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On 22 August 1972, in the “Match of the Century” World Champ Boris Spassky sat down with the white pieces across from Bobby Fischer, who proceeded to play the Pirc Defense for the first time in his career. Game 17 resulted in a draw by repetition at move 45. However, on the morning of the 17th Game, the Soviet teams Efrem Geller issued a public statement saying that the Americans were using some sort of technology to put Spassky off of his game. Geller asserted that it was all part of a plot: the complaints about the venue, noise, cameras, rows, boards, etc. Game 17 fueled the fire. Fischer claimed the draw by repetition of position. However, Spassky could be argued to have had a material advantage, being up two rooks against Fischer’s rook and knight. Something was bound to happen, one supposes. Fischer had pretty much been a jerk since before the match started. Spassky, on the other hand, had been calm and a real gentleman. Victor Korchnoi quipped in regard to Spassky, that being a gentleman might win the ladies, but it doesn’t win chess games. The technology attack claim by the Soviets would escalate and soon become the focus of the world.

White to move.

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  1. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Ah, artichoke season – how delicious that one looks!

    Tangentially, thank you for the delightful ‘ header’ detail from (as I have discovered) Jehan Georges Vibert’s painting, “Check”, showing Napoleon at the disadvantage to his maternal half-uncle, Joseph Cardinal Fesch: the Haggin Museum (having it in the collection with more Vibert) has a nice little note online, while a blog dedicated to the Emperor Napoleon I’s Authentic Saint Helena Eau de Cologne (!) has a more detailed post on Napoleon and chess.

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