My View For Awhile: Society Edition

A couple of hops and I’ll be … not in but near the Windy City. That sad sad city, civilly and ecclesially. It ain’t my kinda town right now. Thence northward for meetings and personal chores and a glimpse of people from whom I was sundered.

I don’t think there will be an opportunity for a blognik. Remember those?

I’ve noticed of late that flights are jammed, probably because of reduction of flights. Thanks Dems. Good job all around! Ergo, if any of you are planning travel, don’t procrastinate in arranging flights, etc.


Since I hadn’t been to this concourse for a while, I tried a burger place which I used to like.  The burgers are still pretty good, though way more expensive now.  Thanks Dems.  And the yung’uns “working” there… were, let’s say, less than focused on their jobs than one might expect.

And these “are you a human” challenges are starting to get out of hand.

What are we going to do when they start using photos of the German “Synodalweg”?  (“walking together”)

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  1. mweidlick says:

    If your north enough to cross the Wisconson border, don’t forget to enjoy a Spotted Cow or two.

  2. JonPatrick says:

    Regarding cancelled flights, I believe people being fired or retiring to avoid getting The Jab accounts for some of the subsequent crew shortage.

  3. tgarcia2 says:


    That may be so, but pails in comparison with how many took early retirement packages at the start of COVID.

    Takes at least 6 months to retrain pilots if they’ve been on paid leave and hiring pilots that are certified on let’s say a 767 needs to be trained for their new fleet type if that aircraft isn’t being used at their new job as a new hire

    Can’t blame dems though for the reduction of the schedules. I work for one of the big 4 airlines and they were TOO optimistic with current staffing that includes gate agents, ramp agents etc

    Only going to get worse since there is an ATC shortage and you can’t apply if you’re above 30. Something about vision.

  4. OzReader says:

    Down this way cancelled flights, delays and lost baggage are all the result of a certain CEO outsourcing much of their ground crew on the eve of pay negotiations, since determined as illegal.

    Corporate greed knows no bounds; much as they like try to look all progressive and trendy, deep down, they truly aren’t. In this example here there was certainly no hand-holding, or walking together with those workers who were either to become redundant or take a big paycut.

  5. JustaSinner says:

    So Father, what did that burger set you back? $25? Been out of circulation for 13 months, so my pricing is a little hazy…

  6. It was only about $10, but… still! I’m getting old, maybe, and I almost never go out, so sticker shock.

  7. James C says:

    A Snapple and a slice of pizza at JFK last night: $11.37.

    And yes, absolutely jammed. Security was a nightmare, with crowds, staff shortages and incompetence.

  8. Mike says:

    VERY grateful my son graduated from University of Chicago several years ago. He never had any trouble. Knew what parts of town to avoid. Now, he hears it’s much worse, though thankfully the University Police Force (one of the largest private forces in the world, I’ve heard) are doing excellent work.

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