Meanwhile, the Novus Ordo is the only expression of the Roman Rite… not.


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  1. redneckpride4ever says:

    They’re discussing Catholic Masses, but they show an Evangelic Protestant revival in the video. I don’t get it.

  2. PeterN says:

    I made it 13 seconds.

  3. Mitchell says:

    Thank God, she’s wearing a mask! Can’t be too careful!

  4. WVC says:

    Geez – we’re gonna need a lot of exorcists to clean up this mess.

  5. Ariseyedead says:

    Things that don’t belong in the liturgy, like, for example, dance, do not become appropriate for the liturgy simply by pre-pending the word ‘liturgical’ to the thing.

  6. Gab says:

    Paging Fr Ripperger .

  7. hilltop says:

    Even the “dancer” was getting tired toward the end. I was exhausted before she made it down the aisle.

  8. maternalView says:

    They have wasted time and effort trying to make the Mass entertaining, relevant, meaningful and secular ……

    When the beautiful Mass of the ages is there waiting . ..

  9. DeeEmm says:

    Dancing? Looks to me like she is stretching out a bad back. If she has back problems I can recommend the rosary and also sitting down in the pew.

  10. matt from az says:

    That’s even worse than my parish.
    Notice how the parish is nearly empty. There’s a reason for that. No person with self-respect or a sliver of love for God can endure such insanity.

    (My wife said, “It’s just like JIL.”
    JIL is a Filipino Pentecostal denomination. )

  11. rwj says:

    Packed house. I bet it describes itself as a vibrant parish.

  12. bartlep says:

    I wonder what those priests were thinking…

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  14. L. says:

    What’s the apocryphal story about a Bishop at Mass with a Pastor, who watches a dancer like this working her way up the aisle, and says to the Pastor, “I don’t know who authorized this, but if Salome wants his head on a platter, she’s got it!”

  15. ajf1984 says:

    What I found most startling is that many of the visual clues I look for to determine where on the spectrum of orthodoxy vs. heterodoxy I might find myself when in an unfamiliar church all skew pretty solidly to the “orthodox” side of the equation, at least judging from the video: Tabernacle in a prominent, central location; actual Crucifix (and not a Resurrexifix, or as a now-departed priest friend of mine called it, the “Confusifix”) also front and center; appropriate statuary near the sanctuary; and best of all, the presider’s chair off to the side, not directly behind the altar. I would have been extra-shocked, then, having assured myself by these few signs that I was in at least a fairly middle-ground NO parish for Mass, when this dancing took place.

    An important lesson to be learned here: even if the church were perfectly-traditionally appointed, complete with altar rail, high altar, etc., one can’t make any assumptions any more…

  16. monstrance says:

    I didn’t see anyone walk out.
    As if they are being held hostage.

  17. donato2 says:

    Yes, no one walked out. Eventually though they will stop coming, not out of disgust, but out of disinterest.

  18. jflare29 says:

    One darker aspect of the “Spirit of Vatican II” has been a stern misunderstanding of “inculturation”. Such a dance as this COULD make sense in appropriate context.
    ….Rather, ….if one presented a dance in a church’s fellowship hall, say to present an event from Christ’s life with appropriate ballet forms, I might laud a dance presentation. Or, …if one hosted an event to teach a form of social dance–ballroom, contemporary, country line, swing, or folk dances, such would also make sense.
    Sadly, this dance does neither.
    I watched for several seconds. I saw nothing of recognizable ballet or genuine artistic vintage. She’s definitely much more limber than I. …We’re not attending Mass for aerobics. Her dance does not offer any meaning relevant to Christs’s sacrifice. It might qualify as “modern”, it might be a decent idea for a rock concert or SuperBowl. It’s not appropriate in this context.
    On the whole, …another example of abusing the Novus Ordo. Even the NO has preferred rubrics by which we all routinely expect a meaningful sacrifice be offered. Overall, she has taken some 3 minutes of time and attention away from my focus on Christ on the altar.

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