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I recently received a copy of Cardinal Ildefonso Schuster’s Commentary on the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict by Angelico Press, originally printed in 1945

Those of you who followed my podcasts during Advent will recall the insights of this great Benedictine Abbot who became the Cardinal Archbishop of Milan.  He was a commentator on liturgy and is also a Blessed, beatified by John Paul II in 1996.


As the preface says:

For Schuster, however, the Rule is not simply a document meant for sixth-century Italy. He argues repeatedly that St Benedict composed the Rule as part of a conscious strategy on the part of the Roman See to bring unity and discipline to Latin monasticism and thereby harness its energy for the sake of the evangelization of the new peoples of Europe. Schuster believes, therefore, that the Rule was always intended to be universal in its application, and he makes a point of describing how its provisions were lived in the Benedictine tradition throughout the succeeding centuries.

Our various societies are falling to pieces under the constant hammer blows of the left and the crushing juggernaut of perversion. With the Church, as well. Add to these the attack on sacred liturgical worship and the result is a vision of the future that begs a) a large destructive comet and/or b) the Parousia. Both would be fine. Meanwhile, here we are.

The Rule of Benedict was a graced and inspired source of light in troubled times. Perhaps it can give us some direction also today.

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