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ASK FATHER: Did John the Baptist never sin?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: At Mass yesterday the priest said that St. John the Baptist never sinned his whole life due to the absolution he received from the Lord during the Visitation (‘ . . . and he leapt in … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 603

I’m pretty sure that this is the oldest representation of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Rome, with some of the first gold brought from the New World. Meanwhile, … Your use of my Amazon affiliate link is a major part … Read More


Contemplating mysteries in the face of Our Lady of Guadalupe

I had posted about this some years ago, but on this wonderful Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe it gives us something to think about anew. Gazing at an image crafted by a true master who intended to open us … Read More

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ADVENTCAzT 2022: 16 – Monday 3rd Week of Advent: Back in the day

A series of 5 minute daily podcasts for Advent 2022. Today, we hear how Sunday’s Roman Station was observed waaaay back in the day, when we took our Faith very seriously.  Fulton Sheen interjects about hardships.  I tell you a … Read More

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