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Fr. Murray on the Buenos Aires Bishops and the Pope’s affirming Letter

My good friend Fr. Gerald Murray has a helpful piece today at The Catholic Thing about the ongoing Amoris laetitia controversy.  He offers some clarity about the interpretation by the bishops of Buenos Aires of the ambiguous content of Chapter 8.  Subsequently … Read More

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Canonist Ed Peters performs an autopsy.

When it was found that the Pope’s Letter to Bishops of Buenos Aires was included in the AAS with a note from Card. Parolin, libs lined up for their customary conga line.   They blew up the importance of that moment … Read More

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VIDEO: UPDATE – Abortion wymyn physically attack men praying in front of cathedral of Buenos Aires

“The culture war is real….” A tip of the biretta to my friend Fr. Finigan. Father writes: I was moved by this video of young men protecting the Cathedral of San Juan in Argentina. Pro-abortionists provoke them with various insults and … Read More

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