent me an email with about an video interview she gave about what is going on in the world right now.   HERE

The important part starts at 37:00 and goes for several minutes.

“Honestly at this point, these people are so evil and their attack on humanity and on the West is so comprehensive — well, I’ll just say what I believe, Sarah — I’m a very critical thinker and I’m not trying to blow my horn but it’s just like what I do. I’ve looked at this attack on us for the last 2 years from every level and it’s so global in scale, it’s so well-coordinated, its so kind of demonic in its imagination, and so comprehensive. I have also studied politics and history my whole life; in no other — NO other circumstance — not even Nazi Germany’s ascent, have I seen such a supernatural amount of coordination. Usually people fight, there are rifts, there’s an in-group, and an out-group, people betray each other; it’s human nature. Nothing like that for 2 years has happened!

“I can’t understand this without reference to non-human, non-material reality. In other words, I actually think this is a satanic attack on humanity. And I’m not a, you know, a woo-woo person. I never talk about this kind of stuff in public but I think we have to face it. These are meta-human powers I think we’re up against.

“And that’s not necessarily all bad news. Paradoxically, seeing, concluding that this was a meta-human level of evil with supernaturally-efficient skill sets led me to believe in God more literally than I ever have because they have to be targeting something, right? But I’m not proselytizing, I’m not asking people to believe or see what I see but I cannot understand this global . . . that the sophistication, skill and complexity of this as attributable to just human politics — even bad politics, even bad people. It doesn’t make sense. It only makes sense on a metaphysical level that we don’t understand yet.

“So I guess what I’m trying to say is if that’s the case, I don’t really think we have any hope (just us alone) but I do think if there is a metaphysics involved, maybe we have hope by prayer or repentance, or you know, I’m literally reading the Old Testaments these days like what are we supposed to do — like tell me, prophets, I don’t know; this is too horrible. It could be like principalities and powers that we don’t understand. So other cultures, other civilizations in the past have cleaned up their own act and at least in the Western narrative, that helped them deter their worst enemies, their worst outcomes. That’s my best offering to this community. That’s all I’ve got. This is really bad. . . . It’s not about left vs. right but us against them — these demonic oligarchs who want to enslave us.”

Naomi Wolf.

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  1. teomatteo says:

    Mandible agape.

  2. ChiaraDiAssisi says:

    Whoah. Exactly teomatteo. What she said.. Prayer and repentance.

  3. adriennep says:

    People are in pain all around us. We must respond. If the Church cannot help someone like this crying out, then we are useless.

    I cannot read these sites with gross and offensive ads everywhere. Naomi Wolf usually can be heard on War Room with Steve Bannon. Plus Naomi is doing heroic work and vaccine campaigns which you can follow here. Plus she has a great book called The Bodies of Others.

  4. Danteewoo says:

    Fr. Z, thanks for posting this. By about the third day of the lockdown more than two years ago, I was wondering about the coming of the Antichrist.

  5. timothy get says:

    prayer up for naomi

  6. Cornelius says:

    Wow. I’ve forwarded this to my liberal, feminist family members to get their take.

    So many things are coming together in a bizarre way that it does seem coordinated.

  7. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.

    A sense of self-preservation, the ability to sense danger and head for safety, is a sort of natural virtue. It’s sane and reasonable to notice the essentials of life and death.

    She’s drawn attention to a fair number of evils, when they got bad enough, and she’s not been treated kindly by other feminists for that reason. She’s wrong a lot of the time; but when she’s right, she’s right.

  8. RosaryRose says:

    Thank you to whoever has been praying for her soul! Let’s keep it up.

    This will take our highest form of prayer. Our very best prayer. – the Traditional Mass. Demons flee as soon as the Celebrant starts to pray at the very first step.

    It’s not only our prayers that need to change. We need to reclaim All Things Catholic – the Sacraments, rosaries, processions, novenas, fasting and more fasting.

    Wasn’t the pachamamma fiasco about two years ago?

    Remember when great trials are here, God gives abundant graces too. We must pray for them and be in a state of Grace to receive them and fight the evil one.

