This might provoke a Snicker or two.

I admit that when I saw this I thought, “Nahhhh… no one could be that crass, even with Novus Ordo shenanigans. It has to be an AI image.”


Oaf for a Day!

Why, one asks, is the Bishop of Aukland, wearing a … collar? pallium? wreath?… of Snickers bars?

Really.  Another angle.  It isn’t AI.

Always remember!  The Novus Ordo is the unique expression of the Roman Rite!

Okay, I give up.

The Vetus Ordo is greatly impoverished for not having collars of Snickers bars.



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  1. rwj says:

    Should have used dum-dums

  2. Irish Timothy says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t use ‘Mars Bars’ instead since that’s where you would have to be from if you think this is even remotely appropriate.

  3. Ipsitilla says:

    The bishop’s brand-new vestment
    Is made of Snickers bars
    As bad, in our assessment,
    As blessings with guitars
    With all the Church’s troubles
    They drag us further down
    He might as well blow bubbles
    Or dress up like a clown

    But do not dare to question
    This sacramental fright
    It’s the unique expression
    Of our one Roman rite!
    This bishop is in union
    His pallium is sweet
    When you go to Communion
    Do you say “Trick or Treat?”

    [I gotta say it…]

  4. Saint110676 says:

    Maybe +Atticus will see this photo and try something similar in Libville. Maybe he will advise his priests to do so for First Communion masses.

  5. redneckpride4ever says:

    Snickers are overrated. Gimme a wreath of 3 Musketeers bars then I’ll go NO.

    Gimme a wreath of Taco Bell food and I’ll go to a Jesuit parish.

  6. ThePapalCount says:

    Fr Z when I saw this it required a long look. A bishop with a pallium made of snickers.
    I went immediately to lie down.

  7. VForr says:

    I saw this image of the “Primate of New Zealand” as he was described and my anger went off the charts.

  8. Lurker 59 says:

    Glad to see that the bishop is working at making the Eucharistic Revival be a smashing success in his diocese.

  9. jflare29 says:

    Awww….so sweet!
    He’s gone nuts (and nougat).

  10. APX says:

    Hopefully this isn’t the Church’s one foundation.

  11. DeGaulle says:

    Perhaps, he is sponsored.

  12. PostCatholic says:

    In “Hunt for the Wilderpeople,” New Zealand actor/director/writer/all-around-genius Taika Watiti played a minister who delivers a funeral sermon Bishop Butterfinger would recognize for its level of effort:

    “You know, sometimes in life, it seems like there’s no way out. Like a sheep trapped in a maze designed by wolves. And you know that if you’re ever in that situation, there are always two doors to choose from. And through the first door — oh, it’s easy to get through that door and on the other side waiting for you are all the nummiest treats you can imagine. Fanta, Doritos, L&P, burger rings, coke zero. But you know what? There’s also another door. Not the burger ring door, not the Fanta door. Another door that’s harder to get through. Guess what’s on the other side? Anyone want to take a guess?”

    Answer at YouTube:

  13. PostCatholic says:

    It is a bit of a weird modern riff on the Polynesian & Maori custom of the lei, apparently.

  14. abdiesus says:

    Ipsitilla, that was *epic*!

  15. Jack says:

    My head hurts….

  16. Not says:

    Great minds DeGaulle. His next vestments may look like a Nascar driver.

  17. Ariseyedead says:

    I assume he’s not wearing it because he is forced to out of mockery as he is cruelly being put to death?
    Or maybe he’s on a hunger strike and this is a punishment by his captors to tempt him?
    Or maybe he’s coming out as Anglican?
    Is it true he’s wearing a WWWWD (What would Willy Wonka Do?) bracelet under the chasuble?

  18. gdg203 says:

    When I was younger, my father used to joke that I should hang a treat around my neck in order for the dog to like me.

  19. aut_2b_home says:

    This is a tradition for Pacifica people, which they do during celebrations, with either flowers or sweets. I have seen it here in Australia within the Tongan and Samoan community BUT it should NEVER happen within the Mass.

  20. ordovirginum says:

    It’s lei, usually made with flowers and other decorative materials, offered as a gesture of honour. I’ve seen one made of candies offered to the newly ordained, but the candies were wrapped in colourful cellophane. The lei would have been brought up with the Offertory and placed round the neck of the concelebrants. It would be unthinkable for the clergy to refuse the lei.

