VIDEO: UPDATE – Abortion wymyn physically attack men praying in front of cathedral of Buenos Aires

“The culture war is real….”

A tip of the biretta to my friend Fr. Finigan.

Father writes:

I was moved by this video of young men protecting the Cathedral of San Juan in Argentina. Pro-abortionists provoke them with various insults and physical assaults, including lesbian displays. There is no response except the recitation of the Rosary.

The abuse and intimidation that these good men put up with is diabolical. This is perhaps a good place to start in the discussion of what constitutes evangelisation and what can be dismissed as inward-looking concern. The culture war is real and we do need to stand up for the truth, taking the meekness of Christ as our model. It seems to me that these men are doing a good and courageous thing. They can help us find the boundary line between witness to the love of Christ, and that self-absorbed neopelagian narcissistic elitism which, or course, we need to avoid. [OORAH!]

The video is horrid and it is not suitable for some of you out there. Some of these idiot women are jumping around without tops on and harass, strike, assault, spray stuff on men who are praying in front of the cathedral lest the harpies invade and do who knows what.

I am as edified by the young defenders as I am disgusted by the attackers.

Abortistas atacan a católicos que defendían la Catedral de San Juan

I won’t post the video. Go HERE.

“The culture war is real….”

Don’t let anyone tell you that we are not engaged in a hot war.

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  1. Scott W. says:

    What are they burning about 3 minutes in that video?

  2. Supertradmum says:

    The video is pornographic, as some of the demonstrators were truly evil. I put it on my blog to wake people up to the horror of the ssm movement. I did write not for children. But, if Catholic adults do not think this could happen here or in other places, they are mistaken.

    Those men prayed the rosary and kept cool, in the face of spitting and other horribly disrespectful actions.

    The Pope’s effigy is what was burning, as reported on other sites.

  3. ClavesCoelorum says:

    Scott, I think it is the Pope Francis effigy Father posted about a few days ago.

    Watching the video evokes so many emotions within me, it’s hard to discribe. I admire the courage, faith and steadfastness of those protecting the cathedral and enduring this devilish display of idiocy. Concerning those attacking them in that ghastly manner, however, I feel anger and some kind of pity. What has our world come to? Look at them! How can you behave like this and claim to be “enlightened” or even “civilised”? It is embarrassing, to say the least, and an insult to humanity.

    I struggle with containing my anger about their triumphalistic behaviour. It makes me angry to see these people believing they are right and good, yet they do not see their hypocrisy. They are arrogant in their ignorant idiocy, which really gets my goat.

    God bless the brave defenders of life, faith, dignity and truth.

  4. Magpie says:

    Demonic. Hell hath no fury… like an angry lesbianistic abortion fanatic?

  5. Magpie says:

    BTW, I am pretty certain I (a man) would not be so placid as those men. Best that I wouldn’t be there, me thinks.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    I typically do not watch things like this. But we have to look at things squarely and sometimes we don’t know unless we see it with our own eyes. I avoid seeing blatant evil if I can. This is as you said Fr. Z., diabolical. And the witness of the young men is incredible. How dare these women put their hands on those young men, seeking to humiliate and offend them. It is beyond outrageous. It can only be called a perfect portrait of evil, doing Satan’s bidding in every way. And the young men took the part of Jesus. What an incredible demonstration of the complete contradiction of what is good and what is evil!
    As a woman, I am reminded that it was Eve who tempted Adam with the apple, and it was by her that sin came into the world. Not long ago in American culture (I can’t speak for other cultures) women were the “civilizers”. Women were the counterbalance in whatever was not good or decent. Women were the holdouts, and the family and society benefited, but most especially children benefited. Now, women are in a race to the bottom, and what these women are doing is the natural conclusion of that competition to “outdo” men in every way, even in vile and Satanic behavior. Homosexuality is a disorder that has many behavioral and psychological tentacles, that are being ignored today while homosexuality is being championed as wonderful, liberating! The true face of homosexuality can be clearly seen in this video, and it is sobering to see.

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    Magpie, I’m a woman, and yet I had the same thought. I admit that whatever the quality is that allowed those men to submit and remain gentle, I do not have.

  8. anilwang says:

    ClavesCoelorum says: “What has our world come to? Look at them! How can you behave like this and claim to be “enlightened” or even “civilised”?”

    The key problem has to do with the fundamental assumption or logical conclusions of philosophies such as Postmodernism, Marxism, Machiavelli, Pragmatism, Hegel, and Nietzsche. Essentially, it’s the philosophy of might makes right, so violence is a legitimate means of contributing to the “definition of truth” and the current “definition of truth” is no more legitimate than what you want to be true.

