Now THAT’S what I call “concelebration”!


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  1. Danteewoo says:

    Which brings to mind a question. When a hundred or so priests concelebrate, and very many are in the first few pews of the church, are those outliers really celebrating Mass? They are saying “This is My Body” but they should say “That way over there is My Body.”

  2. Suburbanbanshee says:

    If Mass attendance extends not only throughout a church’s nave, but into the vestibule and outside the windows of church, possibly even out through the parking lot (which apparently it always has, for canon law purposes), I would expect that liturgical law would permit a certain amount of leeway about concelebration also.

    OTOH, the question of whether something permissible is also fitting — probably there is some kind of reasonable limit of fittingness.

  3. OzReader says:

    This does bring to mind a lingering query of mine – given we are talking about an omnipotent, omnipresent God of endless possibilities who gave us the Eucharist, is there a true difference in the ‘amount’ of grace poured out, or does the greater number of Holy Masses merely appeal to our fallen nature that cannot truly contemplate God or His mysteries in this world?

  4. BeatifyStickler says:


  5. iamlucky13 says:

    I’m curious to make sure I understand where the joke ends and sacramental reality begins:

    As they’re celebrating on different altars this was actually 21 simultaneous celebrations of the Mass, not actual concelebration, right?

    Ok, enough serious questions. Getting back on topic:

    Is that the schola in the middle? If the altars are arranged around the stadium in a perfect circle, and one of the seminarians happens to be in the exact middle of the circle, which Mass is he attending?

    And if he processes to the altar straight ahead to receive Communion, and the seminarian directly behind him follows rather than going to the nearest altar, is the latter receiving Communion outside of the Mass, and should anything therefore be done different?


  7. Imrahil says:

    Well, forgive me, but I think there really is such a thing as exaggerating good things, and this is an example of it.

    Twenty priests, presbyters that is, who simultaneously celebrate Holy Mass in the Mass-celebration tent of the Chartres pilgrimage, fine. But bishops, apart from the important but non-public Masses they say in their palaces, should pontificate, or sit in choir while another bishop pontificates. And the thing about pontifical Masses is that one bishop presides (the word, here, is accurate for a change) and celebrates them, with the schola chants specifically chanting this Mass.

    Also, priests should receive their ordination in a solemn, and solemnly chanted, pontifical Mass and not what is in effect a Missa lecta (however much one hears other people singing in the meantime).

    Coming to think of it, yes, I am all for lavish exceptions to the Mass-inside-Church-on-fixed-altars rule, and I have myself taken part in some without meticulously asking whether the possibly required dispensations were asked for and received. Outdoor masses are, as at least statistical exceptions to the rule, a great thing… a fun thing… a missionary thing… a community-fostering thing… I am somewhat specifically thinking of a) scout camps and b) mountaintops …

    But if you aren’t in the peculiar position of the SSPX not to have Churches (big enough), is Priestly Ordination really the time to do them?

  8. Imrahil says:

    … and of course c) Eucharistic Congresses, d) Papal visits.

    But those, at least usuallydon’t have ordinations.

  9. Fr. Reader says:

    Of course they concelebrate. In fact, following the Theology of the great de Chardin, I can concelebrate with all the masses of the world at the same time by just rising my right hand and murmuring any formula in almost any language.
    No need to go to church anymore, now you can concelebrate from the confort of your bedroom!

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