ROME 23/05 – Day 13: Bunches

I did not see the sunrise at 05:50, because it was cloudy.  I doubt I will see the sunset at 20:24 because it will still be cloudy.  The Ave Maria won’t be heard at 20:30 even though it is scheduled to ring at that time

It is the Feast of the Dedication of S. Maria “ad Martyres” (the Pantheon) which occurred in +609 after a harrowing exorcism of the place.  More on that in another post.

It is also the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, marking the first apparition to the three children.  As Joseph Ratzinger once remarked, the Fatima “event” is an ongoing “event” in some ways.  I am sure this is the case even from the perspective of ongoing controversies.  For example, have we really been told everything about the “third secret”?  I don’t think so.  Was at some point did an imposter replace Sr. Lucia, the last living seer of the apparitions?  There is some rather compelling evidence.  Accept those things or not, place great stock in the messages of Fatima or not, one thing is for sure.  We cannot give Our Lady enough or adequate honor and praise.

I am pleased to report that plenty of money has been pledged for vestments for Ss. Trinità dei Pellegrini.  I can get that going with a visit to Gammarelli on Monday.  There will be enough money for a few black sets along with the six red I have planned.  Then: purple or violet or Roman purple… I must consult.

This white set, which I used today, gives an idea of the pattern of the damask and the trim.  The white sets are in pretty good shape.

Also in good shape was this big bowl of spaghetti alle vongole which I made last night.  Very good indeed.  I have this one down.

Of course, finish cooking the pasta in that juice!

The jasmine is coming out… a whole bunch of it.  And I don’t mean that dreadful Jesuit… coming out.

Beautiful.  And so fragrant, especially in the evening.  I’d like to find a strain as fragrant as this and plant some at home.

In my rental apartment – shall I, O St. Philip?  O St. Joseph? O Ven Mary Ward? have one of my own? – there is this chair, which I use for all my writing and online chess forays.

Why am I showing you that chair?  Because this.   The last two peonies (they’ll surely be done by tonight) and a bunch of alstroemeria, which is what that chair looks like, no?  Lower down there are a couple of others, I think.  But… no?

Here’s a whole bunch of fishes.  The ugly red ones are gallinella.  They are used for soups and stews, having very soft flesh.  You would not want to even try to grill.  Whatever they are used for, they aren’t cheap at €45/kg.

Yesterday, in 2023 Pro Chess League action, the all-Indian Team MGD1 and Indian Yogis defeated respectively the Levitov Chess Wizards and Blitz, to move into the Semifinals which will be today: the Yogis vs. Shanghai Tigers at 15:30 CEST, followed by the Gotham Knights vs. Team MGD1 at 18:00 CEST.  HERE

The World Chess Tour classic in Romania is winding up soon.  Yesterday Fabiano Caruana blundered his game against the dangerous youngster Alireza Firouzja in round six. Wesley So – my favorite player in the event  went for a draw by repetition against Ding Liren.  Wesley should have played it out.  He should have won that one.   Round seven continues today at 14:00 CEST.  Yes, I’m giving times in Central European Time, ’cause that’s where I am.   For Eastern, subtract 6.

Black to move and win, if you don’t lose big time, that is.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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  1. maternalView says:

    I’m sorry I missed out on donating for the vestments! Next time I hope!

  2. Panterina says:

    1… Qxd5 2. Bxf6, Bb7 (threatening mate on g2) 3. Bh7+, Kxh7 4. Qxd5 Bxd5 5. Bxe5, Rxe5 -+

    By the way, love the spaghetti alle vongole! At a closer look, those look like linguine. And no peperoncino?

  3. Black to move and win.

    Don’t try to lose, like this.

    1. … Qxd5
    2. Bxf6 Bxf6 (or gxf6)
    3. Bh7+ and black is going to watch as Her sable Majesty is chopped down leading to other material loss.

    Otherwise, try winning instead.

    1. … Qxd5
    2. Bb7! now black is threatening mate and defending the Queen – after trading, black will be up a piece.

  4. Yes, there was pepperoncino!

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