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What is at the heart of the progressivist attacks on the Traditional Latin Mass and the accusations that people who want it are “against Vatican II”? Here’s what it is.

A little over a year ago, I read something from one of the foremost of the “self-promoting through papalotry” voices of the ecclesiologically progressive gang.  It was alarming in its implications. What I had read was a claim that Vatican … Read More

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Fishwrap, La Crock team up with Beans to attack Archbp. Chaput’s new book

At Fishwrap there is a frantic tirade from Beans about a new book from Archbishop Charles Chaput, Emeritus of Philadelphia.  The title… Things Worth Dying For: Thoughts on a Life Worth Living You can see why this offering might give … Read More

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Wherein Fr Z responds to a question by Beans about the traditional rite of Confirmation

I have been informed by a reader that Massimo “Beans” Faggioli posted a tweet in which he thanked me for my prayers after his seriously rude attack on my person and against Bp. Hying.  HERE I couldn’t see his tweet … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z responds to the rude attack from Beans – @MassimoFaggioli – on @BishopHying of @MadisonDiocese

I believe that my best public response to Massimo “Beans” Faggioli’s vicious attack on Bp. Hying of Madison, is to say Holy Mass for his intention tomorrow, a 1st Saturday. Beans posted this on Twitter.  For those of you who … Read More

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The grave blasphemy of Beans. Wherein Fr. Z rants and makes a constructive suggestion.

At LifeSite I read some quite simply shocking, and yet not really that surprising, given the source. After the bishops of the Italian region of Umbria urged priests to continue to say Mass privately during this COVID challenge, the liberal … Read More

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“LaCI and Beans” back at it again! Attack US Bishops for their enthusiastic implementation of law

Go to radical-liberal, anti-tradition La Croix International, (LaCI) run by a cadre around openly-“gay” (and HERE) Robert Mickens.  Mickens, you will recall, is so filled with animus for John Paul II and Benedict XVI that he lost his place with the … Read More

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What the ‘c’atholic Left is up to on Twitter

Like the world, the flesh and devil, the catholic Left never sleeps. They are fierce users of social media. What are they up to today? Here’s something from relentless self-promoter and catty provocateur, Beans. I’m blocked by Beans, btw. I … Read More

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Beans reveals his self-interest

Evidence of self-interest. Where does his mind go? Catholic publications obsessively insisting on the fight against heresy and heretics are the Catholic equivalent of “Playboy”. Only, “Playboy” used to publish better interviews. — Massimo Faggioli (@MassimoFaggioli) January 5, 2019 I’m … Read More

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Beans v. the East – @MassimoFaggioli cheapshots Orientals

Ubiquitous and relentless self-promoter Massimo “Beans” Faggioli has eructed yet another oh-so clever tweet: Like Orientalism, Catholic Ad Orientalism assumes a certain role of Western civilization in global Christianity — Massimo Faggioli (@MassimoFaggioli) November 18, 2018 Huh? I haven’t paid … Read More

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What has the Left been up to? A few examples.

What has the Left been up to? They are becoming more radical and deranged. For example, the inimitable Maxine Waters (D-CA) is calling on those who are susceptible, incredibly, to listen to her to harass and insult and attack publicly … Read More

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Canonist Ed Peters performs an autopsy.

When it was found that the Pope’s Letter to Bishops of Buenos Aires was included in the AAS with a note from Card. Parolin, libs lined up for their customary conga line.   They blew up the importance of that moment … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: A lunch tribute to #MaximumBeans

Each time tweet attention hungry Massimo “Beans” Faggioli encounters a traditional or faithful person, position, or has a set back, he gets a little sour.  He can’t really help it. He is angling for elevation as a cadre in the … Read More

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The Lord’s Ascension, Beans, and You

We have lovely customs in our wonderful Roman Catholic Church, including special blessings on certain feast days, often tied to the changing of the seasons… in Rome, that is.  It’s the Roman Church, after all. Today, the Feast of the … Read More

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The “Libertas praestantissimum 31” Coffee or Tea Mug

When I make a new item of Z Swag, such as a coffee mug, I am always a bit nervous that the image won’t be clear, or there will be something wrong with it. That is why I generally will … Read More

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