  9. DeeEmm says:

    What has been even more barbaric is the indifference to wrongdoing shown by friends, relatives and neighbors. They don’t like that you won’t go along, that you keep asking questions, that you dare to question the narrative and you don’t worship at their altars of experts. They have not only supported the authoritarians, they ARE the authoritarians. I have said that it felt like some kind of spell was cast on the world, definitely supernatural stuff. It has been a difficult time seeing your own people desire your destruction. But God has chosen us for this time so we must put our trust in Him and draw our strength from Him.

  10. The Astronomer says:

    Pray to Our Lady for Naomi Wolf’s conversion. She’s close, but for Jewish people, going over the goal from the one-yard line takes a very special grace. I speak from experience.

  11. VegMarie says:

    I am unsure what events she would consider demonically-influenced. I mean, I see the gender politics and sexually grooming children as pretty abominable, but if she is a staunch liberal, then that shouldn’t bother her much.
    I don’t see the world this way, so I am interested in what others have to say regarding her interview.

  12. TonyO says:

    VegMarie, I think it’s the coordination of evils that Naomi perceives to be demonic.

    I agree we should pray for her, and for everyone who is coming to grasp that we are – and have been – under attack by (supernatural) powers. They need to come into the Church, which has the grace to withstand such powers.

    It’s interesting that she picked up on repentance and prayer – it shows a real sense of a higher being that we are connected to by moral and spiritual bonds.

  13. VegMarie says:

    I posted my comment based on the Wolf excerpt above but now I’ve listened to the interview and have a better understanding of her opinion. Moderator, please feel free to delete both my first comment and this one.

  14. MaterDeicolumbae says:

    Naomi Wolf would be very interested to read Michael Haynes’ 6-30-22 article in the website:
    “Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s stated that the global COVID response is part of a ‘single script under a single direction’ that ‘demonstrates the existence of a criminal design and malice of its creators’ “. (

    Haynes’ article references an interview that Archbishop Vigano had with Steve Bannon on Bannon’s show “War Room”, 6-30-22:

    We all must stay true to the Faith, pray, go to daily Mass whenever we can, say Our Lady’s Rosary, be ready to be martyrs, and like Fr. Z says, “GO TO CONFESSION!”.

    The Hound of Heaven is after Naomi and will capture her and lead her to Holy Mother Church.

  15. Fr. Reader says:

    I suppose many reading this post thought the same as you did.

  16. Sandy says:

    From all the reading and research I’ve done for 2 years and more, I know she is correct! How can anyone doubt it if they are looking worldwide? You better believe it’s coordinated. I hope more people than usual will be exposed to this brave woman’s words, since she must normally be heard by those not used to this kind of thinking.

  17. Kathleen10 says:

    Everybody’s going to understand the times at some point. The faster they wake up the better, because a divided people is easier to conquer and, we need more people to repent and petition God for help. I read God saved Israel 12 times, but never unless Israel repented first. We’ve got a lot of believers, but we are not a repentant people by a long shot.
    I’ve recently realized our friends and family who refuse to see any of this are actually petrified by reality. There is a huge amount of anxiety today. It is just rampant by all accounts, whether occurring naturally or injection induced, its here. People just can’t handle the truth. It’s like people on the Titanic continuing on with dinner. But sooner or later it seems likely everybody is going to have to deal with reality whether they want to or not. These are the people who are going to run around with their hair on fire because there’s been no preparation, however. God help us.
    @veg marie: sexually grooming children and corrupting them is something God addressed directly, when he spoke of millstones and the bottom of the sea. It is profoundly evil and one of satan’s highest goals.

  18. JakeMC says:

    The old Baltimore Catechism tells us that God allows sin to exist because He knows how to bring good out of the way we abuse our free will. People are waking up.

  19. That Hideous Strength.

    (If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the third book of C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy. Highly, highly recommend you read it. This evaluation is almost textbook-straight-out-of-that-dystopian-book.)

  20. However, I am still optimistic! What happened in “That Hideous Strength” was this: the demonically-influenced actions of the antagonists in the Space Trilogy caused an unlooked-for result. The “good angels” of the galaxy found their way onto Earth to remind the devil to his face that he had lost. The antagonists never saw it coming… and just like that, very suddenly, satan destroyed his own.

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