    The sad thing is that most people have bought into this philosophy to some extent. For instance, if you ask people what was an essential characteristic of a good politician, they’d reply that they’ve mastered the art of the possible (a phrase Nietzsche first coined). If you asked any premodern society, pagan or otherwise, you’d get a very different response — a good politician is one that mastered virtue…actual success in worldly endeavors took a back seat to this. Granted the definition of virtue might be a bit different for the Confucian, Viking, and Stoic, but the priorities were the same.

    This is something the Catholic world has largely lost and we need to recover. It matters less that those brave souls defending the cathedral actually succeeded than the fact that they stood by our Lord and Lady against those who would profane them.

  9. Elizabeth D says:

    There had been a previous video of the very same nature that I remember seeing, again with men locking arms to defend a Cathedral entrance and pro abortion women assaulting them obscenely. So if this current video is of a different and recent occasion, there had been a pattern of this happening. No hay policia en esta lugar? No hay civilizacion? No hay morales? Triste

  10. Gail F says:

    I was going to say what Elizabeth D just said — I remember a previous video of men in a Spanish speaking country locking arms outside a cathedral. If this just happened a few days ago, is it part of a pattern or are they two different but unrelated incidents? I don’t know what I would do if people behaved this way near me, it is disgusting and frightening. I kept wondering what I would think about women after this if I were one of those men. As a woman I am ashamed and disgusted…

    People at the state house in Texas during the abortion hearings here were not all that less restrained. They were not pornographic but I saw the videos of prolife people kneeling in the middle of the rotunda and praying while they were being screamed at by a crowd pressing in… yes, the culture wars are real.

  11. incredulous says:

    Saintly, angelic, obedient men. Evil women under the control of satan. All a battle for the power to kill babies. Is this real? Holy Queen Mary, please plead mercy on the behalf of these vile animal, pagan women.

  12. Uxixu says:

    I pray to have that much restraint, as I am fairly sure I would have become violent in the face if such despicable and craven vulgarity.

  13. JohnNYC says:

    These wonderful Catholic men defending the cathedral are inspiring. Bravi!!! Let’s all pray that God continue to strengthen them in what seems like an already resolute faith!

  14. StWinefride says:

    Kathleen10: As a woman, I am reminded that it was Eve who tempted Adam with the apple, and it was by her that sin came into the world.

    Just to be nit-picky, in Mulieris Dignitatem, Pope John-Paul II said that although Eve was deceived, original sin is the sin of man, created by God as male and female:

    The biblical description of original sin in the third chapter of Genesis in a certain way “distinguishes the roles” which the woman and the man had in it. This is also referred to later in certain passages of the Bible, for example, Paul’s Letter to Timothy: “For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor” (1 Tim 2:13-14). But there is no doubt that, independent of this “distinction of roles” in the biblical description, that first sin is the sin of man, created by God as male and female. It is also the sin of the “first parents”, to which is connected its hereditary character. In this sense we call it “original sin”. (Mulieris Dignitatem, IV: 9)

    The women in the video mentioned above have also been deceived.

    Kyrie Eleison.

  15. incredulous says:

    Kathleen10 says:
    29 November 2013 at 4:28 pm

    “…Not long ago in American culture (I can’t speak for other cultures) women were the “civilizers”. Women were the counterbalance in whatever was not good or decent. … Now, women are in a race to the bottom, and what these women are doing is the natural conclusion of that competition to “outdo” men in every way, even in vile and Satanic behavior….”

    Excuse me, Kathleen10, this is just oozing with anti male bigotry. Women were the civilizers? Who founded Planned Parenthood? SHE was an American woman born in 1879 and died in 1966–certainly encompassed in your “not long ago” time frame. Her actions instigated this spectacle of hatred and devil worship shown in the video. SHE hardly civilized ANYTHING and in fact is probably responsible for more human deaths than all the (male or otherwise) tyrants the world has ever known, combined.

    These women are racing to “outdo men” in everyway? No. Male behavior is on glorious display in this video. You are seeing the presence of Christ in their actions and the many thousands of martyrs who have humbly given their lives serving Christ. This is no “race to the bottom”, but these holy and pious men are demonstrating the millennia old male virtuosity with a quiet assent to the top. The women, fully acting on their own free will, are not competing with anybody. They are themselves and they are speaking (and expectorating) their true heart. It’s certainly not the sacred heart of Mary.

    So please, this sixties claptrap of anti male bigotry must end.