  21. Dave P. says:


    A wreath of Taco Bell products would require an exorcist afterwards…

  22. Sportsfan says:

    Suddenly I am hungry

  23. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    ordovirginum notes “It would be unthinkable for the clergy to refuse the lei.” An astonishing thought! Reading with interest at the link provided by PostCatholic, before scrolling down further in the comments, the Principal’s words “The student reverence and respect shown at the Cathedral […] made today a very special day”, my first thought was, ‘What about the disrespect of the clergy not only for the Our Lord and the Holy Mass, but for the traditional local customs, as well?’

    Paying a quick visit to Wikipedia (for whatever that is worth) I read in “Lei (garland)” (as of 8 May) of “recent adaptations of the flower/plant lei in which candy, folded currency bills, rolls of coinage, and even spam musubi are tied into garlands.” But I also read, “If due to allergies or other reasons a person cannot wear a lei which has just been given […], the lei is displayed in a place of honor” and “Traditionally they should be returned to the place they were gathered, or if that is not possible, they should be returned to the earth by hanging in a tree, burying, or burning.” Could Bishop Steven Lowe, having (I read in his Wikipedia article) served as “the bishops’ representative on Te R?nanga o te H?hi Katorika ? Aotearoa, the Church’s national M?ori advisory group”, not have gently but clearly led his clergy – and instructed his embarrassingly ill-educated laity – by example, respectfully ordered such recent adaptation leis “displayed in a place of honor” well away from what the Wikipedia article, “St Patrick’s Cathedral, Auckland”, describes as the “large raised apron containing altar, bishop’s throne, rostrum and baptismal font”?

  24. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    My apologies that the cut-and-pasted vowels with macrons appear to have required special-character treatment, and that I wrote neither the Principal’s “Steve” nor Wikipedia’s “Stephen” in naming the Bishop of Auckland.

  25. maternalView says:

    There are a lot of customs where the Mass is celebrated. That doesn’t make such customs appropriate for Mass.

  26. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    @ Dave P.

    “A wreath of Taco Bell products would require an exorcist afterwards…”

    When I was a younger man, and a first year apprentice, I would sometimes get Taco Bell for lunch. Now, almost nobody said anything about my pre-meal orations, but… this one very memorable time I got that “Big Bell Box Meal” (the thing had heft! Probably could have mounted a transformer using it as the pad) and, as I finished crossing myself one of the guys said “You’d better pray before eating that!”

  27. Saint110676 says:

    Auckland is not an archdiocese, the Metropolitan see is Wellington. So the celebrant and con-celebrants are not wearing any sort of pallium. Neither one have that prerogative. So it is a lei of candy, for sure. Appropriate for a reception after Mass, for sure. Not during the Eucharistic Liturgy.

  28. DeeEmm says:

    George: “They all have swirling chocolate in the commercial!”
    Wille Sr: “Not Skittles”

    Random? Yes. Ridiculous? No. Not compared to that spectacle.

  29. Gianni says:

    Maybe next they can replace the Consecrated Hosts with pizza rolls

  30. I doubt he’s an oaf only for a day.

  31. The Vicar says:

    Now all I can think of is fried twinkies coated in powdered sugar.

  32. PostCatholic says:

    It does surprise me that for the small sin of accepting a lei and then not removing it, we’ve got as much character assassination of the bishop and his assisting clergy as we do here. It reminds me a tale of another preacher guy whose underlings told him to sell some perfume.

    [He did not accept a lei and then not remove a lei. He accepted a … thing… of Snickers bars and put it on while wearing MASS VESTMENTS. In doing so, he signaled to the watchers that a) his vestments were unimportant and b) his office lacked dignity. What he did was “infra dignitatem”. That’s the main point. Another thing. You seem to think you have scored a point of some kind with a reference to a preacher guy and perfume. Get the facts straight. He was not told by “underlings” to do anything. He was told by Judas, who was in charge of the money, who stole from the common purse, and who wanted the expensive nard to sell it for his own benefit. The nard was not to be sold because of its massive significance in the mystery of the upcoming Passion, since nard was used in a nuptial context, thus underscoring the nuptial dimension of the Sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary and the relation of Christ with a) His Church and b) YOUR soul.]

  33. PostCatholic says:

    I think it better not to attribute to malice what may be attributed to error.

  34. OssaSola says:

    Every time I see this sort of post my mind reels and I think, “This must be how Archbishop LeFebvre felt when he came back from Africa.”

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