French site Golias out Tablets the Tablet on a possible SSPX solution

This morning I posted an response to a query about the validity of marriages witnessed by an SSPX priest (short answer: they are invalid because of defect of form since the priest is suspended a divinis).

Synchoronicitously…. if that is a word… a reader sent the following from the French site Golias which is, as the sender wrote "more Tablet than the Tablet".

A scary thought but a good way to approach what Golias wrote. 

It looks like this might have come from the vigilant CathCon Here is what Golias wrote (not my translation):

SSPX developments sooner than expected?

From Golias the "more Tablet than the Tablet" French left-wing Catholic journal.

Lefebvrists: Canonical support for fool’s bargain [There’s a broad hint at what their attitude is!]

Before writing a Motu proprio on the Lefebvrists, the Curia are now in the process of thinking about an immediate solution with a view to the final reintegration of the fundamentalists. [I think that Golias intends the reader to view "fundamentalists" as "bad".  What do you think?]

According to information, or our informants, [which? LOL!]  Rome would, following the controversy about the ordinations celebrated recently by the SSPX, like to find a compromise solution, even before the completion of theological discussions.

This would clear the ground and initiate things faster. It is quite likely that the Curia had planned, [That would be the PCED, probably in conjunction with the CDF] under the good care of Monsignor Mario Marini, [buon anima] secretary of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, now deceased, a document, additional to the lifting of the excommunication of the four holy bishops consescrated by Archbishop Lefebvre, lifting the suspension imposed a divinis on the priests and brothers [I don’t think that non-clergy can be suspended a divinis.  But… get that?  Lift the suspension a divinis?  Hmmm… that would not, however, give them faculties to say Mass, preach and hear confessions.  But it would open the way to the next step: granting them faculties.] of the SSPX. Bish op Bernard Fellay, the superior of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, showed reluctance (because this form also showed a commitment to respect the authority of local bishops) that Rome then gave up on a similar project of transitional canonical regularisation. Now it is exhumed from oblivion.  [I made a suggestion along this line some while back: give them temporary faculties, contingent on the progress of the theological discussions.]

The idea is obviously clever, [What they mean is "sneaky"] even if from a canon, and especially theological, it is not without posing formidable problems.  [INSERT CRICKET SOUNDS HERE….?!?]  Indeed, it puts in a certain fashion, if only precariously, the cart before the horse in assuming things are resolved when they are not. 

In the spirit of Pope Benedict and Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, for very short time again in charge of the case, it would be well to take account of multiple oppositions which would become less easy of the SSPX was in canonical good standing (albeit for a time) and not, in the words of Abbé Claude Barthe, in a state of " canonical weightlessness." This initiative would establish Roman legitimacy (and the undeniable validity of SSPX confessions and marriage services) of the sacraments celebrated by priests of the SSPX.  [Well… no… it wouldn’t.  Lifting the suspension a divinis is not the same step as the granting of faculties.  The lifting of the suspension could open the way to delegation, etc.]

In addition, it is a clear encouragement to reluctant bishops, like those of Germany. This idea could lead revitalise even in Rome herself very strong opposition, for example from Cardinals Levada (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith)  [This is wishful thinking.  Does anyone seriously think that if the Pope is behind such a move, the Prefect of the CDF would rise against it?  Piffle.] and Re (bishops) [Approaching retirement age… d’ya think he would fight the one who can accept his resignation?] and Bishop Francesco Coccopalmerio, President of the Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts [Again… if the Pope is backing this, is it likely that the head of this dicastery, which participated in the review of the lifting of the excommunications of the SSPX bishops, would rise in opposition?]  due to the violation of the law and its spirit that it entails, [Yah… can’t have unity, now, can we!]  ultimately not affecting the subject (the SSPX can stick to its position) and would be an expedient, an artifice that is temporary solution and ad hoc on a weak basis. Its only advantage is the benefit of the SSPX because it would be a way to support the fraternity.  [Well… yes.  It would be better to bring the whole shootin’ match in, rather than bring in individuals.]

