Daily Rome Shot 686

Photo by The Great Roman™

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White to move and win.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

Pro Chess League action today includes a match between the Canada Chessbrahs (with Magnus) and the Levitov Wizards.  Also, the Unicorns v. Garden State Passers.  Yesterday the Tigers surprised the Bulldogs  10-6  and the Blitz beat the Capybaras 10.5-9.5.

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  1. BobM says:

    These are awesome daily pics of Rome by The Great Roman. It would be extremely helpful if each were identified so we readers could look them up online and learn more about them. Thanks

    [On the other hand, the treasure hunt is fun. But this is S.M. Nova on the edge of the Forum, where the body of St. Frances of Rome is.]

  2. Father K says:

    This is the Church where film star Tyrone Power married Linda Christian, I think in 1949. His first marriage to actress Annabella was invalid due to lack of canonical form. Their first child was named Romina, their second daughter was named Taryn. Their marriage ended when Linda ran off with actor Edmund Purdom; his third marriage was to Debbie Minardos, by whom he had a son, Tyrone. Sadly he died while filming a sword fight with George Sanders in Spain, (‘Solomon and Sheba’) in November 1958. He died in the back of actress Gina Lollobrigida’s car on the way to hospital. He did not live to see the birth of his son.

  3. Cliff says:

    1. d7 . . .
    2. Bxg7 . . .
    3. Re8+ . . .
    4. Take the Queen with the pawn and promote or take the Queen with the rook . . .
    with a little maneuvering you end up with Qxg7#

    I’m sure there is a bit more elegant way of doing this.

  4. WVC says:

    @Father K – I did not know that was how Tyrone Power died. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed him in “The Long Gray Line” and he’s, of course, the best movie Zorro (Guy Williams, being the best TV Zorro).

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