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ASK FATHER: Can a pastor forbid an assistant from using black vestments?

From a priest… QUAERITUR: Can a Pastor of a parish forbid a Parochial Vicar from wearing a black chasuble at funerals? I just heard of 2 pastors in [a large NE Archdiocese] who have forbidden their traditional-minded parochial vicars from wearing … Read More

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POLL: Color of Vestments for All Souls

Here is a little poll about what you saw for the Mass you went to for All Souls. Yes, I know that it is not a Holy Day of Obligation, as All Saints was (in most places… if you didn’t … Read More

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A POLL provoked by your email! What color of vestments for your funeral?

There is a truly bizarre story coming to me in email about a rumor that His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, is now requiring priests to use either violet or black vestments for funerals rather than … Read More

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QUAERITUR: black and purple reversible stole

From a seminarian: I am a seminarian, soon to be ordained a deacon (Deo volente!). A priest recently was getting rid of some old stoles, and offered that I could take any that I would like. I took one that … Read More

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