  16. Charliebird says:

    Are there any news articles in the US that have reported this story?

  17. disco says:

    It’s actually not the cathedral in Buenos Aires but that of San Juan. It’s a fairly modern-looking structure with a distinctive red brick bell tower that you can clearly see in the video.

  18. Jean Marie says:

    My God! That was like watching a scene from hell. And this is just the beginning – soon to become much worse. Thank the Lord for the many faithful men and women who will bravely defend the faith. And God have mercy on these poor wretches.

  19. yatzer says:

    I was wondering also if the current video and the one a while back were the same or different. The behavior was certainly the same. God help us.

  20. Scott W. says:

    I don’t find Kathleen’s statements to be anti-male bigotry and think she’s being misconstrued. Women naturally tack toward hearth and home, security, and monogamy. For men, it is a revealed ethic cultivated by proper formation. Left unformed, men become feral dogs. The men in this video are examples of the proper formation of men. The women in the video however are at war with reality and nature, which only happens when one is addled by a poisonous ideology. It goes by many names (leftism, progressivism, liberalism, modernism, etc.) but I like to call it democracy to shake the boughs.

  21. Woody79 says:

    Thank you to those brave, Catholic men. Certainly, although you cannot see them, Guardian Angels and Archangels were present. I want to despise those women but I can only feel deep sorrow for their souls. Sacred Heart of Jesus, protect us everywhere.

  22. Supertradmum says:

    StWinefride, we allow ourselves to be deceived, as we are not passive receptors of evil merely, but have free will and choose.

    “The women in the video mentioned above have also been deceived.”

    We do not have to give in to deception. It is a choice.

  23. incredulous says:

    Scott, the women in this video are spitting on harmless men, spray painting their private parts as well as rubbing their naked breasts and simulating oral copulation or some such thing not “at war with nature and reality.” They are causing real harm and violence to these men.

    Women are no more inclined nor less inclined towards virtuosity as men. That’s just anti male bigotry to say that without socialization we are feral dogs. What exactly are these women and where did THAT nature derive from?

    As I pointed out, adding Stalin, Hitler, Pot Pot and a slew of other murderous tyrants together, you do not come close to the actual numbers aborted worldwide that the hearth and home defender of virtuosity Margaret Sanger is responsible for instigating. Female virtuosity is an unproven theory and a canard. She’s responsible for 55 million deaths since 73. She makes Hitler look like a piker.

  24. bookworm says:

    Maybe there ought to be some good Catholic women out there beside the men, defending their Church as well, if for no other reason than to demonstrate that these wymyn DO NOT REPRESENT THEM in any way and that NOT all women are like this. I don’t care how traditional your view of the sexes may be, there are times when women have to stand up and fight too, and this is one of them.

  25. lana says:

    bookwoem, I have read in other reports that there are women at these things as well. They are closest to the doors of the church, lined up with arms linked, and the men line up in front of them. It happens every year at several cathedrals.

  26. emmisco says:

    Can someone explain why violence is wrong here? If it is, then how are we not just against violence in itself, and our special cases become not much more than theological toys? Is there no violence to defend against? Let’s assume the catholics had fought them. They could have lost, but their chain could have failed too. If they succeded, then the hate party would have been broken up and the church been secured. Even if inconclusive, the police would have had to separate the sides then or the next time, though they’d give them advantages (let them throw stuff). That the police would have to act would mean the end to these things, since they would have to hate from a distance. The media would have done their thing, but why should we care? They already call us what they want, and it shouldn’t bother us. Our propaganda channel is strong enough for us to be informed about what really happens.

  27. Angie Mcs says:

    This reminds me of the most perverted, evil figures in paintings of Hieronymous Bosch. We dont often see Satan so obviously at work. It is terrifying. Yet even in the quiet, he is all around. While these women screamed their obscenities in the faces of these young men, there were other “silent screams”, which we cannot hear, and which belong to tiny people who will end up in trashcans, only to be taken away in the dark of night.

  28. mddelala says:

    BTW, although tje video doesn’t show it, a few of those protesting women carried scisssors and knives and used them to cut the clothes of those who are praying. At least 3 of them were left completely naked (and many more ended partially naked and/or with ruined clothes).

    Also, it may be interesting to note that the local Bishop said that these men were not wanted in his diocese…

  29. mwa says:

    re other similar videos: this behavior seems to be the pattern when this National Women’s Conference has their event in Argentina, although it appears to be in a different city each year.
    Last year in Posadas –
    2008 in Neuquen –

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