Old lib Irish priest (tautology?): “I despair of young priests. I’d rather we had nothing.” VIDEO

If I’ve said it once…

Even as the demographic sinkhole opens up under the Church many “spiritual shepherds” would rather see a smoking crater than a sheepfold full of happy Tradition oriented Catholics.


Gee. I wonder how they could turn things around in Ireland.

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  1. Fr. Reader says:

    Very sad video indeed.

  2. Zach says:

    I’m sure he would admit the older generation thought the same when he was a seminarian.
    And the generation before. In fact, I strongly suspect that if you surveyed the 50 or so generations of priests since Nicea they would all agree that his cohort is heterodox and side with the young.

  3. DvdH says:

    That’s the state of the Catholic Church in Ireland today!

    Here’s the full video of Fr Hoban: https://youtu.be/WlaEaf5cV2Y

    There’s also this from a bishop last Sunday in Knock about who can/cannot receive Holy Communion: https://m.independent.ie/news/no-catholic-has-any-business-deciding-someone-is-unworthy-of-receiving-communion-says-bishop-41926596.html
    Full video of homily at Mass at Knock: https://youtu.be/OlFNHPWVmH0

  4. DvdH says:

    Robert Nugent’s previous video about Fr Hoban

  5. Bosco says:

    We might turn things around here by a more widespread use of ‘Baby Naming Ceremonies’. This would free-up the already overburdened N.O. priests from performing all those time consuming baptisms.


  6. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    *cue guitar strumming*

    Come gather round people in communion with Rome
    And admit that the days of the sixties are gone
    And accept that your tie-dye is faded and worn
    Your reforms are rapidly waning
    You better learn Latin or you’ll be all alone!
    Oh the times they are a-changin’.

    *cue sick harmonica jams*

  7. Gaetano says:

    At some point, the losing becomes a habit.

  8. TonyO says:

    How do we invite these people, if they are all set on having a church spiraling down into nothing rather than accepting those who are “other” (i.e. who love the orthodox faith of the ages) to go apart to a “church” that looks like what THEY want it to look like, and leave our Church alone!

    I don’t want anyone to sin by leaving the Catholic faith, but if they have already left the Catholic faith, they should be honest enough to admit the truth. That way, at least, the extraordinary grace of (re-)conversion can take them by storm, instead of God spewing them out as neither hot nor cold. The no-man’s land of pretending they still have the same faith as St. Paul, St. Gregory the Great, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Pope St. Pius X, is doing them no good at all.

  9. JamesM says:

    The unfortunate reality is that the Irish have decided to go all out in emulating the Germans.

    I moved here a year ago and I really can’t get over how bad things are. Even the “most orthodox” of the Irish bishops is now organising alphabet events with the group “We Are Church”

  10. Sonshine135 says:

    I was truly amazed that Fr. Hoban despairs that the seminarians of today “run counter to the culture” of the day. Priests of this ilk don’t even hide their disdain for holiness anymore.

  11. Fr Hoban has a shrinking audience, Fr Kilcoyne a burgeoning one. (https://gript.ie/podcasting-priest-irish-catholicism/)
    The life in the Irish church is orthodox, and increasingly, traditional. I visited the Oratory in Dublin last week, and the crowds leaving the early Mass were matched by the crowds coming in to the mid-morning Mass. (TLMs both, incidentally). Belfast has an ICRSS church, as does Limerick; the vocations to traditional institutes are beginning to flourish. Last Sunday, in Belfast, we had an FSSP seminarian and a Dominican friar in formation (both Irish) in choir. Another youthful Irish friar was in the nave.

    So there is life but of exactly the kind Fr Hoban detests. So be it.

  12. rwj says:

    Reminds me of attending a banquet held when a large convent of Sisters of St. Joseph closed because of lack of vocations. They called it a “celebration of the conclusion of their mission”. No apparent introspection…same from the bitter Irish priest.

  13. Legisperitus says:

    As others have said recently, the Catholic Church is the only institution where men in their seventies and eighties are bitterly screaming at people in their twenties and thirties to get with the times.

  14. L. says:

    Our diocese is interesting. Our shrinking native-Priest population has a lot of whacked-out 1970’s types – I noticed recently that one of our diocesan Priests is listed as an official on the website of the Association of United States Catholic Priests- but there is hope. Our perverted Bishop is gone and the university parish at our largest state university is staffed by two young, enthusiastic Priests who offer the TLM and who do a reverent Novus Ordo Mass as well. They draw large crowds of young people for Mass.

  15. Lurker 59 says:

    When we look at the aberrations in the post-VII Church, and the NO, the rationale for these are typically couched in the terms of concessions for the human weakness of the present age. Now, these priests might have a good idea to meet people where they are at but that quickly became keeping people where they are at — broken, weak, unhealed – always in need of concessions.

    Why? Because they have despaired of the transformative power of the Holy Spirit to heal and make strong individual people. Can we see how their despair shows their lack of charity (they won’t give people the healing power of the Holy Spirit), lack of hope (they don’t believe that healing is even possible), and lack of faith (they themselves refuse to be healed of their own brokenness)?

    Now consider something: In heaven, there are no concessions because there is no brokenness, no weakness, no tears. All is healed. What then for these priests, should they arrive at their judgment and hear in Latin, “Your vestments are laid out for you”?

    If devils willingly cast themselves into the lake of fire and eternal torment rather than be in God’s presence, should we not weep and shudder for these priests, who even here below turn their backs upon His Face?

  16. Liz says:

    I feel sorry for this priest…to have such a view of things is so sad. I offered my Holy Communion for him. I don’t think growth of the old mass can be stopped at this point…near as I can tell it’s just growing and growing every place I turn. I’m astounded by all of the people who are starting to really love it or already do.

  17. bluejaybooks says:

    I think that’s a misquote. I believe he said (although it’s not really any better):

    “I despair of the young priests. I’d prefer if we hadn’t got them.”

  18. The Vicar says:

    **That** generation of clergy will answer to God.

    Which brings to mind the vision of St. Bridget.

  19. ex seaxe says:

    I see that even without the neocats the dioceses of Northern Ireland are doing better than those in the Republic.

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  21. What I find baffling is the utter lack of thoughtfulness on the part of folks like the priest in the video; and I’ve seen this mindset, by the way, in other priests, although not lately.

    It doesn’t take all that much reflection to ask: well, is it really true that *all* these new priests care about is “black…soutanes…sin…vestments”? Seriously? You really think that’s *all* it’s about? As our President says, “C’mon man!”

    While I’m on the subject, I would similarly challenge those of a traditionalist bent to go a little deeper in their analysis of liberal and progressive clergy, because I’ve seen similarly shallow explanations of why people do what they do.

  22. OssaSola says:

    I’m thinking that, as Fr. Hoban arrives in Heaven, he’ll bless the young Trad priest who assisted at his deathbed!

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