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Building a spectacular new altar for Our Lady of the Rosary

I recently wrote about a book: “Copies should be obtained and given to priests, especially those who lean toward traditional, and to bishops perhaps along with a spiritual bouquet.“ What book? Does TRADITIONIS CUSTODES Pass the Juridical Rationality Test? by Fr. … Read More

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Advent Ember Week and the pivotal Feast of St. Lucy, the “darkest day”

13 December was the darkest day – with the least sunlight – of the old Julian calendar. Today in the Gregorian calendar is the feast of St. Lucy, whose name from the Latin lux, for “light”, reminds us who dwell in … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 604

Meanwhile,… Black to move and win material. NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others. Priestly chess players, drop me a line. HERE Interested in learning?  Try THIS. The sisters close … Read More


ADVENTCAzT 2022: 17 – Tuesday 3rd Week of Advent: Waddya mean “Rejoice ALWAYS?!?”

A series of 5 minute daily podcasts for Advent 2022. Today, we explore what it means to “Rejoice always!”  Impossible!  Right?  But, there it is, straight from Paul who quite obviously didn’t always rejoice.   Then Card. Bacci gives us Catherine of Siena … Read More

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