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Jail of Herod’s palace found

At American Thinker I saw an interesting piece that touches on archeology and the truth of biblical accounts of the Lord’s Passion. Archeologists say they may have uncovered site where Jesus stood trial Archeologists excavating an old jail in Jerusalem uncovered … Read More

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JUST TOO COOL: Who knows what happens to your lost stuff!

I can’t help but post this because it is JUST TOO COOL. A 4th c. Gallo-Roman chariot wheel was found intact in the Rhone River! HERE Remarkable. In other news, from Archeology… KASHIHARA, JAPAN—A dark blue dish and a clear painted … Read More

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Mocking no longer “the dead bones that lay scattered by”: Richard III… found?

Many years ago I worked for many years at, yes, a Renaissance Fair.  I did lots of Shakespeare on demand and made lots of money doing it.  I met a lot of interesting people, too.  Something of them were interesting … Read More

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The birthday of the City

Today is the birthday of Rome! Today Rome was (traditionally) founded in 753 BC. “But Father! But Father!”, I am sure you are about to muse, skeptically.  “How could we possibly know that date so exactly?  After all, the records … Read More

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