Wherein Fr. Z apologizes

The other day I deceived you.

It wasn’t intentional, but “sorry!” nonetheless.

I had posted that St. Rita had seen the consistory list.   Well, she had, but the image I posted was not of St. Rita.

This is St. Hyacintha or Giacinta Mariscotti (+1640)

Of noble birth, she was disappointed in a marriage that didn’t happen and so entered the convent, where she lived a bad religious life with hidden food and luxuries but with a strong faith.

During an illness when a priest brought Communion to her in her cell, he saw the secret stuff and really let her have it. She changed her ways and became very ascetic, founding confraternities which helped the poor.  She died with a great reputation of holiness.

St. Hyacinta saw the consistory list.

I’ll try to find the full view of this lovely painting.

If you have a hard time living the disciplinary dimension of being an active and practical Catholic, you might ask St Hyacintha for help.


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