If the Pope were to adopt such a solution, which is possible, it could create an uproar which would be proof of an unbelievable complacency[Rubbish.]

 Read this over again.  It is a lesson in "liberal reasoning".

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  1. TJM says:

    Isn’t “liberal reasoning” an oxymoron? Tom

  2. chironomo says:

    Liberal Reasoning indeed…

    The author seems unconcerned about drawing outlandish conclusions based on what is obviously spurious information to begin with. Even if an upcoming Motu Proprio were exactly what Golias thinks it will be, the conclusion drawn about the reason behind it would still be wild conjecture. This is a piece written to sound the alarm among progressives that change is coming, which we know already. However, the argument tries to show that B16 really is trying to turn back the clock to before Vatican II under the guise of welcoming the SSPX back into communion.

  3. Jack says:

    Enough already!! ! Just let them back in, we could do with 500 extra priests in the Church. As far as I can see there are only three barriers. (a) nitpicking over the latin verbs in the V2 documents (b) the TLM and (c) the SSPX’s legitamate fear that local Bishops will make life hard for them. the solution (a)A couple of ex cathedra statements clarifying one or two of the more ambigous passages in the V” doccuments, (b) telling Bishops that the TLM will be celebrated alongside the NO in ALL parishes (give priests time to train) and (C) make it abundently clear to both Bishops and the SSPX that anyone who gives the SSPX a hard time will be answering directly to the Apostolic Tribunal.

  4. I hope so, would be fun to see some of the liberal happy clappy bishops and priests swoon, the noise would be joy to hear. Please send a few our way, one Latin Mass per deanery would do more to reform the liturgy and the laity than all the preaching in the world, brick by brick (and this would be a truck load) ;>)

  5. Matt Q says:

    Tom asked if “liberal reasoning” is an oxymoron. It sure is. It’s also along the same lines as a mental-patient thing. Complete disconnect with reality.

    I’m so looking forward to concord with the Society. It would be such an in-their-faces moment for all these naysayers. All these liberals–bishops, clergy and lay alike–would be wetting their pants and convulsing on the floor. Just watch though. Those people either will have a conversion of heart ( unlikely as liberals tend not to ) or they will become hardened of heart ( more than likely as liberals tend to ) and they become loosened demons with rage and invective against the Holy Father. They can barely contain themselves now. I called the Vegas hotline and put five bucks down.

  6. Hidden One says:

    One per deanery? You aim too low!

    Still, it would be really nice…

    Golias does correctly realize that there would be strong opposition, but as time goes by and Benedictine clerics grow in number, rank, and seniority… and, of course, it’s not like that opposition could reverse the decision of the Pope.

    Interesting that Golias fails to note the much more significant and powerful opposition to the SSPX’s reconciliation that exists outside of the Vatican. (Both inside the Church Herself and not.) The opposition from within the Church has, I think, been weakened during the course of this latest pontificate, but the opposition from without has certainly strengthened, and is working very hard to more closely combine (or rather, subsume) the opposing parties in the Church. It’s probably a good thing that the bishops of Austria have so recently been clobbered.

  7. Mitchell NY says:

    Good news, the whole process has to keep moving forward with momentum…Perhaps liberals would like the lifting of the excomm. to have been the end of progress for another 20 years…looks like it will not be so..The Pope and Bishop Fellay are doing the correct thing for many, many people and not just themselves. I wish to think that the motivation is not only for the Society and this Pontificate but for the miliions of lay people involved in an irregular situation..Giving normalacy to the whole thing would force shut the mouths of many who are bent on destroying union within the Church. Looks like the Holy Father has found the strength and not run from the wolves. This will bring ultimate good. The article is in such bad taste as it tries to slight the reader to interpret it as if the Pope is doing something wrong. The writer has no trust in the Holy Father’s decisions. The writer also forgets we live in a technology age where the average lay person can “log on” and find out many truths which were previously unobtainable.

  8. Patrick says:

    After reading all that, I think I shall go have my teeth drilled. It will feel so much better.

    Viva Il Papa

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