Your Sunday Sermon Notes – 1st Passion Sunday (5th Lent) 2023 and a POLL about veiled images

Let’s start with a poll, posted yesterday.

What did you see in your parish?   Let’s have a poll.  Anyone can vote, but only registered users can comment.  Please use the combox.  You may also send or post photos of what you saw.

At my Latin Rite church, for this 1st Passion Sunday (5th of Lent) - 2023 - I saw:

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Too many people today are without good, strong preaching, to the detriment of all. Share the good stuff.

It was the 5th Sunday of Lent in the Novus Ordo and 1st Passion Sunday in the Vetus Ordo.

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at your Sunday Mass of obligation?

Tell about attendance especially for the Traditional Latin Mass. I hear that it is growing. Of COURSE.

Any local changes or (hopefully good) news?

I have some thoughts about the Sunday reading HERE.

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  1. misanthrope says:

    We had some good news from our priest yesterday – the bishop has agreed to come do Confirmation in the old rite this spring. To be clear, we are an FSSP oratory and not housed in a ‘parish’ NO church. That said, it was most encouraging to receive ongoing support from our bishop while others are suffering from increased restrictions. Our previous bishop (God rest his soul) was equally supportive, so we have been truly blessed.

    As usual, our 8:00 am Low Mass remains crowded; again – large, young families. I understand we are creating ushers to find seating at the 10:00 am High Mass due to increasing crowds.

    We were here since the inception of our oratory as one of what you might call the ‘founding group’ nearly 18-20 years ago. The younger members (our children now being grown and raising their own families) have built a thriving parish life, with men’s and women’s groups and many activities to create a true parish and provide support for each other. It reminds me of my youth when my father was an usher, collection counter, member of the K of C, etc., etc. We are very much aware of how fortunate we are. We do see families moving to the area to be a part of a growing traditional ‘parish’, and it’s great to watch these young, vibrant families filling the pews. It does make me nostalgic for the days when our clan was younger and all attended Mass with us.

    We have had a string of great priests along the way; I pray we are not deprived of the great blessing we have been given.

  2. JamesM says:

    In the Community Centre/Gym that I was in for Mass yesterday there were no statues visible to veil.

    However there were loads of children.

  3. JPCahill says:

    We (the Ordinariate) use the same lectionary as the Novus Ordo, except instead of the NAB the RSV-CE is used. So the Gospel was that of the resurrection of Lazarus. Father used as his principal text the rather startling words of John 11:5-6 “Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. So when he heard that he was ill, he stayed two days longer in the place where he was.” Our inclinations would be to leave immediately rather than wait two days if we loved that family. Father than gave a wonderful sermon on recognizing the will of God, on patience, on the primacy of what is best for eternal life, and more that I can’t recall right now. Really quite powerful.

  4. FRLBJ says:

    All the main statues were covered, but not the Stations of the Cross. We have so many statues. Some are hard to access since they are so high. For example the 12 apostles line every column going into the church.

  5. sevensixtwo187 says:

    We had a very nice crowd for the High Mass for The Annunciation on Saturday (around 300) and then on Sunday we had around 950 between LM @ 8:00AM and HM @ 11:00AM. Lots of young families and loads of children. We are very blessed to have our Parish administered by The Institute Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest.

  6. Gregg the Obscure says:

    1830 Latin NO AO. First time i’ve seen this particular parochial vicar at this Mass. he is also a Scripture prof at the seminary, rather famous podcaster, and – just by luck of the draw – my most frequent confessor.

    all of us are sinners. not all of us sin in the same way. sometimes sin is lacking in doing something we should do and sometimes sin is overdoing something that is ordinarily not bad in itself. for example some people (ok he has the RG disease and always says “persons” instead of “people”) love learning new things – that’s good! but they can take that too far and ask inappropriate questions of friends and family – not good! whatever our sin, God invites us to return to him. it’s frustrating that as much as in our best moments we want to never again return to a familiar sin, but we still do. that shows us that we can only be free of that sin and brokenness by the grace of God. our willpower just can’t do it. the grace of God can. we get that grace in the sacraments. on April 8 23 adults will be baptized here and receive that grace in a profoundly life-changing way. the Church gives these people (ofc, he said “persons”) two things on their way in: the Creed and the Our Father. focus on these treasures in your preparation for the celebration of the Resurrection. and go to confession.

  7. Father encouraged everyone to go to Confession. Good turnout, too. NO mass. Some of the statues were too high too cover but most of them were.

  8. Julia_Augusta says:

    Santissima Trinita dei Pellegrini was packed for Passion Sunday. I arrived 15 min before Mass and barely found a seat. Many people had to stand. Next Sunday I’ll make sure I arrive earlier. Palm Sunday mass will be at 10:30 because of the blessing of the palms. I understood a little of the sermon. It was in Italian.

  9. Liz says:

    It made me cry, the sermon on Sunday. Partly, that was because it was my newly ordained, transitional deacon son was preaching, and partly it was the beautiful words of his first sermon; it ended with a reminder to embrace our suffering: “…we will find the truth to the words of St. John of the Cross:
    “In the evening of life, we will be judged on love. But you will love in the measure
    that you consent to suffer.” This was so good for me because another son is really struggling and was and is sitting in juvenile detention at that moment. Please pray for both of them.

  10. hwriggles4 says:

    Father made some good points at Sunday evening Mass at 1700 hours. One was about making time for prayer and taking time this Lent to make improvements in our lives. By improvements, Father meant taking not only more time for prayer but to look into say, spending more quality time with family instead of working late every night.

    Another point: our parish has a Thursday morning mens group (I do like this group and its worth getting up at 0500 one day a week.) Father said he has happened to notice that more men (particularly from this group) have been coming to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Father said “something
    positive is happening at that group.”
    Yes, when Reconciliation is offered more frequently than say, an hour prior to the Saturday evening Mass, and priests emphasize confession, Catholics show up.

    It was also good to hear a priest mention that it’s disappointing to see short lines for confession and long lines at communion. My opinion is more priests need to discuss things like this from the pulpit. This is one reason I drive 35 minutes to this parish.

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