Daily Rome Shot 688

Photo by The Great Roman™

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In Pro Chess League action the Norway Gnomes will go to the playoffs by defeating MGD1 and the Saint Louis Arch Bishops iced the Maniac Shrimps.

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  1. PatS says:

    Shameless stolen from a google search in the internet:
    Monument to Cardinal Stefano Durazzo, at the Santa Maria in Monterone

    Hidden away in the side streets to the south of the Pantheon, the apse of the unassuming little church of Santa Maria in Monterrone is home to the impressively foreboding tomb of the 17th century archbishop of Genoa Stefano Durazzo. Durazzo’s monument is directly inspired by the now-established Bernini formula: a winged and skeletal death hovers menacingly above the prelate’s tenebrous tomb, carrying aloft a large medallion portrait of the deceased dressed in full ecclesiastical regalia. These days the tomb is empty, as Durazzo’s remains were repatriated to Genova shortly after its completion.

  2. Panterina says:

    White mates in 5 by sacrificing both Rooks followed by 4. Qh1+ and 5. Qh7#.

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