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John Allen’s piece on “stampede” away from Card. Castrillón

My friend Mr. John L. Allen, Jr., the fair-minded correspondent for the ultra-lefty NCR wrote a piece about Card. Castrillon and the controversy surrounding his letter to the French bishop.  Think what you will about the dreadful NCR, but I … Read More

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Card. Castrillon praised that French bishop. Why? Something missing from the reporting?

Something has been bothering me in the now viral news story about the letter His Eminence Dario Card. Castrillon Hoyos wrote to the French Bishop Pierre Pican. You know the facts of the situation. A French priest Fr. Rene Bissey … Read More

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French site Golias out Tablets the Tablet on a possible SSPX solution

This morning I posted an response to a query about the validity of marriages witnessed by an SSPX priest (short answer: they are invalid because of defect of form since the priest is suspended a divinis). Synchoronicitously…. if that is … Read More

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